EDITOR’S NOTE: James Lindsay has become a leader of the movement to remove the leftists from our American institutions before they seize power completely and establish tyranny.  (If you need a clearer view of how this process happened, please link here – no question academia was the breeding ground for this new socialist experiment after it failed in Russia, China, and elsewhere around the globe…I saw it with my own eyes in the 1970s in Europe and in the 1980s and 1990s here…)

Lindsay uses plain language and says it like it is: “The Left will not leave on their own; they have to be kicked out of education first, and everywhere else…”




  1. Stalin targeted academia and media because they provide the greatest leverage. The way to fight wokism is to make the educational testing system ironclad, like the federal reserve. No politically correct creative blather essays, only machine graded multiple choice, like they do in professions were public safety is involved (medicine, engineering). Deregulate the delivery (home schooling, videos) by standardizing the results. I don’t care of you learn by drilling wires into your head, it’s the results that count.

  2. Core to poltical victory: Use core message to frame, unify, commitment and
    harness environment and allies. Deputise everyone, give them a title and
    autonomy. Desire to win rather than credit or money. Blow up corrupt
    diplomatic hypocrisy. Concentrate efforts & resources on decisive results
    and morale gains were opponents overextended and weakest. Work under
    radar. Feed their ego so they mess up. Heart not mind. Ridicule, bait your
    opponent. Unknown inspires fear, confusion, retreat. Standard pols protect
    their modest gains, won’t risk big win, get ego jollies getting others to do
    meaningless work. Exhort shouts on street as passing. Throw fliers from
    windows. Copier labels at vending and transit eye level. Repeat endlessly,


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