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Tucker Carlson’s Russian “Connenction”: A Dancing “Spymaster”, Elena Grinenko!!


EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Wow!! We finally found Tucker Carlson’s real reason for getting fired!  Twelve years ago, he was “infiltrated” by an experienced (…in dancing!!) Russian “spymaster”, Elena Grinenko! The beautiful woman, born in Moscow in 1976 and dancing since age 7, spelled her magic on Tucker, and since then, he cannot get rid of his “irrational” love for everything Russian!!… How could he? It is evident that between her beauty and her display of dancing skills, a beloved Russian tradition (as we all know, Russia, in addition to the best hypersonic missiles in the world, has produced constantly for the past 100 years or more, the best Ballet Theaters and the best classical dancers in the world!!…)  Much like Donald Trump, Tucker was caught in the Russian trap and is lost forever… Ha..Ha…



  1. Love this humanistic video! Goes to show you that one can be smart and wealthy, humorously entertaining and witty while enjoying healthy indulgences of life, at the same time while being extremely humble with honest sincerity in his service to God his brothers and sisters in Christ.


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