EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis) Tucker is Back!! Last night Tucker Carlson presented his first show on Twitter, and he had a vast audience!  Almost 65 million people viewed his show until now!!  You can watch it in its entirety here or on Tuckercarlson.com… It was a massive blow to the policies of the corrupt DC establishment on Ukraine as they were trying to tie their sabotage of the Kakhovka dam to the Russians in the same silly way they did it for the Nord Stream pipeline… It was also an undressing of the “perfumed ass” Senator Lindsey Graham playing their little theater with Zelensky… Below you have a video summary of his talk… With a voice like Tusker’s, we have a viable hope to save America!!



  1. Not too sure. Nowadays, a great foggy mist has been sprayed on us by the news media which as we all know, is owned by elite stakeholders. But who doesn’t like Tucker! 🥰


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