EDITOR’S NOTE: The elections in Turkey (May 14) and Greece (May 21) are the most critical elections of the last few decades.  Especially in Turkey, we should all pray for Erdogan’s victory… If Erdogan loses (I doubt it, as he controls the state mechanisms and will not hesitate to steal the elections), the possibility of a war with Greece or a loss of sovereignty for Greece will be great.  Why? One of the best geopolitical analysts in Greece, Stavros Lygeros, explains everything in the following video (in Greek).  In a few words, a Kilincaroglu (opposition leader of a 6-party coalition) victory will signal to the DC establishment that they have a chance to attract Turkey back to the West… And they will press Greece to give up some of its sovereign rights… Greece is the only country on Earth bordering the sea without exercising her right to have a 12-mile territorial water zone!!



  1. I posted this over at Monomakhos:


    David Erhan, who is a Turkish Orthodox Christian living in Istanbul, has an interesting take starting around minute 44 regarding the EP, the OCU, and other Church-related topics. He also touches on the upcoming Turkish elections as well as the prophetic words of Met. Neophytos of Morphou.

    As for Greece, well, their options are: neo-con or far leftist (SYRIZA). Not much in the way of options

    • Petros,

      If you are referring to the current ruling party with the term “neo-con”, that is not an accurate description of reality today. Any voice that seems to care about “country, history, religion, Greek identity” has been labeled as “extreme right” by the media and politicians for about 2 decades now…(note: this is not an endorsement of golden dawn…there were many other peaceful voices who merely liked their heritage out there)…All ruling parties in the last 50 years have participated in the dilution of “national identity” in one way or another…

      The 3 general categories we should be using to describe any party going forward are “Euro-Globalist-woke” party, “Totally marxist-anarchist-atheist-woke” party or “We don’t think it’s bad to like our Greek heritage and identity” party. This latter voice has become an “enemy of the state”, in many ways…several small parties using the term “patriotic” in their description were recently “disallowed” from participating in the upcoming election…coincidence?

      • Mitsotakis stated his aim was to wipe out nativism and he has done his best to ensure that building and securing tonnes of migrunt camp all over Greece and allowing free movement on the middle of Lockdowns…

  2. Greece jailed a Greek patriot leader based on false charges. What is going in America against Trump, Trump supporters, and allies? Wasn’t there a false trial of rape to Trump in Manhattan? Many were jailed like our own George Papadopoulos for false charges! If Greeks don’t challenge the anti-Greek Globalist Elites controlling the Athens occupied regime to retake Athens and the whole of Greece from the Globalist sell-outs(Mitsotakis, Tsipras, Varoufakis, Papandreou, Simitis, Samaras,), then Greece falls….Western Civilization falls, America falls, rest of Europe falls except for Russia. Russia, Hungary are the new saviors of Western Civilization.


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