By Nick Stamatakis

Last Thursday evening, the members of the Parade Committee 2023 and their friends, after a meeting at Stathakion to complete their accounting process, went a few hundred feet away to Dionysos to have a decent dinner and celebrate their remarkable success… The question in everyone’s mind is why this same spirit of unity and cooperation that helped the Parade be such a remarkable success in such tricky circumstances – even lousy weather at the last minute! – why is this spirit not allowed to penetrate the whole Federation?

The answer to that question is simple, and we all know it: Because the old leaders, who have all failed one way or the other, are either driven by their ridiculous egotism and narcissistic personalities, or they serve not-so-well-hidden interests.  For example, I have been writing for a long time about several “players” among the “old presidents” who, with their actions, facilitate the effort by this Archbishop to take the Parade under his control.  This must not be allowed! Whoever puts obstacles in the normalization process at the Federation will be responsible for its fate – if it falls under the Archdiocese!

The Parade Committee has a lot more to offer: Many of the younger faces you see in the photos (and especially Yiannis Stroumbakis, Dimitris Gonias, Peter Gerazounis, and others) have offered their best for the parade’s success and have a lot more to offer!  Above all, their goal should be to bring the younger generation into the Federation.

Philip Christopher has offered five decades in this community and is respected by all.  He can offer a lot more in the coming years. Still, nothing is more worthy for this community than helping this historic institution, the Federation of New York, pass on to the steady hands of a younger generation – and away from those who were either directly involved in scandals or witnessed these scandals and did nothing! Those of you who belong to this last category, please stay away from the future elections of the Federation! I promise to refer to your responsibilities weekly until the D.A.s office or the IRS is finally involved… Even if your liability is limited, you must understand that this Federation cannot go forward with 75 and 80-yr olds as leaders!! And all those names who are well-known for their miserable inaction.

Philip Christopher should be allowed to have a role in the transition! Many mention the “Charter” of the Federation as an obstacle to this or that!  Are you serious?  What charter are you talking about? The one changed by Galatoulas at will three or four times in six years, the one that is still today written IN GREEK? This piece of rag you call a charter? My suggestion to all of you is to form a Transition Committee led by Philip Christopher and two members (one from each side) and elect an Elections Committee (who will also check the credentials of the associations and a Charter Committee.  Once these three committees are formed, it doesn’t matter if the elections will be held now or in September-October…

PS.  Unofficially we learned that the Parade Committee is close to announcing a $40,000 profit from its operations – but they are still waiting to verify their numbers… Again, our congratulations!!..




  1. Note: The following similar and erroneous assessment by The National Herald aptly applies to the Helleniscope’s conclusions as well. Both are propagandistic and a disservice to the Greek American community! B”H Quite obviously, our National Herald leadership, in the fashion of so many of our compatriots who continue to insist the Big Lies emitting from the 45th president, did not see, or cover the same Greek Independence Parade on April 30. Had the newspaper able to do the decent, honest reportage that is expected, the conclusion of “an epic failure, the great “debacle” would not have added to the organ’s declining public trust and confidence! Just look at the photographs, to plainly see that the failure of leadership coming from our organized Greek American community continues to be dismal; chiefly, for not being able to face facts, then marshal the will and courage to change! With such defective characters all around, we can only expect repeated reverses; the only hope an enlargement of the circle offering critical, honest, unafraid, balanced and fair reporting. Until then, we must contend with the reality that ours is a weak ethnic minority, reflecting in our great America the underdevelopment which it attained in our native land; alas, unable to alter the deficiencies they acquired. Perhaps, the next generations will do better, for our people deserve it! With fraternal affection, Asher, aka, Zorba the Jew! 🙏😢🇬🇷😩🇺🇸🔯🎶🇮🇱
    *Asher, The parade was not a failure for the brave ones, including myself, who took part in it. Col. US Army, Ret., A.N, Rye, NY


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