EDITOR’S NOTE: Among the many liabilities of Germany to Greece because of the occupation of Greece during WWII, the one that is 100% documented legally and in every other way is the loan the occupying forces of Germany forced the Bank of Greece to give them: the equivalent of $228 million dollars in 1941, today’s value of this loan approaches 300 billion euros!!  This is according to economist Tzanis Gouskos. It is noteworthy that Germany managed to pay at least one of the regular doses towards that loan during WWII, which guarantees the enforceability of this obligation in international courts… But the puppets of foreign powers who govern Greece will never dare act on these facts.  Especially the Mitsotakis family, collaborators of the Germans since then…



  1. Hahahaha… If we were PseudoJews the Germans would have paid their reparations to the Hellenic Nation 3 times over… By the way the ABC reported that Germany will pay another 1.4 billion in reparations to the surviving PseudoJews who were alive when Churchill starved 50 million Continental Europeans to death… Have the Germans paid any reparations to the Russians?


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