EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Maria Mantouvalou, a professor of Philosophy at the Univ. of Athens (her bio here), and President of the Association for Greek-Serbian Frienship, is a candidate for the NIKH party who is proving to be the surprise of the election and is rising fast to gain more and more votes… Her speech (link here on Facebook) is an indictment of the globalist system and a call to action for preserving Greek national identity… 

Below is another excellent interview on “What It Means To Be A Hellene”. An amazing presentation…


  1. Nick, since NIKH is a small/new party, is there an opportunity for them to form a coalition government with ND?

    I’m not overly familiar with Greek politics other than ND & SYRIZA dominating. But, I’m sure there are factions within ND that are more akin to the conservative, anti-establishment Republicans in here in America.

    Why not have all of the conservative parties in Greece form a coalition government with ND? Or is that not possible?

    • The most difficult process within us, the Greeks, in Greece or in the Diaspora, is to unite… Only when we are faced with an outside threat we do it…


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