EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): This is the best “undressing” of the woke ideology we all have to stand against in our times.  It is truly a must-watch video that will turn each of you into a competent warrior against the catastrophic rise of this disastrous ideology that wreaked havoc for over 70 years in Russia, Eastern Europe, China, and other countries and is now changed its form to attack the West and the beacon of freedom, our beloved America!! The faster we realize the enemy we have against us the faster we will be able to beat them!

This issue is very painful for me personally as I have closely witnessed and read all the authors James Lindsay describes here: I read Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as a very young teenager and I was part of the socialist movement until the age of 20.  Disgusted by the lack of true democracy I left.  But growing up in Europe – and later in American Academia – I was very familiar with the “Frankfurt School” and Gramsci, Lukacs, Marcuse, and all the leftist “ideologues”.  Unfortunately, after WWII, America opened its doors widely not only to German/Nazi engineers who built our Space program, but also to the Marxists of the Frankfurt School who became a “virus” in our academia and transformed our educational system by introducing their “Cultural Marxism”.

A few years ago, my son Andreas, already a college graduate with three degrees, asked me why I abandoned any career in Academia.  I took him to my garage and opened a couple of crates with old Marxist books… All the names mentioned above were there in front of his eyes: “Dad, these are the authors they are teaching now all over in American colleges…”, he said in disbelief… “I came to America to get away from these sick people, from this disease… I could not enter American Academia with all of them dominating it!!…”

Now, I, and all of us have to give this fight together and save America and return to what it always was, a beacon of Freedom!! 



  1. If you read the book Demons (older translations title it Possessed) by Fyodor Dostoyevsky- written several decades before the Bolshevik revolution – you will see words, phrases and ideas that could’ve been written by today’s woke professors and agitators. Dostoyevsky saw the evil approaching and called them demons. Lots of us see the evil approaching today in America, but who has the power to stop it? May those of us who have eyes to see stay focused on truth. There is a long haul ahead. Most Holy Theotokos protect us.

  2. The Feast day of St. Bartholomew is June 10 and the Archbishop of America is going to be celebrating again at St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church in Manhattan. Last year while he was officiating the Divine Liturgy at St. Bartholomew, the PRIDE FLAG was flying high above the exterior of the church. It’s priDEMONth. Will the flag be hoisted up again to bring shame on our faith ?

  3. Elpidoktonos is Satanic to say the least but we know who sent him & it’s the glorified fish rotting from the head Bartholomew!
    Both have got to go


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