EDITOR’S NOTE: Some readers “complained” that we went back to our pro-Trump preferences.  Yes, we did… We undoubtedly consider Donald Trump the candidate that could save America from the DC dictators, the “Swamp”.  But we have to note that we will be extremely happy if, on the Democrat side, RFK Jr was the candidate: his clear and patriotic positions on the vaccines, Ukraine, and, above all the “Swamp” would guarantee that no matter who wins, the final winner would be America…



  1. Two Captain America’s could save our Country- only two– I say : President Trump– make RFK your Vice-Presidential running mate. Also, allow lots of early voting and ballot-harvesting! A trifecta win!

  2. Putin invaded Ukraine under the false pretense of demilitarizing, and deNazifying Ukraine.He is a brutal vain dictator, who wants to glorify himself restore Czarist Russia at the expense of thousands of Ukrainian and Russian lives.Putin must be stopped.

    • Leonidas you are incorrigible. Go back and read history. Putin and Russia have been fighting defensive wars mostly from the west for hundreds of years. They defeated every single of the aggressors. Defeating NATO in Ukraine is just the latest one.


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