1. It’s edifying listening to Abbot Tryphon’s sage voice tell us to be bearers of the truth in the face of woke clergy! He’s spot on calling it demon possession what President Biden and even Patriarch Bartholomew show; It’s undoubtedly the last days as we watch heretics turning away from God and aligning with Diabolo. How tragic someone like Tryphon isn’t Patriarch of Greek Orthodox? GOA is infested with lemons.

    As Abbot Tryphon so succinctly says, we must speak out we want our church back!
    By remaining silent we are aiding and
    abetting the demons. May God give us the strength to stand firm on the truth.

  2. Words of Wisdom way too late. It’s later than we think. Our children have been deluded, mutilated and abused. Economic devastation and world war are on the table. Pastors and priests did nothing to stop any of it.

    As long as people still feel comfort, they will do nothing. Suffering makes us grow wisdom. The lotus flower grows out of the mud. Yes, the Abbot offered wise words, but its one minute till midnight. God help us.

    The strategy everyone must use is do not comply, do not yield, and disobey. Start right now. Stop accepting Marxist ideology in your schools and other public institutions.

  3. Fr Chris Alar is so right!
    Biden’s woke agenda refusing to curb spending, balance the budget , make the country energy independent,his irrational pursuit to stop climate change and promotion of trangenderism and illegal immigration will bring catastrophe in USA.


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