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Millions Cancel FOX News As It Pushes LGBTQ Agenda!…


EDITOR’S NOTE: After Bud Light and Target, and many other corporations pushed various forms of LGBTQ agendas they were cancelled and paid a heavy price by losing not only stock value but also regular customers… Fox News fired Tucker Carlson and encouraged employees to donate to LGBTQ charities and then monitored them with “Woke AI”!!  

Are you surprised they lost almost 40% of their viewers and now rank at the same level as MSNBC?

For those of you who are moving away from Fox, here is a list of alternative media:


SOURCE – themainewire.com

Twitter thread published Thursday by Daily Wire political commentator Matt Walsh showed internal documents from Fox News revealing the company is not the conservative cable news network it once was.

The documents show that Fox encourages employees to donate to LGBT charities that give children “gender affirming” hormones, tells them read sexually explicit LGBT books, and monitors them with a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) AI.

The documents shown in Walsh’s thread were produced by Fox Corporation, the parent company of Fox News.

Fox News employees are presented with the following materials when they enter their online employee portal.

“Support One Another”

Fox encourages employees to donate to several LGBT charities, including the Trevor Project, National Center for Transgender Equality, Rainbow Railroad, Ali Forney Center and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

The “Fox Inclusion Team” also invited employees to download “PRIDE Slack avatars and Zoom backgrounds.”

One of the charities supported by Fox, the Trevor Project, hosts an anonymous online forum called the “TrevorSpace,” where in September of last year a Brooklyn, New York, Mom found out her child was getting advice from adults on where to secretly obtain a chest binder.

[RELATED: No Discipline for Social Worker Who Gave 13yo Girl Breast Binder Without Telling Mother, Says Maine State Board]

Two other charities, the Los Angeles LGBT Center and the Ali Forney Center, encourage giving sex hormones to children.

“Expand Your Perspective”

Also on the Fox employee portal, under the heading “Expand Your Perspective,” are lists of books and TED Talks by LGBT activists that the company encourages employees to read and watch.

One Fox-endorsed LGBT erotica, “Red White and Royal Blue,” is a fictional account of a gay relationship between the Prince of Wales and the first female president’s son.

The book is written by queer activist Casey McQuiston, and contains dialogue calling America a “genocidal empire.”

Fox also suggests a kid’s book, “It’s Okay to Be a Unicorn,” a rainbow-filled book where Cornelius the horse “comes out” as a unicorn.

Fox Monitors Employee’s Commitment to DEI with AI

According to Walsh, last year Fox experimented with an AI platform called Eskalera, which monitored employees’ commitment to DEI.

The AI pulls data from emails and payroll systems, and generates a “peer comfort index” and “diversity index,” based in part on how often employees practice “micro-affirmations.”

Eskalera calculates an “attrition cost” that Fox’s divisions could suffer if employees fail to show adequate commitment to DEI.

Yesterday, the Maine Wire reported that for the first time in 120 weeks, MSNBC beat out Fox News in average primetime viewership after forcing out its top host Tucker Carlson.

After publishing his thread, Matt Walsh said that this is Fox News’ “Bud Light moment,” and that conservative commentators are starting to become embarrassed to appear on the network.


  1. I am done with Fox after this. Independent investigator journalism is the way to go. Fox has the same masters as CNN, ABC, NBC, MSN etc.

    Bye bye!

  2. The issue is not that they are promoting LGBT, Transgender and Anti Christiand values …it is that they do not believe in God , despite the fact that 68% of population is considered Christians …which is fox News historic market, and LGBT and Trangenders are probably the smallest market in the world ! This defies Marketing and Sales strategic sense …..

    Why would CEO’s of Fox Nws , Bud lite , Major league Hockey and Baseball , Espn , Target, Churches, Government of Orthodox Countries like Greece …allegedly the graduates of the Wharton Schools of Business at UPenn and Harvard who run multinational companies surrender their sanity to destroy their own businesses , their careers, and destroy the lives of their employees dependent on their income from the companies …unless they were bribed, Blackmailed or threatened with harm by a Crime Syndicate ..which happens to be the Joe Biden and Democratic ruling crime Syndicate famously known..as Murderers inc with their crime syndicate clearing house FBI and DOJ…..

    Which can lead us to evidence of this ..right in front of our eyes … for starters …The U.S Ambassadors of America ..like Geoffrey Pyatt, and EU …promoted to all Governments of EU and Nato including Ukraine and Russia .. that they were violating human rights in Churches and governments and that they were required to correct this ! As a matter of fact ..Pyatt , when charging the Russian Orhodox and Ukrainian Orthodox Chruch with human rights violation, he was actually using LGBT rights , as the foundation of his charges, unbeknost to the public, to justify Bartholomew to split the Orthodox Church order…. And as we know now …Bart and Epi are proceeding to cut their throats and promote LGBT in teh Original Church of Christ..
    Headline : Washington Times
    If you want to know what Geoffrey Pyatt was doing in Ukraine and Greece …that should have gotten his arrested for meddling in the Affairs of Fake Sovereign Greece,, but not in real Sovereign Hungary and Zambia.and you have to ask … how LGBt and Transgender force their values on Private institutions of America and world…

    Hungaru Washington Times
    “The openly gay Jewish Zionist U.S ambassador Pressman with husband whom President Biden sent to staunchly conservative Hungary is facing a firestorm of criticism in Budapest, where pro-government media accuse him of violating diplomatic protocols, meddling in the judiciary and undermining the country’s traditional values.

    Ambassador David Pressman, a human rights lawyer who has headed the U.S. Embassy in Hungary since September, says the accusations are baseless and he’s being targeted with personal attacks by a media controlled by the government of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

    Zambia …
    “the U.S. Ambassador to Zambia and Anglican Church Bishop of Uk criticized the country’s harsh record on gay rights, the Zambian government considered his position “no longer tenable,” — effectively requiring him to leave Zambia, according to the U.S. State Department.

    What you are witnessing is how a Crime Syndicate that has depended on “Human Right and Freedom’ protection of al foreign Nations of the world which has been their pretext to invade countries and impose REgime changes and interfere in thei internal affairs of Greece and put bases in ..now uses LGBT rogjts tp force compliance to U.S rules and control!

    Keep in mind this is nothing new ..just the latest depravity of an empire gone wild ……


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