By Nick Stamatakis

If you needed any more evidence that the leadership of the West is delusional, Pat. Bartholomew is offering you the biggest yet evidence today: “Any attempt to challenge the Autocephaly of the Church of Ukraine undermines inter-Orthodox peace and hinders cooperation and common witness of the Orthodox Churches,” he said at the beginning of his speech at a Symposium in Halki.

Where to start with this heretic Patriarch?

  • What Inter-Orthodox peace is he talking about? He caused the Schism in Orthodoxy by recognizing the Ukrainian “Cacocephaly” to serve his masters of the State Department and the Globalist Cabal, who still today, after almost 400,000 Ukrainians have been killed in action, are dreaming that they will snatch victory out of the abyss of defeat… And they insist publicly that their stated goal is to assassinate Putin and split Russia into many states…
  • Does Pat. Bartholomew realize that the “autocephalous” Metropolitan Epiphanios will soon have a new official title: “Epiphanios of No Ukraine,” and will reside either in Constantinople or (more likely – but God help us) in America? The new Ukraine emerging after the war will likely be entirely Russian.  If a part of Western Ukraine remains a separate entity (or maybe part of Poland), it will be neutral, and the UN will guarantee the religious rights of those who reside there.  There will be no more aggression on Orthodox Ukrainians by Zelensky and his Nazis.
  • While the Moscow Patriarchate re-affirms the basic tenets of our Orthodox Faith, Pat. Bartholomew whistles indifferently and refuses to do the same. Pat. Kirill publicly declares the faith saying that “marriage is between a man and a woman.” At the same time, Bartholomew remains silent, refusing to condemn Elpidoktonos for the gay baptism, as an indirect recognition of gay marriage.

In cases like this one, I always remember my high school teacher warning us that “it is better to remain silent than talk” (“κρείττον το σιγαν του λαλείν”).  Pat. Bartholomew should at least avoid any statements on Ukraine in view of the total defeat of the globalist policies there…


Ecumenical Patriarch: Any attempt to challenge Autocephaly of Church of Ukraine undermines inter-Orthodox peace (upd)

On Tuesday, June 13, at the Theological School of Chalki, the proceedings of the International Interorthodox Scientific Symposium took place, with the title “The contribution of Chalki Professors and Graduates to Interorthodox relations: Theological School of Chalki; cultivator of ecclesiastical personnel of the Ecumenical Patriarchate”, which is organised on the occasion of the centenary of the convocation of the 1923 Pan-Orthodox Congress in Constantinople.

The proceedings of the present Conference were announced by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, who delivered an opening address.

“Any attempt to challenge the Autocephaly of the Church of Ukraine undermines inter-Orthodox peace and hinders cooperation and common witness of the Orthodox Churches,” Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew said at the beggining of his speech.

Moreover, in his speech, the Ecumenical Patriarch underlined the multidimensional contribution of the Holy Theological School of Chalki to the Church and theology, and its importance for the Ecumenical Patriarchate as “it was the theological ‘headquarters’ of the Great Church’ (of Constantinople).”

“The ‘spirit of Chalki’, as this spirit of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, was the incarnation of unshakable faithfulness to the dogmatic, liturgical and canonical tradition of the Church,” he stated. “It was evident that the professors of Chalki should participate in the events of the Patriarchate, as theological advisers, as members of Committees, as special rapporteurs, as defenders of its rights. The School ‘feeds’ the Holy Church of Christ with highly trained, dynamic and dedicated members. Its graduates entered the Patriarchal Court and they were the future bishops, the spiritual leadership of the Church. And it is certain that Chalki gave them the necessary spiritual knowledge and the necessary qualifications to master the ‘ethos of the Phanar’,” he added among other things.

“The holy mission of the Church is not promoted on the basis of an ‘introverted’ theology and spirituality, which ignore or reject the world in order to preserve intact the orthodoxy and purity of the faith,” he stressed.

“A spirit of love, solidarity and dialogue was taught in Chalki by the brothers of the same family, behind the desk and the pew, in the communal everyday life and the simplicity of life. Theology was existential and empirical knowledge, it was the answer to the spiritual quests of man, inspiration and impulse for good testimony in order to habe hope and a good and fruitful ecclesiastical ministry.

We know that without the initiatives of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, not only Orthodoxy, but also the image of the Christian world would be different. And today, the Holy Great Church of Christ is dynamically expanding its pan-Orthodox responsibility, by intervening, when circumstances require it, in order to solve long-standing or new matters that arise,” he concluded.

Then, greetings were addressed by the President of the Ephorate of the School, Elder Metropolitan Apostolos of Derkoi, The Abbot of the Holy Trinity Monastery, Bishop Kassianos of Aravissos, the President of the Estia Centre of theologians of Chalki, Professor Mr. Nikolaos Xexakis, as well as representatives of the local Orthodox Autocephalous Churches and the Holy Community of Mount Athos.

The papers of the elected delegates followed, as well as discussions, while the conclusion and selective remarks were delivered by Elder Metropolitan Emmanuel of Chalcedon, President of the Committee on Interorthodox Issues of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Also present were representatives of the Churches of Alexandria, Serbia, Cyprus, Greece, Poland and Ukraine, a representative of the Holy Community of Mount Athos, the local Hierarchy of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Archon Officials of the Ecumenical Throne, the Consul of Greece in Constantinople, graduates of the Theological School, Professors of Greek and European Universities, representatives of organisations and Theological Academies.

During the course of the conference, the Ecumenical Patriarch presented honorary plaques to the President, Natalia Poulou, and the Director, Flora Karagianni, of the European Centre for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monuments, as well as to Ms. Irini Vantaraki, for all their contribution and assistance to the work of the Theological School of Chalki.


  1. The Prosecution and pogroms against Christians (the only Bona Fide Christians are Orthodox Christians) in the Ukraine is perpetrated by Zionist Christian hater Zelensky and his Vatican, Zionist, Nazi and pseudoChristian AngloEuroAmerican alliance..
    The same alliance which attacked and Genocided Christians or collaborated with enemies of Christianity (mentioned in parentheses) in Syria (ISIS), Serbia (Albanians), Bosnia (Mujahedin) Croatia (NeoNazi Ustashe) Cyprus ( Turkomuslims), Palaestine (ChristHating Zionists), Northern Epirus (Albanians), Asia Minor Smyrna and Constantinople (TurkoMuslims), Egypt (TurkoMuslims), Russia/USSR (Communists)… just to mention a partial list. It’s the right of the Ecumenical Patriarch and his lackeys to split from Christianity like the Pope did in 1054 AC but it’s also our right to defend and protect Christianity against its enemies. We will remain Christian regardless if Bartholomew or Elpidoforos choose to flip sides and join the enemies of Christianity

  2. The other patriarchs could end this very quickly if they wanted to. The longer they remain silent or choose not to act, the worse this will get.


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