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Oh No, Your Eminence, Not Again!


By Lawrence B. Wheeler – weborthodox.com

Elpidophoros, the one and only archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, is back at St. Bart’s. Yes, it’s true. Elpi is returning to the grand byzantine structure to officiate at Great Vespers on Saturday, June 10.

Symbolism and virtue signaling are part of the clerical syllabary. Without speaking a word, a bishop uses familiar non-verbal communication to indicate the authority of his office and the policies that he plans to execute. Nothing else need be said in addition to the obvious symbols displayed at the juxtaposition of Abp. Elpidophoros, St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church and the Feast of St. Bartholomew.

Patriarch Bartholomew, the Narcissist, appears to give his blessing to this travesty on his name day.

Nevertheless, I am going to say them anyway because Elpidophoros’ plans for tomorrow amount to insult added to injury. This isn’t the first time that the archbishop will have gone out of his way to pray in this most unorthodox Protestant parish. He went to St. Bart’s in June of 2021, not for Vespers, but to celebrate the Divine Liturgy! Even then it was clear to all that St. Bart’s stood for the “queering of Manhattan”. Their website promoted such perverse sexual policies, and the gay flag of many colors snapped smartly outside the west door to the church. It was no mystery that the parish had been captured by the deceptively “progressive movement”.

Even if Elpidophoros had passed under the rainbow flag in a tee shirt, it would have raised eyebrows. But on that occasion, he boldly entered the church, vested in his archiepiscopal finery, and celebrated at the same high altar that is used weekly by heretics and scoundrels. The message communicated by this brazen act was this: We identify with you and concur with your policies. I don’t think that I am reading too much into the symbolism.

St. Bart’s Pride Flag now has a transsexual chevron, evidence of ever-deepening depravity.

That act by Elpidophoros caused a firestorm of protest. We need to pause and remind ourselves that the objections raised by many who were scandalized were not raised on the basis of some novel teaching favored by the masses. On the ontrary, they were made in support of the Orthodox Church’s own teachings against sexual sin. The people said the very things that the archbishop himself should have been saying! Why had he turned the tables on us? Why were the laity put in the uncomfortable place where they felt the need to guard the Faith against its own hierarchy?

One would think that Elpi would have learned from his gross error in judgement two years ago. But no, he certainly did not. He’s back at it again, going to the same parish on the same occasion to do the same thing. This sort of recalcitrant action indicates one of two things: either 1. Elpi is stupid; or 2. Elpi just doesn’t give a damn what the Church teaches about sex and he’s out to overturn the age-old norms. I’ve met his eminence, so I doubt whether he is stupid, but having spoken with him one on one, I suspect he doesn’t give a damn. He has a counterargument for every conventional opinion, whether it be on this subject or on the Ukrainian situation or on issues of GOA polity.

What we’re seeing here is this, folks. Elpi is raising his archepiscopal middle finger to the GOA and to all of the Orthodox paying attention. Remember that your silence will amount to tacit approval.


  1. I refuse to be silent. I will never yield, consent, or obey the blasphemy put upon us by the Biden administration. The seeds were sewn in 1913 and codified in 1938. Many Christian sects have accepted indoctrination of ourselves and our children. Many priests and pastors stood by and did nothing to stop this travesty. Churchgoers stood by and said nothing. Cooperating with the government pedophile agenda is a no go for me.

  2. Bud Light, Target, and now “light your candle in an Orthodox jurisdiction that respects traditional”…when you starve the “collector-in-chief” he will be “canceled” by his overlords who worship the almighty dollar…a reduction in cash flow is the only thing they fear…

    Even the “leadership 100” will run out of patience at some point and stop “writing checks”… Isn’t this kind of how Spyridon was “transferred out”?

  3. You left off #3 on your list. Perhaps Elpi is a little light in the loafers, and THAT is the real reason behind most of his abhorrent and aberrant behavior? This man is not an elected official so he can’t get voted out. The church is not a “democracy” or a “republic”; the only thing they understand is money. If there was ever a time for a Budweiser-style or Target-imitating boycott of the GOA, this is it.

    • Good point, Greek Soprano. I’ve heard rumors that newly ensconced Elpi brought his coterie of gay bedfellows over from the Phanar, but the thought that he would make a public campaign out of his own twisted delectables is still unthinkable to my old mind.

      • Agreed. My old mind cannot comprehend an Orthodox Archbishop serving *any* Orthodox service inside of an Episcopal church or any other church, regardless of denomination – let alone one flying the “pride” flag. Like I said, it’s time for a Budweiser/Target boycott of the GOA.

  4. Let’s hope that brave, Indian looking young man shows up to protest outside St. Bart’s with his gigantic ANAXIOS sign!
    Like he did when the Patriarch came to ground zero Shrine & Rasputin Karloutsos barricaded the faithful from getting near event with police holding rifles — despite Orthodox Observer sent public invite!

  5. Here’s a Question: People amongst the Greek Orthodox Faithful–(the regular Church Goers) have most likely and very shockingly been waking up to the “smell the coffee scenario” that either their neighbor’s kids are gay, their cousins’ kids are gay, their nieces/nephews are gay –or the God-forbid worst-case scenario– that their kids’ are gay! That said, they are “afraid” of speaking out in public, as their credibility has been diminished! Also, it’s a “small world” out there, and if they dare to be seen and heard at this point, will be referred to as being “homophobes”–it’s that “small world” that will turn around with a “gotcha moment!” So, it’s a no win. Sadly, look around you folks, there are a lot of them in our Churches, and their Families are keeping it hushed and don’t speak out for all kinds of fears–seen and unseen!

    • I have said many times that our Churches are open to all. We love everyone. But this does not mean we will change the dogmas of our faith to make them feel they made a decision in accordance with Orthodoxy. They have the right to marry in a civil wedding and act as they are “married”. But they don’t have the right to subvert our faith.

  6. Mr. Lawrence Wheeler, former Episcopalian priest, you wrote a great article on problem of homosexuals out to destroy the Church Proper. Wish I could find it?

  7. Elpi is untouchable. I think it’s time we come to that realization.

    If he wasn’t he would already be gone. Even Bartholomew’s apology, which I take with a grain of salt, shows that Elpi has pulled the wool over his eyes. Someone is keeping him in power bc they want him there.

    The scandals will go on, and he will still not be removed. People need to accept that and either leave the GOA, as tons have already done, or, make it known to the parish priests and Metropolitans that this wont stand any longer.

  8. Petros is right on the mark… the Pun intended is that the “mark” is not a “right” mark but rather- a “left” one.


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