PHOTO: George Papadopoulos with Alex Aliferis at their recent meeting…

By Alex Aliferis

On May 19th, I heard my ex-intern, George Papadopoulos, who was speaking at a Republican event in Northern California.  

George Papadopoulos pointed me out to the audience, as we knew each other well from the past. He started his career by interning for me when I was part of AHI in Washington D.C. I used to take George to meetings with Congressional staff members to promote our national issues with Greece and Cyprus regarding Turkey and Skopia.  

It is great to hear George Papadopoulos speak out in the same week the Durham Report was released.  Papadopoulos said, “The truth is coming out.” He gave a talk from the heart. He emphasized that the USA is a country in crisis.  

He worked for groups like the Hudson Institute, where he met folks like Scooter Libby. These guys had contacts to all the GOP Presidential campaigns. He started with Ben Carson and then ended with Trump in 2016.  

George Papadopoulos was the first to head to prison for the Russia Hoax story. Others followed, like Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon, etc. Let’s not forget the January 6 protestors, still in prison based on fake FBI charges.  

The Durham Report was issued at the same time Papadopoulos said the whole Russian story was made up by the FBI and CIA to frame Trump to overthrow his Presidency.  

The Durham Report faults the FBI for this hoax.  Papadopoulos emphasized, “The FBI and Deep State are in panic mode.”  

He mentioned how Mueller was there to cover up the crime. In the first year or two, Trump was in defensive mode.  

Papadopoulos offered exciting information. The FBI wanted George Papadopoulos and his wife, Simona, to betray President Trump.  Papadopoulos refused to sell his soul to the Devil/Deep State in exchange for money and a fancy job.  

I refused to sell my soul to the Devil/Deep State while working in D.C..  

“This is the power of disinformation,” said Papadopoulos.  The FBI, CIA, and the media colluded to frame Trump. What about the Bidens? They have not prosecuted yet for receiving money from Communist China?  

Papadopoulos said, “I support Trump 2024.” He said he would not be on the campaign, but things may change.  He said how Trump is bringing in the old crew from 2016.  

His wife Simona spoke for a bit. She did interviews on behalf of George. She said how her interview with George Stephanopoulos distorted the truth. She became a target because she was subpoenaed by Pelosi and Schiff. They lied about her being Russian and not Italian.  

The Democrats master the art of projection. They accuse others of crimes they are committing.  Simona said that the Democrats hate family, God, and this country. She mentioned how the Durham Report would hold them accountable.  

In a recent poll, there is a 30% trust in the FBI by the public right now.  

Papadopoulos said how Charles McGonigal was charged. Was that mentioned in the media? He was Peter Strzok’s boss. He said there is movement on all fronts to hold the Deep State accountable.  

He said the Durham Report mentioned specific names, but others were not there. He said that if names are not mentioned, there is an ongoing criminal investigation. He also mentioned info on how a Romanian tycoon gave the Bidens $1 million dollars.  

Papadopoulos called to defund the FBI.  Papadopoulos lost friends, family, and business partners. The Deep State broke into his apartment with wiretaps.  

Answering my question about his prison experience, he mentioned this.  The prison guards told George, “We are in a war.” The prison guards apologized to him for what happened to him and everyone in prison cheered him on as a hero.  

If one wants to hear George Papadopoulos, he works for Newsmax these days.  

I believe he is a hero for not selling his soul to the Devil/Deep State.  

Read the full Durham Report:  

 Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.




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