EDITOR’S NOTE: To honor his father’s, Prince Philip’s, culture and legacy, Greek Orthodox hymns were played during King Charles’ coronation… Although Philip’s feelings towards Greece and the Greeks were not always positive, it is known that he adhered to the Orthodox Faith, and he passed this on to Charles, who is known to have paid regular visits to Mt.Athos and otherwise maintained ties with Orthodoxy… 



  1. Don’t forget King Charles’ own grandmother Princess Alice became an Orthodox nun.
    Before her death she lived in Palace with her son and Queen Elizabeth.
    God Save The King!

  2. Way cool – King Charles lll honors his Orthodox side & visits Mount Athos.
    King Charles an archetype of a savior
    & notice his son, disgraceful Harry is his Judas Betrayer;
    in western art Harry’s red hair is symbolic of traitor.
    Let’s see if Harry hangs himself?

  3. Why I lost respect for
    British Monarchy is Queen Elizabeth failed to be “Defender of the Faith” and also King Charles. They passively caved in to satanic Woke.
    Queen Elizabeth was originally against gay marriage and gay priests.
    I honestly don’t believe British Monarchy will continue after end of
    King William.

  4. After Elizabeth died, I felt absolutely nothing positive about her family… Globalists bigly Globalists… She was decent- I liked her- and her husband, Phil-he had a great sense of humor— loved his mum, Alice-she gave as good as she got- and was always truthful and humble… that said, there is nothing to be said about Charles and the rest of the crew–PERIOD!


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