By Nick Stamatakis

The predictable victory by PM Kyriakos Mitsostakis was not as comprehensive as some had expected, with the ND party gaining the same percentage (40.5%) as in the May elections. Still, the bonus in Parliament seats allowed ND party to win 158 seats and the ability to form a government without any alliances.  Syriza (led by Alexis Tsipras) was punished further by the voters and fell to just about 18%.  The other two traditional Leftist parties (PASOK -12%) and the Communists of KKE (7.7%) also showed very anemic performance: It was the worst performance of the “combined Left” in the last 40 years…

But the biggest news came by the fact that four smaller parties were able to pass the threshold of 3% and gain access to the Parliament –  the three first are right-wing nationalists: The “Spartans” with 4.64% gained 12 seats, “Elliniki Lisi” with 4,44% gained 12 seats, NIKI with 3,69% gained ten seats and “Freedom Sailing” with 3,17% gained eight seats.

The fact that the three right-wing parties gained a combined 13% and 34 seats in the 300-seat Parliament will certainly cause trouble next time.  It is solid proof that the voters are disenchanted with the political families that run the country to the ground and are looking for a sense of patriotism and a return to traditional values.  The people will have the chance to test these small parties in the next few years, and they can also form coalitions.


Elections 2023: First by a margin, ND – Eight-party Parliament with reversals and surprises

Comfortable victory for the faction of Kyriakos Mitsotakis – Even lower percentages of official opposition – The extreme right returns to the Parliament through the Spartans

Eight-party Parliament with the independence of the New Democracy of Kyriakos Mitsotakis showed the result of the June 25 ballot.

As in the May elections, today the center-right faction managed to maintain its strong lead over SYRIZA, which will be in the Official Opposition with less than 60 seats, a fact that has happened since 1974.

Third party was PASOK of Nikos Androulakis, while the entry of the far-right movement “Spartans” into the Parliament caused a sensation.

It is about a faction headed by Vassilis Stigas who was fervently supported by the imprisoned Ilias Kasidiaris.

Seats in the Parliament were also secured by the NIKI of Mr. Vassilis Natsios and the Freedom Sailing of Zoi Konstantopoulou, who returned to the Parliament after seven years.

Day 25 of Yanis Varoufakis stayed out of Parliament this time as well.

At seat level, the percentages are “translated” as follows:
New Democracy 158
KKE 20
Spartans 13
Greek Solution 12
Victory Party 10
Freedom Sailing: 8



Εκλογές 2023: Πρώτη με διαφορά η ΝΔ – Οκτακομματική Βουλή με ανατροπές και εκπλήξεις

Άνετη νίκη για την παράταξη του Κυριάκου Μητσοτάκη – Ακόμη πιο χαμηλά τα ποσοστά της αξιωματικής αντιπολίτευσης – Επιστρέφει η ακροδεξιά στη Βουλή μέσω των Σπαρτιατών

Οκτακομματική Βουλή με αυτοδυναμία της Νέας Δημοκρατίας του Κυριάκου Μητσοτάκη έδειξε το αποτέλεσμα της κάλπης της 25ης Ιουνίου.

Όπως και στις εκλογές του Μαΐου έτσι και σήμερα η κεντροδεξιά παράταξη κατάφερε να διατηρήσει το ισχυρό της προβάδισμα έναντι του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ, ο οποίος θα βρεθεί στην Αξιωματική Αντιπολίτευση με λιγότερες από 60 έδρες, γεγονός που έχει να συμβεί από το μακρινό 1974.

Τρίτο κόμμα ήρθε το ΠΑΣΟΚ του Νίκου Ανδρουλάκη ,ενώ αίσθηση προκάλεσε η είσοδος του ακροδεξιού κινήματος «Σπαρτιάτες» στη Βουλή.

Προκειται για μια παράταξη που επικεφαλής της είναι ο Βασίλη Στίγκας ο οποίος υποστηρίχθηκε με θέρμη από τον φυλακισμένο Ηλία Κασιδιάρη.

Έδρες στην Βουλή εξασφάλισαν επίσης η ΝΙΚΗ του κ. Βασίλη Νατσιού και η Πλεύση Ελευθερίας της Ζωής Κωνσταντοπούλου η οποία επιστρέφει στα έδρανα του σώματος μετά από επτά χρόνια.

Εκτός Βουλής έμεινε και αυτή τη φορά το Μέρα 25 του Γιάνη Βαρουφάκη.

Σε επίπεδο εδρών τα ποσοστά «μεταφράζονται» ως εξής:

  • Νέα Δημοκρατία 158
  • ΣΥΡΙΖΑ 47
  • ΠΑΣΟΚ 32
  • ΚΚΕ 20
  • Σπαρτιάτες 13
  • Ελληνική Λύση 12
  • Κόμμα Νίκη 10
  • Πλεύση Ελευθερίας: 8


  1. “But the biggest news came by the fact that four smaller parties were able to pass the threshold of 3% and gain access to the Parliament – the three first are right-wing nationalists: The “Spartans” with 4.64% gained 12 seats, “Elliniki Lisi” with 4,44% gained 12 seats, NIKI with 3,69% gained ten seats and “Freedom Sailing” with 3,17% gained eight seats.”

    It was a pleasant surprise to see this. Hopefully their upward trend continues.

  2. One important statistic people should keep in mind…only 52.8% of eligible voters participated in this election.

    This means that only about 20% (one in five) eligible voters voted for New Democracy. That’s not a solid foothold for long-term governance strategy.

    Rules are rules, of course, but all of the election results percentages that are listed above should be slashed in half to to get to the actual levels of the population that actively participated.

    And in the future, if any of these “small parties” succeeds in motivating the “discouraged voter base” that comprises a large part of the 47.2% of the population that did NOT vote, the legacy “big” parties will not remain “big” for long…behind closed doors, they are likely very concerned right now…in the media, the “bashing” of small parties has begun, with a couple labels that are not based on anything tangible (they haven’t even spoken yet)….does that remind any of you of anything? Media colluding with political cronies to bash political opponents? That behavior is evidence that they are concerned….

    Most people don’t realize that if only about 3-4% of those “discouraged voters” had decided to show up out of spite, and vote for some of those small parties, New Democracy may not have been successful in attaining an 8-seat majority…that’s how close it came, folks…

    Definitely interesting stuff…time to order popcorn…some of the debates are going to be interesting on the Parliament floor.

  3. Hillarious , The Elected leader of America, Greece and all EU/Nato countiies just announced that the ” devastated and failed state of Ukraine was winning the war and Russiia is losing the War in “Iraq” and then plans to embezzle another 500 milion of the U.S treasury to replace the mangled Bradley Tanks and vehicles representing 20 percent of the tanks sent to date to Urkaine !

    Imagine that … this guy has sent almost 400 ,000 Urkainian Orthodox Christians to their death , and recently in a failed counteroffensive he sent another ..14,000 Ukrainian Orthodox Christians in the last 8 days to their death, and thinks he is fighting Russia in Iraq !

    While Pew poll now indicate that almosrt 65% of Greeks don’t trust Biden and clearly oppose him , Greeece and Nato foreign policies …, apparently , many of them did not vote in the recent Greek Election , which is halppenign in America ..because their votes don’t matter since who ever they elect ..will continue to serve Deranged leadrs of U.S and EU parliaments


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