EDITOR’S NOTE: Please correct me if I am wrong, but this Archbishop has written this type of message on Father’s Day, last year also… And the year before… Would it ever be possible for His Eminence to pronounce a spiritual, thankful, and didactic message on ANY occasion without passing around a donation tray? 

Why are the parishioners called again to pay for the financial mismanagement of decades? Did you hear that Pat. Bartholomew and Karloutsos apologize for their multiple financial “trespasses”? Please allow me not to start with the litany of illegalities again… 

But, as we hear, GOA plans to sell a big part of the property of HCHC in Brookline, Massachusetts, the most valuable area of Boston, valued at hundreds of millions… Possibly the whole property can sell for over $400 million!… Here is an excellent opportunity to replenish at least partially the priests’ pension fund! Many other excellent ideas are out there for this money, the most basic ones creating a fund for the theological education of future priests (possibly two years at Harvard Divinity School and another two years at Thessaloniki Theological School and Mt. Athos.)  Part of this money can also help establish Hellenic Classical Charter Schools: A Committee of known experts, who have already succeeded in this field in Florida, New York, Chicago, and elsewhere can create a charter school “prototype” to be reproduced and applied everywhere it is feasible…

But I apologize… As I was writing, I started fantasizing that this Archdiocese is made of people who share the dreams of all of us in the community… I forgot that the vultures of Constantinople will grab most money from sold properties for their own personal use…  Please excuse me…



Archbishop Elpidophoros of America issued an Archiepiscopal Encyclical for Father’s Day

Unto the Most Reverend and Right Reverend Hierarchs, Pious Priests and Deacons, the Monks and Nuns, Presidents and Members of Parish Councils, Honorable Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Members of Leadership 100, the Day and Afternoon Schools, Philoptochos Societies, the Youth, Greek Orthodox Organizations, and the entirety of the Christ-named Plenitude of the Holy Archdiocese of America:
Jesus said to them: “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Immediately they left their nets and followed Him. (Matthew 4:19-20)
My Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
This Father’s Day, I once again request our entire Archdiocese to remember and celebrate the “fathers” of our parishes across the country. Our clergy give so much to their ministries, responding unhesitatingly to the call of our Lord Jesus Christ, leaving behind the advantages of secular life and serving as “fishers of men.”
We combine this day to remember our earthly fathers with an important consideration for our priestly “fathers in Christ.” We ask that each parish make a special collection to support the Clergy Pension Fund. Working with the Archdiocesan Presbyters Council, great strides have been made to secure the Fund, but there is always a need, so your generosity is greatly appreciated.
Our clergy are certainly deserving of their benefits, especially after long years of ministry. Let us join together to encourage them and to ensure that they have the resources to conduct their ministries and, at the same time, sustain their lives and families. Let us celebrate this Father’s Day by remembering all our fathers in Christ; for they are the ones charged with the command of the Gospel to fill nets of salvation with souls, destined for life everlasting.
With Thankfulness and Paternal Love in Christ,
Archbishop of America


  1. Honestly, sell HCHC and send the seminarians to Thessaloniki or better yet move HCHC to Texas like St. Vlad’s is. I can guarantee the quality will go up.

    • Which Priests do good work? They get paid 6 figures and they barely do any service besides Sunday Orthros and Vespers… They make a mockery out of sacraments (especially Baptism and Marriage…). They completely disregard confession, or shall we go to Holy Communion? In which Church do they do Hagiasmos every month? How about Saturday Vespers? How about Schools to teach the Holy Scriptures, Holy Traditions and Holy Canons in their original language? The congregations can barely mumble the Nicene Creed in its original language! They can’t even read the Gospel or their services in their original language but they substitute it with mediocre and partial interpretations into Turkish (or… English… same thing). I should also point that the Priests and the Parish Councils mistreat and exploit the Chanters… they have almost annihilated both Chanting Stands, they are placing women as Chanters which is NOT ALLOWED! Same way that it’s not allowed for women to be in the Hieron… And… Let’s not forget that the majority of the Priests do NOT wear their schema ( The rasso, the Kallimafki I.e the hard black hat, and their cross etc) let alone in Public… But also when they are at Church… I don’t know about you… We have so many fathers but most of the times I feel like an orphan in our Churches…

  2. How about the archbishop asks that a collection be taken for children who don’t have a father or who lost their father instead? Not, even a word about the importance of a father’s role in the family or anything of that nature-does anyone take this man seriously? I don’t think even the rich, braindead left wing liberals at GOA even take him seriously anymore. Not even Biden would say something this stupid for Fathers Day. This man is so completely out of tune with everyone, it’s actually sad and funny at the same time…the king has no clothes…

  3. Bartholomew should be defrocked.
    Entire Orthodox world is ashamed to be Greek Orthodox bc of him and I know some
    of us stay to remind the Sheeple what’s happening in Corporate Fanar office. All I know is we must send them letters and let our outrage be heard.

  4. Elpithoforos here sooo good!
    Elpi the pretend AB is biggest embarrassment & clearly lives in
    bubble of Fanar fantasy

  5. The churches should be the most prepared institutions in the nation right now and they are doing nothing. Elpi begs for priest donations. Churches should be stocking up on food, water, medicines, blankets, etc to help people survive what is coming.

  6. ELPI is a grifter worthy of being partnered with Al Sharpton. What lack of self awareness for the flock which he supposedly leads !

    I am disappointed that the priests have not stood up to the grift of their pension funds, if they stood together in all things like the Marxocrats do, they would be a powerful labor negotiating force.

    Karloutsos is in another league. I am expecting he shows up with Burisma , with Hunter , with the Chineses and in the laptop.

    We get what we deserve .

  7. Who is aware of a claim that Metropolitans (& Elpidophoros) are exempt from the insolvent priests’ pension fund because bishops have a “different” Patriarchate fund that they get a pension from? 20 years of non-contributions by the Archdiocese…can’t recover from that.

    In this case, it appears that the “bishop who blessed his beard first…” (an old Greek saying)…

  8. ΑΙΣΧΟΣ!!!!!! δεν φτάνει που τους έκλεψαν τα λεφτά, αλλά επιχειρούν να τους κλέψουν
    και την αξιοπρέπεια…..
    Αυτή η έκκληση , είναι έκκληση ΕΠΑΙΤΕΙΑΣ
    που καταρρακώνει την ανθρώπινη αξιοπρέπεια , έτι δε περισσότερο όταν γίνεται για τους ρασοφόρους και μάλιστα χωρίς να ερωτηθούν.
    Προσωπικά αν ήμουν Ιερατικός Προϊστάμενος σε κοινοτικό ναό δεν θα προχωρούσα σ’αυτήν την κατάπτιστη ενέργεια , θα αγνοούσα την εγκύκλιο , η μάλλον θα την έριχνα εις τον κάλαθον των
    Ήθελα να γνώριζα ποιοί είναι οι γύρω του
    που τον συμβουλεύουν ; , δεν έχει κανένας τους κουκούτσι μυαλό ;, η έχουν και σκοπίμως τον αφήνουν να κρεμαστεί και να
    γίνεται καθημερινός στόχος κακών σχολίων;.
    Αν προσέξατε υπάρχει και κουτοπονηριά ….
    διότι τους αναφέρει όλους Πατεράδες τις
    Εκκλησίας για να συμπεριλάβει στον δίσκο
    και τους άγαμους Ιερείς , έρανος χωρίς εορταστική ουσία για τον Οικογενειάρχη
    Πατέρα κληρικό.
    Ξεχωριστές ευχές σε όλους Πατεράδες κληρικούς για την διπλή τους ιδιότητα.
    Χρόνια Πολλά.

  9. Elpi and his predecessors for years and years purposely ignored their duty to contribute to the pension fund for their own priests. Now Elpi the clown uses Fathers Day to steal more money from us. For those who want to help their own parish priest in retirement, I suggest making donations directly to the priest or priests. Keep the head clown and his helpers out of it. They wear gloves with glue on them.

  10. Please remember when Spyro the Gyro fired Fr Eliades, who oversaw them under Jake, they raided the pensions. Then, with Passias as chancellor they sold everything at the archdiocese that wasn’t structural, in the name of renovation. All the old waiters at Rockefeller Center will tell you how prechancellor Passias used to spend a lot of time, with a fancy leather briefcase, around the Hilton. When poor Jimmy took over, everything was gone and he spent his entire tenure begging. But as usual, they pinned the blame on that little saint.

  11. Hey Elpi~
    WT heck! How about returning the stolen monies from the original Pension Fund???
    Your brothers in crime raided the fund using it for your own personal comfort and enhancement.
    Go ahead and keep it. You and your cronies obviously need it more than all the Priests serving in the Orthodox Church today! Enjoy it while you can…You won’t be able to take it with you. Let’s just say where you’ll be going, your penance will pay the price for your inequities while living piously in this short temporal world in exchange for life eternal. Christ doesn’t need to die twice for the sins you committed.


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