UPDATE – Tuesday, May 30.   Are you surprised Saint Nicholas at Ground Zero stayed closed for Memorial Day? You should not be!! Do they have anything to commemorate at Ground Zero? Of course not!!  What a shame, that at some earlier point, GOA was advertising Saint Nicholas as a “Bereavement Center”!!!


By Nick Stamatakis

As if we did not have enough “Wokism” in GOA, AB Elpidophoros decided to shove more down our throats!! A close look at the GOARCH directories from 2023 and 2018 (below) shows that the Archbishop has removed the following official holidays from the Calendar:

1) Holy Ascension
2) Exaltation of the Cross (Holy Cross – Sept 14) 
3) Columbus Day
4) Veteran’s Day
And he has ADDED the following:

Yes, Juneteenth is an official Holiday for NY State, but only public establishments must close that day.  GOARCH did it by choice and will be closed! What is Juneteenth? It’s the day that marked the official end of slavery in 1965… What need do we have to celebrate it the moment we emphasize Martin Luther King Day in January, where actually our Archbishop Iakovos, a true leader, participated and walked next to MLK? We absolutely have no need!! Our Church and community proved in action, through Iakovos, our commitment to civil rights.  Making Junetenth official simply follows the leftist narrative that divides Americans instead of uniting them, by reminding them of past problems…

At the same time, it will stay open for Holy Ascension, Holy Cross, Columbus Day, and Veterans Day!  You can link here to see the 2023 Calendar of official holidays  (when the Archdioces will be closed) and look below at the two Calendars of 2018 and 2023 side by side…

No further comments on the “wokism” of the calendars… It’s self-explanatory: This Archbishop is hell-bent on following his puppet masters in leftist DC… In the process, he will drive everyone out of the Churches and likely into ROCOR and OCA which are under the Moscow Patriarchate!! Or to the Antiochian Church, which is friendly to the Russian Patriarchate… That’s what’s happening when trying to lead a conservative flock from the extreme left (wokism of all styles, including homosexuality and trangenderism)…


We were correct in our initial assessment: The wealthy Psaros family bent the rules to fit their “needs” and their family tradition (mixed family, where each spouse follows their own religion)… And they kept the two ceremonies they initially planned: An Orthodox Christian “wedding” in Saint Nicholas and a Jewish ceremony at Cipriani… Karloutsos was spreading rumors that he baptized the groom before the wedding and gave him the name Haralambos!!  Who was the godfather? Nobody knows… Maybe Cathimatides… And nobody believes it either!… Karloutsos’s main goal is to keep the “Wedding” controversy low and to help his friend Psaros…

Even if this is true and there was a baptism, we have verified from two different sources that there was a Jewish ceremony at Cipriani, and all of you have seen the photo of the groom wearing his “kippa” as he was dancing with the bride… Don’t we deserve an explanation on why the Church broke its own rules? No, we don’t because, according to Elpidophoros, Karloutsos, Catsimatidis and the rest of the “leaders”, the rules do not apply to those who belong to the “country club” of GOARCH millionaires…

And we do not deserve it for one more reason: We have not found the courage to start lawsuits against GOARCH from the parishes, and we keep sending them money!! Let the parishes stop sending money – as Saint Demetrios of Astoria did for an entire year!!  Let ALL the parishes rise and stop sending them money, and you will see how fast they come to their senses!!

To be fair about the “wedding”, I should note that in times past weddings did not happen in Church but a blessing was read at home to the couple… And this blessing was from the Old Testament, likely the same or similar in Christian and Jewish ceremonies! You can see this wedding blessing below…But this does not change the fact that the Canons of this Church were blatantly violated.

Finally, the Psaros family considers it OK to “blend” different religions at will.  They can do whatever they wish at home- but after this mixup, this is the last time we want to hear Michael Psaros “preach Orthodoxy” and pretend that he is “holiest” than any and all of us… We are all sinners, and we should all look in the mirror first – especially the “wealthy pretenders”…


Finally, the internet and our emails are catching fire with the news that on Saint Bartholomew’s day (June 10), the failed Archbishop of America will celebrate the name day of Pope Bartholomew… Why are we surprised? This will be the second year this is happening, as the heretics are preparing to celebrate Easter with the Catholics in 2025… To refresh your memory, please link here and here... Below is the official announcement of the “name day celebration” of the most corrupt, sinful, and catastrophic Patriarch Orthodoxy ever had…

Helleniscope will also “celebrate” Bartholomew in our way… Stay tuned…


In the meantime, do your part in the effort to push this failed and heretic Archbishop out by:

  • Keep boycotting his appearances anywhere, as you so willfully have been doing for the past two years: Your efforts are so successful that Elpidoktonos has to force the priests of neighboring parishes to attend any Church he visits, accompanied by their families and parish council members!
  • Talk to your parish council members and discuss possibly withholding monthly payments to GOA.  Many parishes are financially strained, which is an excellent reason to ask the headquarters to reduce or eliminate the dues!!
  • Don’t forget that your parish is likely a separate 501C3 organization, and according to State Laws, you have the right of self-governance without impositions and interference from GOA.
  • Write group letters to the Patriarchate asking for his removal and the autocephaly of this Church. Here is the email: ecumenical.patriarchate@gmail.com. What to write?  Link here, or read Helleniscope’s articles!
  • Write to the State Department (AskPublicAffairs@state.gov)  and tell them that because of Elpidoktonos you are planning to move to an Orthodox denomination under the Moscow Patriarchate, such as ROCOR and OCA or the Russia-friendly Antiochian!! See if they like this eventuality of losing the Greek American community to the Moscow
  • If you want to visit other Orthodox parishes near your home belonging to ROCOR, OCA, and Antiochian, here is the link to find one.
  • Keep spreading the word to family and friends, emailing our articles, and reading and spreading other allied websites such as Monomakhos.com!

May 26, 2023, n.stamatakis@aol.com   www.helleniscope.com

DISCLAIMER: The views and statements expressed in this article constitute constitutionally protected opinions of this author.


  1. Saint Demetrios Astoria day school has been observing Juneteenth since last year!!!
    You will see from the lack of student enrollment this year how the parents will respond

  2. We heard it thru grape vine, Rasputin Karloutsos only baptized the groom at last minute! What a disingenuous move and only bc of uproar of the faithful and 88 disgusted comments in Helleniscope article exposed it.
    I wonder, did that couple hear about their wedding hoopla?

  3. Thanks, Nick, for putting concrete steps together for us to follow. Those of you who would like to visit other Orthodox parishes, starting with Holy Apostles in Bixby, please contact George whom you may know from the Monomakhos Blog. His number is 918-850-0249. We would be happy to greet you and make introductions at the parish and the monastery in Piedmont. We would certainly take you or meet you there, to make the introductions and show you the lay of the land. Your kids would have a great time there.

    If you can get enough people together who are interested, we could also have a have a party for you in our home so it will be more relaxed. Then you can ask specific questions about us and we can ask questions about you. We want to make you feel welcome. Mostly we want to know you as people so any transition you make will be completely comfortable for you. Maybe we can take some trips to our cathedral in Dallas, for example. It would be our immense pleasure. We’ll even take you to the Antiochian parish. Just call us at: 918-850-0249 George arranges our calendars.

  4. Black Live Matter has done nothing for black folks. That is a fact. Elpi walked with the devil. The creation of Juneteenth is an embarrassment for many black people. This so called holiday is based on skin color. Elpi and Bartholomew have corrupted the GOA.

    BLM paid $970,000 to a company owned by the father of Cullors’ child to “produce live events” and for “creative services”
    Her brother Paul Cullors was paid $840,000 for providing “security services” for the group

    Cullors spent $3.2 million to buy four high-end homes, including a $1.4 million house near Malibu and a “custom ranch” in Georgia with an airplane hangar and runway.

    BLM bought a $5.6 million mansion in Los Angeles, which Cullors claimed as an “investment” that would also serve as a “media creation space” and even a safe house for activists. She hosted a Biden inauguration party there.
    The group and its affiliates bought a $1.7 million luxury condo in the Bahamas and a $6 million Toronto mansion

    Many eyebrow-raising expenditures have continued, according to the latest financial disclosures. A company owned by Cullors’ successor, Shalomyah Bowers, was paid $1.69 million over two years for “management and consulting services.”

    A board member’s firm took $1.06 million for “consulting,” and an unidentified board member’s company got $600,000 in the settlement of a “contract dispute.” Cullors’ brother’s security company — Black Ties LLC –was paid another $756,000, and the brother himself also scored $125,000 in compensation plus another $15,000 for unspecified security.

    This information needs to be sent to every member of the GOA. Stop funding the devils holding the GOA hostage for the benefit of the government proxy war in Ukraine and the Council of Foreign Relations.

  5. The stupid AB Elpidophorus marched lock step with evil BLM because the satanic Fordhamite tool George Demacopoulos urged him on! That’s how much Elpi lacks in discernment

  6. Did you expect anything less, soon he will have them working on Easter too!! Once a devil always a devil! He has nothing better to do with his time then destroyed people lives one by one.

    The GOA is not what it was, these bodies (administration) need to be removed and replaced with actual people who care about the church. Not ones who are money hungry, have money and do whatever they want!!

    As far as the wedding, rumor from Karloutsos, shouldn’t he know better??? Probably not, perhaps I’m mistaken but, a Jew must be fully baptized, meaning just like a child, in the adult baptismal font, not just a christmation. The St. Nicholas have an adult font?? I’m sure they don’t.

    The Jews would not allow the groom to wear the “kippa” if he was baptized, let alone allow 2 Greek Orthodox celebrate a wedding in there signage. Nothing makes sense!! I understand money talks, but seriously!!

    And, isn’t it that the last wedding is the one that is recognized, well then, I guess they are both not in communion with our church! Let’s see if they will be receiving our sacred communion??
    Or will daddy pay for that too!! I guess when you sell your soul to the devil…. Anything goes!!

    Bartholomew you need to wake up and smell the coffee, Ali Pasha is burning your church!!
    He and his puppets have destroyed everything!!
    How much longer, what else does he have to do for you to wake up? Or better yet, what do you both have on each other that he is still here???

  7. Mr. S.— Please clarify– does these mean children attending our Parochial Schools in the NY Metropolitan areas have school on Veterans’ Day, while their counterparts in Public Schools commemorate so many of our family and friends- loved ones who fought in battle? How, in good faith, can one explain this anomaly? Or, does this pertain only to employees at GOA? Any way you slice it, it is un-American. As for Columbus Day, they are using the “woke” yada, yada, yada- that he had slaves.

  8. So, for years and years we’ve been asking for an American-born and raised mindset that fits with our collective (conservative) mindsets –is this too much to ask for?

    • We should keep fighting. Take a look at what price Foxnews, Target, bud light and others paid for their woke policies. This is America and it always be. We have many other options and we will fight for our values and our freedom.

  9. … and nobody remembers anymore May 29, 1453 the gloomy, sad day in Ηistory when the Capital City of all Capital cities, Constantinople, was destroyed and the free spirit of Hellenism had to live for hundreds of years in the darkness of the Turkish brutality.

  10. We go to church and listen and listen and try to abide when our priests tell us how sinful undue “pride” is…
    and then– and then.. this frenzy to celebrate an agenda-driven version of “justice and joy” in this “pride” clap track? Double standards everywhere these days!


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