EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): As the Globalists fail daily to achieve their ultimate goal (victory in Ukraine and breaking Russia into pieces), they become desperate.  Yesterday the Ukrainians blew up the Kakhovka dam and wanted the world to believe that the Russians should be blamed. The same dam was hit by the Ukrainians last year with US-made HIMARS… The ecological catastrophe will be enormous, but we already have the precedent of blowing up Nord Stream and pretending that the Russians did it – and, therefore, they are suicidal…

Today, in one more move of panic and desperation, the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture gives three days to the Monks of the Kyiv Lavra Monasteries (belonging to the UOC of Met. Onufriy) to vacate the premises!!

As these globalist lose their power, they will be even more desperate and proceed to more terrorist acts – be prepared…

Some of you may be “surprised” that we repeatedly use the term “Fascist” and “Nazi” to describe Zelensky and his regime. Well, our terminology is very well founded in historical events in WWII, when the fathers and grandfathers of today’s Ukraine leaders were responsible for exterminating 1.5 million Jews in cooperation with the German Nazis.  But recently, according to the NYTimes (!!!), western journalists are asking Ukrainian soldiers to hide their Nazi symbols on their uniforms, helmets, and elsewhere – including tattoos on their bodies!! (Please link here for the unbelievable report).  Yes, there is no doubt, we are dealing with Nazis…




Kiev, June 7, 2023

Photo: kyivpost.com

The Ministry of Culture’s demand that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church vacate the Kiev Caves Lavra within three days and transfer the property back to the state is “illegal and groundless,” says the Legal Department of the UOC.

The Ministry’s demand constitutes a unilateral termination of the contract of usage of the Lower Lavra concluded between the state and the Church, and therefore “is not subject to execution,” the Information-Education Department of the UOC quotes the Legal Department as saying.

Minister of Culture Alexander Tkachenko published the relevant order yesterday. According to him, if the Church doesn’t leave the territory of its own monastery, the matter will be taken to court.

However, “the case is already being considered in court and any actions to deprive the UOC of the right to use the Lavra are illegal,” the Legal Department responds. The state has brought a case against the monastery, and the monastery a case against the state.

The monastery never received a report on the results from the commission tasked with inspecting the state of the Lavra, nor did it receive any documentation supporting its conclusion. According to the Ministry of Culture, this information is classified, though a court has ordered that it be put at the monastery’s disposal.

“Taking into account the above, the requirement to terminate the use and return of state property is illegal and can’t be fulfilled,” the Legal Department concludes.



  1. Very little happening in the Ukraine is “legal” since the days of 2014 when a “legal & legitimate” government was overthrown, setting the stage for the events we are witnessing today…

  2. Χώρα θρησκευτικά διαιρεμένη αποκλείεται να νικήσει στον πόλεμο, όσα νέα οπλικά συστήματα και αν της δοθούν.
    Όλοι οι δυτικοί Ηγέτες αλλά και οι σύμβουλοί τους είναι πολιτικά ανόητοι. Αντί να ενοποιήσουν την Ουκρανία με τη Ρωσία και αμφότερες να την “σύρουν” προς την Ευρώπη και το ΝΑΤΟ τις σπρώχνουν χωρίς να το καταλαβαίνουν προς την Κίνα και τους BRICS. Tόσο μυαλό έχουν.
    Το ΝΑΤΟ δεν ήταν μόνο “νεκρό” αλλά και ανόητο. “Αναστήθηκε” από τον Πούτιν αλλά δεν “σκέφθηκε” το συμφέρον του. Τώρα θα πεθάνει διαλυόμενον από τις δικές του εσωτερικές αρρώστειες.
    Όπως μετά τον Πελοποννησιακό Πόλεμο διαδέχθηκαν την Αθήνα η Σπάρτη, η Θήβα, ο Μ. Αλέξανδρος, η Ρώμη και μετά το χιλιόχρονο Βυζάντιο υπάρχει διαδοχή. Αλλοίμονον αν ξαναμπει σ΄ αυτήν την διαδοχή και ο Μουσουλμανισμός !


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