EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Am I the only one to see that the results of the Greek elections do not add up? How come just two months after the HUGE Tempi rail disaster and five months after the wiretapping scandal, Mitsotakis got 41% of the vote, while four years ago had only 39%?  There are many other suspicious numbers in yesterday’s results: 1) At 5 pm just two hours before the closing of the polling stations, only 48% of the registered voters had voted.  This number jumped to 58% in just two hours!! 2) Three parties missed the 3% margin to elect members of Parliament by just a few votes and stayed at 2.92%, 2,89% and 2.62%…  These and other facts we will analyze in the near future.

In the meantime, several theories are circulating in the Greek press about foreign intervention in these elections.  The most credible one concerns an Israeli intelligence team that has been meddling in elections in 30 countries!! This theory is supported by the proven fact that Mitsotakis used the Israeli “Predator” software for the wiretapping scandal and invited Israeli intelligence to operate it!! This is the definition of treason!! You can read more about this by Dimitris Konstantakopoulos (below), who is among the most experienced Greek journalists and one with global sources.

And soon, we will also analyze the titled relationship between Israel-Greece and Cyprus and see if there is any way to re-balance it…

At the bottom is a list of questionable acts of the Mitsotakis government by Panagiotis Bourounis….


A ‘black day’ for Greek democracy

By Dimitris Konstantakopoulos 

Greek citizens were asked today to decide who will govern them over the next four years. Only their real choices are very limited and are mainly between parties that, on the one hand, are controlled to one degree or another by the domestic oligarchy and the foreign powers that control Greece, on the other hand, are not liked by the Greek people. 

The forecasts give a comfortable victory for the right-wing New Democracy party, even if it will not be easy to form a government. This is despite the fact that it is burdened by a huge surveillance scandal, via a mechanism set up with the help of the Israeli intelligence services. Among those watched by Israeli intelligence and the Mitsotakis office, were key government ministers, friends of the Prime Minister’s wife, the heads of the Armed Forces and the Army and the leader of the third-largest party of PASOK Nikos Androulakis. The scandal revealed also the extent to which Israel is gradually but obscurely gaining almost complete control over both Greece and Cyprus, two members of the EU and NATO (the former). Some observers believe also that this scandal was revealed by the US services, angry because Israelis were surveilling also their citizens and because they put in doubt their own monopoly in hearing everybody. It is indicative that, while in the country there were a lot of discussions in Parliament on the subject of the surveillance scandal, not a single leader of a Greek party, from the Communist Party and Varoufakis to Velopoulos of the nationalist right, dared use the word Israel and its derivatives! 

In addition to the surveillance scandal, the government is burdened with the improbable situation of the state apparatus, revealed in the Railway tragedy at Tempi, central Greece, the collapse of the health system, with Greece in the worst fate in the whole of the European Union in terms of COVID deaths, dozens of serious scandals and a serious deterioration of the moral atmosphere in the country and of the criminality, while inflation is decimating the income of popular and middle classes.  

On the issue of Ukraine, the government followed a foreign policy of extremist anti-Russianism, which is opposed by the great majority of the Greek people, despite the barrage of propaganda that it receives, like all citizens of Western “democracies” from the media. Greeks have too often fallen victim to Western imperialism in modern times, since 1204. During the last century they paid a terrible price as a result of Western interventions as in 1944-49, with the civil war, in 1967 when the US imposed a military dictatorship in Greece, in 1974, when Kissinger organized a coup d’ etat in Nicosia and the Turkish invasion which followed and in 2010 and 2013 by the imposition of the bail – out and bail – in programs of destruction of Greece and Cyprus respectively. No Greek can have any illusion about the criminal character of the western “democratic” capitalistic and imperialistic regimes.  

However, New Democracy retains the initiative and will probably win the elections, due to the severity of political, moral and psychological defeat suffered by the Greek people by the betrayal of the leadership of SYRIZA. For the defeat of 2015, SYRIZA’s President Alexis Tsipras bears grave, historical responsibilities, but Yanis Varoufakis, the entire de facto leading core of SYRIZA, as well as the various tendencies and opposition within the party, bear equally grave responsibilities. As if the defeat of 2015 were not enough, SYRIZA then proved that it had no great ideas for the necessary reform of Greece, while it clashed head-on with the national feeling of the majority of Greek citizens, including its voters, on the Macedonian issue, it hasted to “solve” in order to satisfy the US quest for absorbing North Macedonia into NATO. 

All formations of the Greek left, including the KKE and MeRA25 of the party founded by Varoufakis, are in equally dire condition. These two parties and various smaller ones will gain from the elections, but also because of the hostility towards SYRIZA of the left voters, not for positive reasons, since both (and the others smaller) lack a serious program and the credibility that they will implement it. Moreover, both parties categorically refuse any cooperation with SYRIZA, contributing in this way to the final victory of Mitsotakis. 

The KKE has SYRIZA as its main opponent rather than New Democracy. Besides, it denies any cooperation with anyone, claiming that all the others are bourgeois parties and only they represent the “revolution”. Only those “pure revolutiaries” avoided to take position in the 2015 referendum, in 2010 he took care to mobilize so that the almost insurrectionary demonstration of May 2010 against the imposition of the bail out program and they are now undermining their opposition to NATO by the theory of “conflicting imperialisms” in Ukraine. As for Varoufakis’ party is more or less a one man show, without a clear program. Varoufakis is also accusing President Putin and his regime of being criminals.    

According to a poll conducted several days ago, 25% of voters will cast their ballots in order to empede the formation of a government of the right-wing New Democracy, 24% in order not to form a government for the left-wing Syriza and 11% in order to express dissatisfaction with ND, Syriza or both. That is, 60% will vote for negative reasons. Only 39% they will vote because they are attracted by the positive elements of some party. I suppose it is mainly the poor, who hope that the Left will somehow protect them from the demolition of their living standards (to some extent also the rich who want to benefit from the policy of plundering national wealth and abolishing their taxation pursued by the right). 

Of course, a huge percentage of Greeks do not vote or vote for various unlikely parties because they believe that no party represents them. 

The elections are being held in a climate of rising totalitarianism, with at least 90% of the media engaging in pro-government (and even more pro-NATO, pro-American and anti-Russian) propaganda. The situation in the briefing is the worst Greece has experienced since the fall of the military dictatorship. 

A possible victory by Mitsotakis would accelerate the ongoing “existential crisis” of Greece, transformed by the collective West into a laboratory of destruction, through “peaceful” methods, of a nation – state and its civilization.



● Παρακολουθήσεις Predator ● Σκάνδαλο Novartis και συγκάλυψη ● Αδιευκρίνιστα ποσά ● Ειδικά Δικαστήρια ● Λίστα Πέτσα, Κικίλια, Πλεύρη, ΕΥΔΑΠ ● Χειραγώγηση ΜΜΕ ● Θέση 108 ● Κουπόνι καυσίμων (Fuel Pass) ● Κουπόνι Ενέργειας (Power Pass) ● Κουπόνι Ελευθερίας (Freedom Pass) ● Κουπόνι Φαγητού (Food Pass) ● Καλάθι “Νοικοκυριού” ● Καλάθι “Χριστουγέννων” ● Καλάθι “Νονού” ● Καλάθι “Πάσχα” ● Ρήτρα αναπροσαρμογής ● Έγκλημα Τεμπών με 58 νεκρούς και άλλους τόσους εξαϋλωμένους “αγνοούμενους” ● Υποχρεωτικοί εμβολιασμοί ● Διαχωρισμός πολιτών σε “ψεκασμένους” και “τσιμπημένους” από τον πρωθυπουργό ● Υποχρεωτικοί εγκλεισμοί (lockdown) με ζημιά άνω των 20 δισ στην οικονομία ● Διαθεσιμότητα 7.000 υγειονομικών χωρίς μισθό για 18 μήνες. ● 37.000 νεκροί κατά την πανδημία ● Κατάρρευση Δημόσιας Υγείας ● Εκατομμύρια ευρώ σε κλινικάρχες ● Μάσκες αλεξίπτωτα ● Παγουρίνο ● 98% ποσοστό θανάτων εκτός ΜΕΘ ● Πρόστιμα για υποχρεωτικούς εμβολιασμούς άνω των 60 ετών ● Σκοιλ ελικικου ● Κλείσιμο ογκολογικού Παίδων ● Μοτοκρός στην Πάρνηθα ● Κορονοπάρτι στην Ικαρία ● Αισχροκέρδεια στα σελφ τεστ ● Ακαταδίωκτο επιτροπής κορωνοϊού ● Ακαταδίωκτο τραπεζικών στελεχών ● Ακαταδίωκτο επιτροπής για τα Τέμπη ● Πτωχευτικός Κώδικας ● Ξένα funds με στόχο 700.000 σπίτια από “κόκκινα δάνεια”. ● Σκάνδαλο Πάτση ● Σκάνδαλο Καππάτου ● Σκάνδαλο Παπαθανάση ● Σκάνδαλο Χειμάρα ● Σκάνδαλο Μαραβέγια ● Αισχροκέρδεια στα καύσιμα ● Καρτέλ εταιρειών ενέργειας ● Ακρίβεια στα πάντα ● Ιδιωτικοποίηση ΔΕΗ ● Ιδιωτικοποίηση ΔΕΔΔΗΕ ● Παρεμβάσεις σε ανεξάρτητες αρχές ● Ετήσιοι μισθοί 2 δισ. ευρώ σε 37 ανεξάρτητες αρχές από 2.200 γαλάζια κομματόσκυλα ● Ντογιάκος ● Απόπειρα εξαγοράς αντιπροέδρου Αρείου Πάγου, Χρ. Τζανερίκου ● Παράνομο Πόθεν Έσχες Πρωθυπουργού ● Θάψιμο Πόθεν Έσχες ● Κλείσιμο Αττικής Οδού ● Πλημμύρες ● Πυρκαγιές ● Κοροϊδία Σεισμόπληκτων Αρκαλοχωρίου Ηρακλείου ● Βόλτες Oruc Reis στο Αιγαίο ● TurkAegean ● Κωλοτούμπα για Συμφωνία Πρεσπών ● Χρήματα Ταμείου Ανάκαμψης ● Εκτόξευση Δημόσιου Χρέους ● Θαλασσοδάνεια ● Διαγραφή χρεών Πηλαδάκη ● Σκάνδαλο Φουρθιώτη ● Σκάνδαλο Κοκλώνη ● Σκάνδαλο Λιγνάδη ● Σκάνδαλο Νικολάου ● Σκάνδαλο Μίχου και 220 άφαντων παιδεραστών ● Σκάνδαλο Καϊλή ● Ψεύτικο πτυχίο Διαματάρη ● Υπόθεση Μαρίας Σπυράκη ● Greekmafia ● Golden Boys ● 10 δις ευρώ απευθείας αναθέσεις ● ΕΥΠ και ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ στο γραφείο του Πρωθυπουργού ● Μελέτη Τσιόδρα ● Ο Πρωθυπουργός”δεν γνώριζε” ● Δεκάδες Πρωθυπουργικές “συγγνώμες” ● Αστυνομική καταστολή παντού ● Πανεπιστημιακή Αστυνομία ● Ξύλο σε πολίτες στη Νέα Σμύρνη ● Υπόθεση “Ινδιάνου” ● Υπόθεση Ινδαρέ ● Δολοφονία Καραϊβάζ ● Δολοφονία Σαμπάνη ● Δολοφονία Ιάσονα από αυτοκίνητο Μπακογιάννη ● Απόπειρα δολοφονίας Στέφανου Χίου ● Χατήρια αστυνομίας σε γιο Θεοδωρικάκου ● Προσλήψεις παπάδων και αστυνομικών ● Πώληση προσωπικών δεδομένων μέσω Webex ● Διώξεις δημοσιογράφων ● Κυβερνητικά fake news ● Κατάργηση οκταώρου ● Αξιολόγηση εκπαιδευτικών ● Υποβάθμιση πτυχίων των καλλιτεχνών ● Χιλιάδες χρυσοπληρωμένοι μετακλητοί ● Ανύπαρκτα έργα στο Ελληνικό ● Εμπορικό έλλειμμα ρεκόρ 93 δις ευρώ ● Ξένες “επενδύσεις” που ήρθαν και έφυγαν ● Αναγνώριση του πραξικοπηματία Γκουαϊδό ● Κλείσιμο λιγνιτικών μονάδων ● Ευρωπαϊκό μηνιαίο πρόστιμο για καταπάτηση περιοχών natura με ανεμογεννήτριες ● Κυρώσεις στη Ρωσία με αποτέλεσμα πενταπλάσιες τιμές LNG από τις ΗΠΑ ● Αποστολή όπλων στην Ουκρανία ● Στρατιωτική αποδυνάμωση των ελληνικών νησιών/συνόρων ● Ελάχιστη Βάση Εισαγωγής στα Πανεπιστήμια ● Επιδόματα και επιδοτήσεις στον ίδιο τον Πρωθυπουργό ● Σπίτι Βολταίρου ● Αρχαία “Συλλογής Στερν” ● Διαγωνισμός Εθνικού Μουσείου ● Τσιμέντωμα Ακρόπολης ● Ασυνόδευτα προσφυγόπουλα ● Προδοτική μυστική συμφωνία Κούλη με Ερντογκάν για ξεπούλημα του Αιγαίου και του ορυκτού μας πλούτου. ● Τραπεζικά χρέη της ΝΔ 430 εκατ. ευρώ ΘΑ ΜΑΣ ΤΡΕΛΑΝΕΤΕ ΡΕ ΚΑΘΑΡΜΑΤΑ;


  1. Σκάνδαλο Καϊλή ● Ψεύτικο πτυχίο Διαματάρη
    H Καιλη ειναι στελεχος του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ και οι πραξεις της διαφθορας βαρυνουν τον ΣΥΡΙΖΑ.
    Ο Διαματαρης κατοπιν αγωγης παρελαβε το πτυχιο του και τωρα ειναι ΠΡΑΓΜΑΤΙ πτυχιουχος!
    Τα υπολοιπα δυστυχως για την Ελλαδα ειναι σωστα.
    Ευχομαι ο Βελοπουλος να εχει συμμαχο τον Τζημερο στην Βουλη για να ελεγχουν και να κανουν χρησιμες προτασεις.Ο Λογος που κατρακυλισε ο Συριζα ειναι οτι δεν μπορεσε ο Τσιπρας και Βιτσας να βαλει 700 χιλιαδες λαθρομεταναστες οπως εκανε το 2019 να τον ψηφισουν και ετσι εγινε η Αξιωματικη Αντιπολιτευση ,ενω υστερα απο τις Πρεσπες, τα ανοιχτα συνορα, τα κοκκινα δανεια, το κλεισιμο των τραπεζων , το τριτο Μνημονιο επρεπε να επεφτε στο18% οπως του αξιζε το 2019

  2. Yes… as always, it was “interesting” to monitor what was going on as the results were reported back.

    A careful examination of “totals” for the small party that received “2.92” percent in total will yield that it had about ~5% in Thessaloniki (where in theory it was created), and only ~2% in Athens, where 50% of the population resides, bringing down that total to 2.92%… That’s an “interesting” statistical aberration, for sure… The one right behind it jumped from 2.6 to 2.89% in the last 5% of polling stations as well, while the one with 2.92 was ‘stuck” at the same level for the same amount of time…that was also “interesting”…

    It is likely this small party had many more “observers” in Thessaloniki than in Athens (per sources they were founded in Thessaloniki), and even more “word of mouth”, because they are only 4 months old, and might be quite disorganized and unable to “scale” properly. Even if something more sinister is at play, they will never know if there weren’t observers on the ground. There are 21k polling stations…for the 2nd round election, they will need 21k observers to prevent the possibility of “miscounting” of their votes. With 172k votes, that’s a significant percentage of their voting base to mobilize…a very steep obstacle to surmount…it’s an unfortunate reality these small parties face…

    • As someone who had served (as a young law student) as an assistant at a polling station in the early 1980s I can tell you that most major parties have an observer at each station. Elections in Greece happen in one day and paper ballots are used. This limits the possibility of fraud substantially. But there is still electronic transfer of the results and hence the possibility. But under certain circumstance a recount can be done. There will be a seconf round on June 26 and from what I understand even the parties that did not reach 3% will be allowed to participate… So there is a chance for significant shifts…


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