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Is Money Above Religious Rules? Yes… Another Mixed Wedding!


EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis) When money is not an issue and when your bride is of another Christian denomination and does not want to convert, no problem at all!! This is exactly what happened in Kastelorizo on June 17, when Antonis Liveris, of the wealthy shipowning family, married Amelia McKinnon…  Do you expect the Patriarch or Archbishop Makarios of Australia to call them to order? No, on the opposite… Before you know it, they will be the next “Archons” of the disaster called the Ecumenical Patriarchate… Do they expect to fill the Churches like that? Yes, they are sure to fill the Churches of the Moscow Patriarchate!…


source – neoskosmos.com

Antonis Liveris and Amelia MacKinnon’s traditional three-day wedding engulfs Kastellorizo

With the entire population of Kastellorizo and many esteemed personalities as guests, the wedding was an ode to the birthplace of the influential Liveris family that started its journey in 1910 from the tiny Greek island [VIDEO]

Antonis Liveris and his now wife Amelia MacKinnon. Photo: Facebook

Kastellorizo is the birthplace of the powerful family in Australia, whose history began on the island in 1910.

The religious ceremony, took place on Saturday, June 17, in the outdoor courtyard of the Church of Agios Georgios tou Pigadiou, just before sunrise.

The couple wanted their friends – invited from all over the world – to witness the unique colours in the picturesque harbour.

The bride did the same.

After the wedding, a party was held with guests from all over the world, away from the flashlights and under strict security measures, not at the Liveris family estate on the island but at the Bietros estate in the Mandraki area, whose owner has familial ties to the Liveris family.

Near the couple, the groom’s father, Andreas Liveris, and his wife Paola, never stopped smiling and expressing their happiness for their son’s choice to get married in Kastellorizo, the island of their roots.

The family had prepared many surprises for their guests, such as countless trays of dishes that were smashed at the welcoming party held on Friday night at the “Megisti” hotel.

On Sunday morning, the third day of the wedding celebrations, the couple met with their friends on a beach on the island, enjoying cocktails and boat rides.


  1. Το έγραψα προχθές, το επαναλαμβάνω και σήμερα.” Το ψάρι βρωμάει από το
    Θεός τους είναι το χρήμα.

  2. The tragedy of “dual ceremonies” (Orthodox and non-Orthodox) is a lot more frequent than we would like to imagine, but once in a while, with “celebrities” like this, the events happen to make the newspaper articles…privately, people know of several such cases…

    The separation of the wedding service from Divine Liturgy during the years of Ottoman rule and it’s treatment as an “independent service” is the underlying root cause. If you examine the details of the original ceremony, both bride and groom were expected to receive Holy Communion as part of the ceremony, during Divine Liturgy (or in some cases Presanctified Liturgy). Obviously, that’s the best “fail safe” against violation of tradition and weddings like this…a return to the original tradition would constitute all such wedding propsals as “non-starters”- they were virtually impossible under the original practice (and for obvious reasons)….However, instead of considering a return to our ancient traditions, the current Archbishop stated back in Feb. 2020 that he would like to offer Holy Communion to those non-Orthodox who were married in the Church…(in essence proposing a doubling up of the “departure”[apostasy] from Orthodox tradition)…

    Of course, the other underlying problem here is a Uniate theme…more progress has been made by the Vatican’s Uniate movement in the last 100 years via the assistance of some epic globalist “allies” in Constantinople than they could have imagined achieving on their own…The Vatican has “ordered popcorn” and is simply watching the show right now…And as a gentle reminder, Kastellorizo and the Dodecanese in general still fall under the Synodical jurisdiction of Constantinople, so Australian Orthodox clergy obtaining permission to serve weddings in that part of the world is a relatively easy process.

  3. Please forgive me if I missed something here .
    Is this an Orthodox Christian groom marrying a Christian woman ? If she’s part of a trinitarian Christian denomination recognised by the Orthodox Church , we are allowed to perform the wedding sacrament . Is this bride a non Christian or a member of a non Trinitarian denomination?
    This important fact will determine if this marriage is blessed by the Orthodox Church. I believe we need clarification on this matter .
    Thank you .

    • Stella,

      The article alludes to a “dual ceremony”…one Orthodox, one Roman Catholic. That’s almost like insinuating that you didn’t receive a complete and proper blessing in the Orthodox service, so you need another one, too, because somehow only then it will be “complete”…it’s a big problem, dogmatically, etc, and the Church should never participate in this sort of dilution and mockery of our Faith.

      The secondary point you are raising has to do with a modern “allowance” that is not based on an Ecumenical Synod’s decision (and not followed by all Orthodox jurisdictions), but this “allowance” opens the door to more “allowances” (like dual ceremonies, Archbishops “feeling” like it’s ok to offer Holy Communion to non-orthodox who were “allowed” to marry in the Church), and so on and so forth…the earlier reply above reminds us that an actual wedding ceremony between orthodox and non-orthodox was nearly impossible to perform for the first 1500 years of our Church, because the wedding ceremony and Divine Liturgy were always combined, and the couple was expected to receive Holy Communion, and obviously, a non-Orthodox person cannot receive Holy Communion… Every time an “accommodation” is made in our modern era, it appears that more problems and slippery slopes are created.

      Residents of the “back woods” may not have fancy Theological degrees, but they came up with a very wise saying that local Synods should always consider before making decisions…”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…”

  4. The internet tells all. Wow, Helleniscope rocks!
    The church is a hypocrite sham.

    Andrew N. Liveris (born 5 May 1954) is an Australian former CEO and chairman of The Dow Chemical Company of Midland, Michigan.[6] Liveris has been a member of Dow’s board of directors since February 2004, CEO since November 2004 and was elected as chairman of the board effective 1 April 2006. Liveris became CEO in 2004 after holding the position of chief operating officer (COO). Afterwards he served as executive chairman of DowDuPont, where he remains a director. He is chairman of the board of Lucid Motors.

    Liveris and his wife Paula have three adult children,[1] including Anthony Liveris,[66] founder of the data analytics firm Applecart. His daughter, Alexandra, is a filmmaker.

  5. Wife Paola? Looks like they are already Ounia Fatsa, Ounia Ratsa, just like Mareva Mitsotakis.
    Just like the elder George Papandreou married Sofia Mineyko, daughter of Jagellian Litwo-Polish noble
    And Anafora Sto Greco mocked the “black goats” but admired the “red cardinal”.
    On the island of Syros, seat of the RC Church in Greece, couples go to both churches to get married.

  6. The Millennials are huge Narcissists who love photos on facebook. It’s about the show off. The disregard of traditions is huge. Will there be a Greece left? The Greek Orthodox Church has fallen to new lows. The Third Rome, Moscow, represents true Orthodoxy.


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