By Nick Stamatakis

I have been a history lover and an avid political news reader since my childhood but if one asks me to offer an example of a very cynical political act I would have trouble finding something more cynical than last week’s meeting in the Vatican between Zelensky and the Pope. Let me describe the many ways this meeting was disgusting:

  • The Pope pretended to have prepared a “peace initiative” but the Russians had not heard anything about it!
  • Zelensky rejected any peace negotiations anyway! He said he will only accept “regime change”!
  • The Pope said NOT ONE WORD about the prosecution of Orthodoxy in Ukraine, and especially the destruction of Orthodox Churches!
  • Zelensky not only visited in his “fatigues”, his informal suit, but he was also wearing Nazi pins, as you can see in the photos!! This certainly added insult to injury as we all know from history the practical help the Vatican had given to the Nazis and the Fascists…
  • The Pope should have never admitted Zelensky and given him an audience…



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Zelensky, Who is at War with the Eastern Orthodox Church, Enjoys Symbolic Chat with Socialist Pope Francis

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Not a good look for the Pope. Yet the Pope is not an uneducated man, ignorant of history. Here he is meeting with the Jewish President of Ukraine, who is sporting a Nazi symbol on his sweatshirt. The Western spin is to claim that the political leaders of Ukraine are not embracing the Nazi past because Zelensky is a Jew and Jews hate Nazis. Right? Not necessarily.

Take note of the number, 969. It has been almost 1000 years since the split in Christianity that created the Eastern Orthodox Christian movement and the Roman Catholic Church. Western sources go to great lengths to promote the notion that this split between these two Christian churches is a minor squabble over theology. Wikipedia’s description is a prime example of this deception:

The Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church have been in a state of official schism from one another since the East–West Schism of 1054. This schism was caused by historical and language differences, and the ensuing theological differences between the Western and Eastern churches.
The main theological differences with the Catholic Church are the papal primacy[1][2][3] and the filioque clause.[1][2] In spirituality, the tenability of neo-Palamism‘s essence-energy distinction and of the experiential vision of God as attained in theoria and theosis are actively debated.

The real story is quite different. Within 200 years of the schism, Catholic Crusaders sacked Constantinople (now Istanbul), murdering Eastern Orthodox Christians and looting their churches:

In April 1204, Catholic Crusader armies captured and looted Constantinople, then the capital of the Byzantine Empire and seat of the Eastern Orthodox Church. After the city’s sacking, most of the Byzantine Empire’s territories were divided up among the Crusaders. The sack of Constantinople was a major turning point in medieval history. The Crusaders’ decision to attack the world’s largest Christian city was unprecedented and immediately controversial. Reports of Crusader looting and brutality scandalised and horrified the Orthodox world; the Byzantine Empire was left much poorer, smaller, and ultimately less able to defend itself against the Seljuk and Ottoman conquests that followed; the actions of the Crusaders thus directly accelerated the collapse of Christendom in the east, and in the long run helped facilitate the later Ottoman conquest.

So, here we are, 819 years later and the Pope is receiving Zelensky as an honored guest while Zelensky’s government has embarked on a broad based attack on the priests and bishops of the Orthodox community in Ukraine and their churches and monasteries.

Zelenskii the leader of the once Christian-Orthodox nation goes over to Vatican to bow down to the Pope and beg him for his support and world approval.
His visit to Vatican is probably the most insulting gesture he could have ever done to the people of Ukraine amid his unprecedented and murderous prosecution of the Orthodox Church.
The best part of it all is that Zelenskii wears a jumper with the Nazi WW2 OUN emblem ( throughout his visit to Italy just to rub it into everybody’s face as he demands for money.

Zelensky could have had the decency to wear a suit sporting the blue and yellow Ukrainian flag. But the little coke head has no decency. He is a money grubbing tool of genuinely evil people who is needlessly sacrificing the lives of more than 200,000 while he fills his own coffers with U.S. taxpayer dollars. The powers behind Zelensky, the ones who helped him win the Presidency as he promised falsley to end the civil war in the Donbass, are quite content to use Zelensky’s Jewish heritage as a smoke screen to convince Jews around the world that the little comedian is not in bed with neo-Nazis. But that is a big lie. Even NBC news concedes that there is a nasty Nazi undercurrent thriving in the Ukrainian Government and Military.

In another ominous development, Ukraine has in recent years erected a glut of statues honoring Ukrainian nationalists whose legacies are tainted by their indisputable record as Nazi proxies. The Forward newspaper cataloged some of these deplorables, including Stepan Bandera, leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), whose followers acted as local militia members for the SS and German army. “Ukraine has several dozen monuments and scores of street names glorifying this Nazi collaborator, enough to require two separate Wikipedia pages,” the Forward wrote.

Zelensky, sadly is not the first Jew to collaborate with Nazis. Chaim Rumkowsky is an especially notorious, abhorrent example:

Chaim Mordechaj Rumkowski (February 27, 1877 – August 28, 1944) was the head of the Jewish Council of Elders in the Łódź Ghetto appointed by Nazi Germany during the German occupation of Poland.
Rumkowski accrued much power by transforming the ghetto into an industrial base manufacturing war supplies for the Wehrmacht in the mistaken belief that productivity was the key to Jewish survival beyond the Holocaust. The Germans liquidated the ghetto in 1944. All remaining prisoners were sent to death camps in the wake of military defeats on the Eastern Front.
As the head of the Judenrat, Rumkowski is remembered for his speech Give Me Your Children, delivered at a time when the Germans demanded his compliance with the deportation of 20,000 children to Chełmno extermination camp. In August 1944, Rumkowski and his family joined the last transport to Auschwitz,[1] and he was murdered there on August 28, 1944, by Jewish Sonderkommando inmates who beat him to death as revenge for his role in the Holocaust. This account of his final moments is confirmed by witness testimonies of the Frankfurt Auschwitz trials.[2][3]
Besides working closely with the Nais, Rumkowski is accused by survivors of that ghetto of sexually abusing young women who worked for him in the Judenrat. Remains to be seen if Zelensky meets with a similar fate. At least Zelensky is not being accused of molesting young girls and boys. That has been the modus operandi of the Catholic Church for more than a century. Worth mentioning that the Eastern Orthodox churches do not have a history of pedophilia and covering it up unlike their counterparts in Rome. This is probably a consequence of the Eastern Orthodox policy that allows priests to marry and have children.

The Pope’s silence on the religious persecution underway in Ukraine is another black mark on his tawdry legacy. Instead of calling Zelensky to account for his persecution of Eastern Orthodox Christians, Pope Francis decided to play tour guide. A grotesque farce.


  1. Nick,

    Sadly, you are only too right. Even more sad is that the Ukrainian Regime is willing to sacrifice their own people for a few bucks from selling the farmland and minerals in Ukraine to the multi-nationals, not to mention skimming a few bucks from military equipment gifts and loans.

  2. Many doubt Francis is the real Pope. This treachery is abominable. It’s all being revealed by our Lord. All the sins are coming to the surface. The rats are out in the open. Next, we must act. How that will be accomplished, I have no idea. God will show us.

  3. How come his all holiness (I’m being sarcastic) didn’t comment on the Ukrainian persecution of the Orthodox Church, the beating and imprisonment of Priests and Monks. The eviction of Orthodox from their parishes. The burning of Churches, the desecration of altars, the destruction of Holy Icons (let alone the sale of them on the Black Market, the threatening and beating of parishioners.

    And where is his twin heretic patriarch Bartholomew? He’s disappeared. Why doesn’t he comment. Somebody offer him some money so he’ll be motivated to show up.

    Next time, that he’s at any event, especially Greek Orthodox, he should be pummeled with tomatoes representing the blood of the hundreds of thousands, Russians And Ukrainians, he’s essentially murdered, maimed and displaced.

    I would just ask that we all throw the tomatoes at him only outside of church.

  4. When Patriarch Bartholomew did not make big deal, I would not expect the Pope to speak on behalf of the prosecuted Orthodox Christians in Ukraine.
    I want to notice the Ukrainian Trident Symbol, the coat of arms of Ukraine, is a national symbol, including the variation with the sword, the Emblem of the Royal State of Volodymyr the Great. and the Azov Battalion A30B is using it with Nazi SS and the Nazi Black Sun symbols.


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