It is astonishing that this Orthodox Elder prophesied all that we experienced during Covid, well prior to his repose in 2013. Back then, they probably thought he was crazy….

Prophecy of the Blessed Elder Justin Parvu (who reposed in 2013):

“We must prepare for martyrdom and beyond this, I would not have to speak if people were not powerless in spirit and mind to understand. It’s not easy to live these days. But if the Lord has so pleased that we should suffer these times, then we must obey and receive with joy all that comes upon us, as from the hand of God, and not from the enemy…

Therefore, please stop looking for solutions. Human solutions are nonexistent, my dears! The solution is to die for Christ. Fathers will give up their sons, mothers, their daughters, unto death. Behold, we witness the fulfillment of this prophecy. If the mother will let the child be νассіnаtеd, it’s as if giving him over to die…

Therefore I say to you, trust that the Lord will give you power to confess Him. We live in an anarchic world, the entire political class is an enemy of Christ and a servant of evil, that is why even living our simple life without abdicating our Christian principles is a daily confession and martyrdom.

So do not receive this νассіnе or anything that the new political powers bring you today. The Zіоnіsts rule the world and the Αmеrісаns work for them and they think they have come to own it because they have no shyness. Everything is in sight and they are aware that they have no opponent to fear and they fight to dеpоpulаtе the world, with the few who will remain to worship them.

Now they’re studying and sorting, and the way they’re going to distinguish people from each other is the сhіps. Do you or do you not have a сhіp? For what is the сhіp after all? A weapon against Man. And we have no weapons; our youth is weary, that even if they want to rise from the spell in which they live, they have no power.

Our only weapons are spiritual ones: prayer, humility, love, but also confession [of Faith]. You can’t love without confession [of Faith]. Love is sacrificial, and if we fear to confess the truth, what sacrifice do we have? Or if we do not care about our neighbour who is unaware and we do not inform him and we let him fall prey to this system, what love do we have?

Those who still struggle today to awaken their brother, who have not remained indifferent to the future of a nation and a church, those are the children of the love of God, who lay their lives down for their brethren…

It is important to oppose all аntісhrіsts and die with dignity; not to have a cowardly position.”

(Source: Excerpted from an interview as found in Atitudini magazine no. 8, October 2009)



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