UPDATE Wednesday, May 17, 9 am: From reader suggestions and many rumors (there was no official announcement from the Psaros family or GOA), we learned the following: 1) The Archbishop will not be officiating in the wedding and will be away until the end of the month.  2) There will be no wedding ceremony but a “blessing”. If this is the case, why not do the blessing at Cipriani, where the Jewish “ceremony” will occur, but at Saint Nicholas?  I wonder… 3) Another rumor – not verified at all – tells us that the groom has started “catechesis” on his way to converting to Orthodoxy… Again, many questions would arise would that be true…

One thing is for sure: In just a couple of weeks, Helleniscope’s reporting was the main reason for averting or postponing a) The LGBTQ+ ministry at Saint Paraskevi at Greenlawn, b) The women in the Sanctuary resolution at the NJ Clergy-Laity and C) it helped expose and possibly clarify the mixed wedding situation at Saint Nicholas…


Alexandra Psarros, the daughter of Michael Psarros, will marry Robert Goldburg, this coming Saturday at a ceremony at Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero, to be followed a few blocks away by a traditional Jewish ceremony!  Did AB Elpidophoros give his blessing for this mixed wedding?

By Nick Stamatakis

We surely cannot catch a break with this Archbishop… From the multiple spoons to the Schism in Orthodoxy because of Ukraine, to the “Big, Fat, Greek, Gay Baptism”, to the LGBTQ ministry in Greenlawn, to the proposal about Women in Sanctuary today in the NJ Clergy-Laity, he is unstoppable in his heretic decisions, he is intent on ruining Orthodoxy as it was left to us by two thousand years of tradition and teachings…

Recently he has been running amok… Week after week after week, he has some new novelty to present… This week it is a “mixed wedding”: Alexandra Psarros, the daughter of Michael Psarros, will marry Robert Goldburg, this coming Saturday at a ceremony at Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero, to be followed a few blocks away by a Jewish ceremony!  Did AB Elpidophoros give his blessing for this mixed wedding?

We only wish the best for the young, loving couple, and they surely deserve to be able to make their own choices in life.  They will not be the first interfaith couple for sure… As we all know, our Church has been dealing with this issue for a long time, and it has established certain rules.  Are these rules now to be abolished?

Here is a sample of the specific rules from the website of one of the parishes of the direct Archdiocesan District:
“… 10.) In the case of a mixed marriage, the non-Orthodox partner must be a Christian who has been baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity. A marriage cannot take place in the Orthodox Church between an Orthodox Christian and a non-Christian…”

It’s as simple as day and night.  What, then, is the case here, in a very high-profile public event that will involve GOA’s lay and clergy leadership?  In an event where the #1 (the Archbishop), the #2 (Catsimatides), the hidden archbishop (Karloutsos), numerous Archons, including the bride’s father himself, and in essence, the whole leadership of the Church will be present, ARE THE RULES GOING TO BE FOLLOWED OR ABOLISHED?

Those who want to see the specifics can visit the couple’s wedding website, where our main photo and much of the information are from… The story is very clear: “Robert and Alexandra will have a blended day filled with both a Greek Orthodox and Jewish Ceremony. Family and close friends will only be attending the Greek Ceremony and joining everyone at Cipriani South Street for the Jewish Ceremony with the entire wedding party..”

We are waiting for answers.  Not from the couple – we wish them the best.  We are waiting for answers from the leaders of this Church who are supposed to keep our Faith and tradition.

They better be careful with their responses.  Was there a Synod that decided to allow such a mixed wedding ceremony? Or they, once again, decided to make decisions on their own?

From what I know about Jewish tradition and culture, it seems that the mother’s side plays a more significant role in the children’s religious upbringing – and this fact should have played a role… We certainly like to have more information about this story… We live in very “fluid” times, to put it mildly… What we know, though, is already very clear and demands answers…

God help all of us…

May 15, 2023, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.




  1. New York Times, Jul 31, 1994 — Robin Elissa Goldberg, a daughter of Melvin and Joan Goldberg of Edgewater, N.J., was married yesterday to Michael George Psaros.

    • Yes, I heard the same… but this wedding is taking place in an Orthodox Church supposedly, right? Then the rules must be followed…

  2. How does Elpi think that being destructive and heretical will bring unity with the other Churches, not to mention that his boss, just as destructive and heretical, is becoming more and more a tyrant and is destroying the Canonical Orthodox Church in Ukraine?

  3. Elpidoforos is shameless — tearing down all that’s reverant. This wedding should have groom willing to become Orthodox Christian for sake of his bride’s faith.

    At least wedding is better than last summer’s massive fiasco Elpi did.
    He and his mega rich homosexual friends using a baby baptism in Church while declaring they’ll Not raise the surrogate born babies as Orthodox.
    Absolute Hubris!

  4. Concerning “rule #10” above…
    10.) In the case of a mixed marriage, the non-Orthodox partner must be a Christian who has been baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity. A marriage cannot take place in the Orthodox Church between an Orthodox Christian and a non-Christian…”

    Even this “rule” is a modern innovation compared to centuries of Orthodox Tradition…and this innovation was sadly only possible because of a “convenient” historical corruption of our liturgical practice…the necessity of separating the wedding service from Divine Liturgy during the days of Ottoman rule when the Church was under persecution…

    For almost 1500 years, it was technically IMPOSSIBLE for someone who was “not 100% Orthodox” to get married in the Orthodox Church, because quite simply, both bride & groom would RECEIVE HOLY COMMUNION as part of the regular course of the wedding + liturgy service. Who can convince us that the Church Fathers didn’t set this up by design? Sure, bad things happened under the Ottomans, and the Church had to accommodate out of necessity. And yet today, the Ottomans are gone…so let’s restore things to where they were, and then let’s see if an article like this would even be a remote possibility going forward…

    So now, in our modern era, local Synods are introducing “accommodations” that would have never been permitted by the Fathers who lived during the days of the 7 Ecumenical Synods.

    Every “innovation” causes unintended consequences that requires an “additional innovation” to “correct”, but that in turn results in a perpetual spiral of additional unintended consequences …and why? Because “Economia” has become modern-day “Tradition”, and Historical Holy Tradition has now become the “exception” or in some modernist circles it is even referred to as “dangerous Orthodox extremism” (according to the “Fordhamites” and their like)… So, it’s not a surprise that we are witnessing “Economia” outrageously violating dogmatic boundaries… But it’s also not a surprise when you see an Orthodox Archbishop making allusions in 2021 that “there are myriads of paths [outside of Orthodoxy] to the top of the mountain”, or attending Iftar dinners…it appears that in his mind, it’s all the same.

    All this decay leads the entire Church down one single road…blurring the boundaries between “GOARCH” and Protestantism / modern Roman Catholicism…that’s intentional of course…there are fewer “differences” today than even 50-60 years ago as a result of this major “lukewarm” Reformation…not enforcing proper Catechism prior to declaring someone to be Orthodox only blurs the lines further…the “lukewarm” foundation is now a reality…only the words of Revelation 3:15-16 remain to manifest once again in our day and age :

    “…I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth….”

    If Ecclesiastical history ends up repeating itself, there will be a “final” line that is crossed at some point where the (remaining) more conservative Orthodox jurisdictions will have no choice but to declare heresy and cease Communion with the “lukewarm” ones (as such, the lukewarm will be “ejected” from the body of the Church)…

    • Heretics are NOT Christians… The Pope and his Church have split from the One Holy Apostolic and Catholic Church since 1054 AC… There are NO OTHER Christians except those that stayed with the One Holy and Apostolic Church… i.e the redundantly called “Orthodox”. Mixed Marriages are NOT Christian marriages and those that engage in them MOCK Christianity… There are no two words about it. Those that think this is too hard for them, they should find another Church to go to… there are plenty of Fake Christian Churches, and other religions to go to.

  5. They are being clever. Call it a “blessing” and then claim it isn’t a sacrament. Will priest be wearing vestments? Will any portions of the Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony be incorporated in this blessing (crowns, dance of Isaiah, bible readings). This is the new frontier of evading ecclesiastical rules – just call it a blessing and invent your own ceremony.

  6. If anyone can celebrate sacraments in our church, then no one can. If there is no reverence for the sacred, then there is nothing sacred. Bless any marriage, let anyone receive communion, ordain anyone to the priesthood and remove any meaning. Soon AB Elpidophoros will be responsible for a flock of pidgeons rather than a true flock of the faithful.

  7. Good work in uncovering this, Nick. You noted that the couple will marry “at a ceremony at Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero, to be followed a few blocks away by a traditional Jewish ceremony”. As you pointed out, according to Canon Law as affirmed by our Archdiocese, “A marriage cannot take place in the Orthodox Church between an Orthodox Christian and a non-Christian…” This is de facto and there are no “special dispensation” rules or exceptions to this. At least, not officially in the eyes of the Church. The Sacrament simply cannot happen. However, you said (and even the couple’s website affirms) that “a ceremony” will take place at St. Nicholas, but no one is saying that an “Orthodox Sacrament of Marriage” will be taking place. I’m wondering if the Archbishop will offer a “prayer service” of some kind, just to have this couple’s marriage “blessed” in the St. Nicholas Church at Ground Zero, the same church that the bride’s father, Mr. Michael Psarros, spearheaded and completed as head of the committee. Clearly, this is nothing more than a photo-op for the couple and the parents. The official Sacrament of Marriage of the Orthodox Church cannot be celebrated, and whether Archbishop Elpidophoros “gave his blessing” or not, he simply can NOT do the Sacrament. What he CAN do is offer an unofficial “prayer service” (a “ceremony”, if you will) of some kind to give his blessing to the happy couple. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Service (notice I didn’t say “Sacrament”) of the Betrothal is performed at St. Nicholas by the Archbishop. This is nothing more than an “engagement ceremony” which technically falls outside of “marriage”, even though we perform both services together nowadays.

    Let’s look again at what the couple’s website says: “Family and close friends will only be attending the Greek Ceremony and joining everyone at Cipriani South Street for the Jewish Ceremony with the entire wedding party.” No Jew worth his salt will even step foot in a Christian Church edifice, which is why only “Family and close friends” are going to be at St. Nicholas. But these same people will then be shuttled to Cipriani South Street (i.e. NOT a Jewish synagogue) where the (official?) marriage can take place. In the end, bride Alexandra (in her infinite wisdom) will have managed to excommunicate herself from the Greek Orthodox Church. Does Mr. Psarros KNOW this? Is the Archbishop offering some sort of “special dispensation” based on the couple’s “promise” to raise the children Greek Orthodox? And is groom Robert Goldburg OKAY with the raising of his children as Christians?

    Jumping through the hoops of “technicalities”, “special dispensations”, and acts of economy (i.e. “kat’ oikonomian”) are turning this into a circus, perhaps even a MEDIA circus, but worse of all, into a mockery of the Orthodox Sacrament of Marriage. Bride Alexandra can’t have her cake and eat it too. If she wants to remain as a “member in good standing” in the Greek Orthodox Church, she has two — and ONLY two — options: 1) Do not marriy Robert Goldburg, or 2) Make sure her future husband converts to Orthodocy (or ANY other Christian religion where he is baptized in the Name of the Holy Trinity — another act of “economy” that we are “allowing” because technically, he HAS to be Orthodox to be married Orthodox) PRIOR to the Sacrament of Marriage taking place. The way she’s doing it now, she won’t be able to receive Holy Communion at any Greek Orthodox Divine Liturgy. So sad…

    By the way, based on a comment above by Joshia Watkins, I wonder where Mr. Psarros’s wedding was held. Did his bride convert to Orthodoxy? Did he convert to Judaism? I seem to recall many years ago a priest named Fr. George Papaioannou (priest of St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Bethesda, MD who was later ordained Bishop George of the Diocese of New Jersey after his Presvytera passed away) used to marry Greeks and Jews in his own parish!! He actually “made up” his own sacrament and poor Archbishop Iakovos (there’s NO WAY he didn’t know this) ended up turning a blind eye as Fr. George made a mockery of the Greek Orthodox SACRAMENT of Holy Matrimony. (Insert “shake my head” emoji here…)

    • ELLHNAS yes smh! 🤦‍♂️

      btw: are you same hilarious Ellhnas who warned us in Helleniscope 2019
      Elpidoforos was a lemon
      & made fun of rose petals over Elps?

  8. Why are you shocked?
    Money talks and Michael Psaros has plenty of it.
    For the almighty dollar Elpi would marry a monkey and an extraterrestrial if asked.
    Θεέ μου, τι άλλο θα δούν τα μάτια μας!!!!

  9. Shame on the bride’s father Michael Psaros! Some leader… for his money business, yes, but leading his family spiritually?
    ALL these heretical, irreverent acts
    are encouraged & endorsed by the fish that rots from the head, his feckless guru:
    Patriarch Bartholomew!
    This wedding is another pc farce

    • The guy showed who he really is in 1994… He is NEITHER a Christian, NOR a Greek he is a fake and an impostor. Now he is trying to corrupt and contaminate the Church like another Judas he thinks he can buy God’s grace with his treasonous money… He is showing how much he respects his parents and his grandparents and all his ancestors who gave blood, sweat and tears to keep their Hellenism and their Christianity. He is a disgrace and definitely neither a Hellene nor a Christian.

  10. Sir G— A noted fact about babies being born to non-Orthodox mothers (who are allegedly “christian”) is now trending in our Christian Orthodox Churches– get this– since Elpi; the alleged “christian” mom(s) (or who really knows what religion) has been taking the baby(ies) with the orthodox dad(s) for the 40 Day Blessings, we traditionally do for the mother and child– o.k. that said; following this, they take these babies, who were blessed with the moms and orthodox dads to the local catholic churches to receive the official baptism! Can someone on this blog explain this? It’s been quietly done- not on Sunday’s -on other days with close, close family ONLY.. Again– not being done during our Sunday liturgical time.
    Of course, “money talks…”

    • There is not a trend… These are IMPOSTORS and the Priests and Hierarchs who allow this unworthy and perjuring liars… These guys they have a legal mandate to follow the Holy Scriptures, Holy Tradition and Holy Canons of the ONE, HOLY, APOSTOLIC and CATHOLIC Church… and they don’t. Time to separate the sheep from the goats…

  11. Who is Robert Goldberg? Who are his parents? That would be interesting to find out.

    As for Elpi…well he works for the global cabal not Christ

    • They are PseudoJewish Zionists… it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out…

  12. I suggest folks read ‘Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future by Fr. Seraphim Rose. He gives the history of the coming syncretism of all of the world’s religions including Orthodox Christians who have been participating in it. From what I am seeing Elpi is the “spearhead.”

  13. Excellent investigative journalism. I don’t see this in the National Herald. Certainly Michael Psaros is to be commended. Without him there wouldn’t be a St. Nicholas at ground zero. He stepped up when the project looked doomed. BUT, no matter how much you give, it does not entitle you to create special rules for your family. What exactly is this “blessing?” We can only know for sure if an intrepid reader of Helleniscope goes on Saturday and takes some photos to post here. The plaza outside the church is owned by the Port Authority and is public space. Let’s see who is there, whether the priest wearing vestments etc. (without entering the church or in any way disturbing their ceremony). The faithful have a right to know whether special rules apply to big donors.

  14. Folks–If it’s all “money talks”–think of this angle— non- Christian Orthodox can’t have funerals in our Churches… read some obits- you’ll see Greek surnames with Greek spouses– with the non-orthodox getting cremated or going to a private ceremony somewhere, or in some instances, a church of another denomination. Funerals bring in money –memberships, etc.. So- with all these peeps not being allowed in our churches for their repose– the “money talks” crowd can buy entree via private 40 day blessings or their “mixed” crowd and can have all kinds of blessings privately done! Under the guise of a “blessing!”

  15. The facts are the facts, Psarros has bought and rules the archdiocese. He and his pathetic collared devil friend Karloutsos schemed their way to destroying the GOA with lies, promises of millions and sheer manipulation. The greed was too great to not accept this devil henchman’s offerings.
    His daughter will get married in St. Nicolas because knows no one will challenge him, no Clergyman will say no as a hefty check is will be forthcoming. The Archbishop will smile, pose for photos and allow and bless this Orthodox travesty. He and his cronies will then spin this into the new orthodox way.
    Money talks – Psarros buys what he cannot have. Did his wife ever convert when they were married in the Greek Orthodox cathedral – doubtful! Did Elaine Alan who runs the archdiocese, is glued to the Archbishop’s side, travels everywhere with him and was brought on to keep Psarros and his boys up to date and the Archbishop in line is married to a Jew but he never converted. She’s on the Archdiocese council. How can that be? She gave up her orthodox faith when she married a Jew. But again, money talks.
    We can write all we want but until our churches wake up and protest this man, he’s unchristian ways and stop taking his money it will continue. The worst is yet to come.

    • The Fake Jews, the Fake Greeks, the Fake Christians should be happy! They got a new family. We wish them every happiness and please stay out of our Church. We don’t want traitors, impostors and fakes.

  16. Hello to all readers,
    I would have accepted my son doing a Greek wedding first in our church and then proceed to the hall to have the nondenominational ceremony that he had. I am sure that I am not the only parent expressing her grief about this fact of so many mixed marriages these days. I wish that someone had reached out to the young couple and share with them that this marriage ceremony practiced today evolved 2 thousand years ago. Instead of promoting an expulsionary policy from the church and living orthodoxy.
    it is time to welcome to our church the nonGreek partner and help him or her see the beauty of Orthodoxy and the wonderful ceremonies and sacraments that we have saved all this time. If we want our church and faith to grow, we need to become more welcoming to others. I am not suggesting that all parishes practice this open policy, but let us find a way to open our doors to newcomers. Let us spread Orthodoxy!!

    • There are no non-denominational ceremonies… Unless you want a ceremony with the devil… I mean people should feel free to do as they please… but if you choose to marry out of the Church stay out of the Church…

  17. Jesus told us we cannot serve two masters.
    Looking at this lovely couple’s wedding registry we see a Jewish Menorah but no Cross figurine.
    Michael Psaros hasn’t impacted his family to respect Orthodoxy.

  18. Oy vey! Mazel tov to the couple!

    Question: Why would the groom not complete his supposedly catechesis classes, have a proper baptism, and then get married officially in the church? Then we all can be invited to attend a big fat, Greek and Jewish wedding! Opa!

  19. This is all TRAGIC! This woman is on the verge of excommunicating herself, if she is a baptized Orthodox Christian and married outside the Church she is apostasizing … do people realize this?! As a parent you have to inform your children that this is the reality and that you WILL NOT be there to support them as they turn their back on Christ and then go celebrate it with champagne … tragic.

  20. “One thing is for sure: In just a couple of weeks, Helleniscope’s reporting was the main reason for averting or postponing a) The LGBTQ+ ministry at Saint Paraskevi at Greenlawn, b) The women in the Sanctuary resolution at the NJ Clergy-Laity and C) it helped expose and possibly clarify the mixed wedding situation at Saint Nicholas…”

    Thanks be to God, keep up the good work Nick.

  21. This couple should have first decided whether the Messiah has already come or he will come in the future(of course Christians know the answer). Then, you pick either an Orthodox church or a synagogue for your wedding. Come on! Get with it! You can’t have both.

  22. Jews were taught by rabbis that wealth was proof of God’s approval & likely to go to heaven…
    but Christ Jesus destroyed that notion, saying instead:

    “It’s easier for a camel to get thru the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into Kingdom of God.”

    • And this is why Michael Psarros will never enter the Kingdom of God. He pretends to be a Christian when indeed he’s not. A sheep in wolf’s clothing. Just like Karloutsos!

      • Wow! Judge not, stated our Lord. Who are you to state someone will not enter the Kingdom of God. Repentance is available to all, at any time, as evidenced by the thief on the cross. Mr or Miss anonymous, please be careful with your judgements.

    • Christianity is the ONLY bona fide carrier of The Old Testament tradition… There are no Jews today… only FAKE impostors pretending to be Jews… But the ignorant keep calling the Fakes Jews, thinking they have connection with the Ancient Hebrews or with Judaism… they have neither.

  23. In wedding website bride & groom are throwing brunch for guests Sunday at Casa Cipriani 10:30 to 11:30 AM.
    Once again, we see presence of greedy, Godless Alex Karloutsos “advising” couple to nix guests from Sunday morning church?

    • EXACTLY… that’s how Greek and Christian the girl is… CONGRATS Daddy Fake Christian Michael Psaros…

  24. Sir G.– Maybe you can enlighten me…
    Is Friday their Sabbath?
    The last three Christian Orthodox Church weddings we’ve attended have been held on Fridays. (some early/ some late afternoons. It was explained to me by the Greek Orthodox families, they chose Friday because of the facts regarding so many out of town relatives they wanted to host for a Saturday brunch, so they could out of philotimo, thank, for making the trip! They indicated they would not have planned a Saturday wedding because on Sunday morning they would all be in their respective Churches!

    • Larissa, yes friday is sabbath for Jews; re: your friends weddings, they had true philotimo to allow guests not to miss church

  25. “The bishops of those times will again be subservient to the powerful, and they will make decisions according to the gifts they receive…”

  26. And then we wonder, all statements have true bearings, do you all see the true Money Egotistical Satan we have at the GOA along with his gang of puppets. I do feel sorry for the couple and they should not be condemned for they we not brought up with the true meaning of our faith but with the meaning of what money buys!

    Sacraments are sacred, a bond in our Orthodox Church is sacred, a marriage should be sacred as you become one.
    Our faith, traditions and cannons are sacred.

    The meaning of sacred has been crucified as Christ was on the Cross from this so called Archbishop. He has no right even wearing his vestment, has no right preaching to us the word of God, when he himself does not believe. How can one such as this Ali Pasha be the head of OUR Church!! He and his Puppets need to get out, Allan, Tsougarakis, Karloutsos, Psaros the Clergy in the GOA, to name a few.

    Does Bartholomew not see what he is doing, of course he does!! He sees that this Ali Pasha has destroyed our church, goes against our cannons, ruins Metropolitans lives, ruins laity lives and families, empties our churches, allows these sacraments and yet, this devil
    Is still here!! Open your eyes!!

  27. The devil must return to Istanbul for good.
    Elpidoktonos showed us what he is > > SATANIC & we deserve his abuse if we remain doormats.

    • We must liberate Constantinople. Those that call Constantinople Istanbul are our worst enemies. Our enemies want Constantinople enslaved.

  28. Congratulations to the Psaros family for donating their daughter to the PseudoJewish Zionists who are probably the ones that hate us the most! This shows the ineptitude, servility and failure of the Parents (at least the so called “Greek” Father Michael Psaros because the mother who is PseudoJewish Zionist won…) the Priests, and the rest of the community who failed to inspire Christianity and Hellenism into Alexandra… Mazel tov!


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