By Nick Stamatakis

In last night’s meeting at the Archdiocese’s Cultural Center in Astoria, Gus Lambropoulos was impressive in his presentation of the proposed ice skating rink as a win-win investment in the community:  It is evident to all that the new addition to Athens Square will bring life to the community during the cold winter months, upgrading the entertainment choices away from the usual path without creating problems.

It was an informative evening that advanced this project to the next level.  Whatever minor objections presented last night were not prohibitive of the project.  The fact that this will be a temporary structure during the winter months (November to February) solves most issues: Winter is the least essential season for basketball, while the noise (from the music) issue can be solved in many ways, and it is minimized during the winter months with the windows closed.  When you have the subway a block away making a tremendous noise, will you complain about the music? I don’t think so… Regarding traffic, this issue exists in New York, no matter what new project we introduce… If our main concern is traffic, nothing new will ever happen in this city!…

Gus Lambropoulos and his wife Maria Markou have given their hearts to this project and made the right choice. Something new in Astoria, a neighborhood that deserves upgrading. The area’s children need access to new forms of entertainment away from the usual. An ice skating rink is just the right idea, in the right place at the right time: something for all to look up to, something new, something engaging…

City Councilwoman Tiffany Caban and State Senator Kristen Gonzalez were represented by their associates last night and have initially approved the project, and so has Frank Arcabascio, President of the 30th Avenue Business Association who was present.

Let’s all support it!!  But we still need to find space for the Christmas Tree in the front part of Athens Square!! This may not be the Rockefeller Center, but the Tree and the Rink are a perfect combination…



  1. It seems to me that YOU agree to convert the Athens Park into an ice skating wring You are wrong.
    The park is TOO SMALL for ice skating ring
    The park was created for the RELAXATION of the ELDERLY
    The park will create MORE GARBAGE. Tree leafs other daily debris which NO ONE WILL CLEAN.
    In times in winders warmer days the melting of the ice will create more problems than any one can expect
    The destruction of the pavement and the sculptures will be a big problem
    The accidents of people falling down
    Many years ago the Astoria park pool had a few accidents so they closed it
    I feel it’s a waste of money and BIG MISREPRESENTATION to the community

    I do not know what’s behind it
    Certainly not any improvement to the community

    • All you list here sound like excuses to me. Relaxation of the older in the winter? Garbage? Who picks up the garbage now? Small? There was a study done… it seems to me that you – the older generation- don’t want to accept ANYTHING new… Just what you knew when you grew up in your village in Greece. And even if we accept what you are saying here this ice skating rink is removable. If it doesn’t work then we can avoid installing it the following year. That simple! But just this miserable attitude to refuse just to refuse is not helpful AT ALL!! If it was up to you, the Christmas Tree would also be a bad idea… this is exactly the kind of mentality that does not allow the younger generation to participate in our community!!


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