EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): President Putin gave a remarkable press conference yesterday where he openly (and without any notes!!) answered very difficult questions. The summary is here:

  • No need for new mobilization, for now.
  • No need for martial law.
  • Ukraine’s counteroffensive has failed so far. 
  • Russia may create a ‘sanitary zone’ in Ukraine (a “buffer zone”).

It was a remarkable performance by the Russian president who left all of us in the West thinking how incompetent our leaders are, from Biden to Macron to Borell and Van Der Leyen…  You can have a taste at the video below (where among other things, he proves that he is healthy beyond description – the western press has reported him sick 20 times this year…) But you can also read the full transcript by linking here – it’s a remarkable interview truly the truth from the “horse’s mouth”.


  1. Nick ..please stop portraying Biden, Macron, Borreli and Van der leyden as incompetent !

    You don’t ” Force March” Orthodox Ukrainian Christian to their slaughter and genocide, using Russian Orthodx Christian Russia like Hitler did in “force Marching” German Jews to genocide thru Gas Chambers at concentration camps… and call it incompetence ….

    You don’t persecute Orthodox Christianx of Ukraine and destroy their churches , like Nazi Germany did to German Jews and destroying theire Temples … and call it incompetence

    And You don’t censor information and promote misinformatina becaise you percieve it necesasry to lie to the public and fool them to wage endleass wars and to continue to march to Nuclear Wars that will devastate the populist of the world… and call it incompetent!

    No you call them what they are … the lowest form of Human in the history Mankind ..souless , Godless
    Fascist Maniacs , who are not protecting human rights or freedom of any country , only protecting their positions of power and money to monopolize every penny of the world for themselves and their clients !

    What don’t you understand …Putin knows they are insame , and he is dealing with it as best he can , because he knows he can end there reign of terror in a heartbeat … but morally he is constrained with the burden that billions of people will die , if he is baited into using his Nuclear Arsenal! But in the end …he will not wait to long and allow U.S and Nato to engage in long term confliict …and that is his final decision!

  2. Can we live knowing there were no weapons of mass destruction? Shall we just go shopping? We are a nation without a soul. The truth shall set us free. And that’s what is taking place now. Light is coming into the darkness. We cannot shield ourselves any longer from the Light of God.

    All things are being revealed.


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