EDITOR’S NOTE: They have been attacking stores and other establishments, demanding cash and merchandise.  Now they have expanded to Greek Festivals!! This results from foolish government policy and the fact that the rest of us tolerate them!! It’s time we do something about it and for our leaders to make a strong statement… Do we have a leader? Is the Archbishop listening? No chance… Here we have a case of a racially motivated attack on a Greek community, a hate crime, and possibly domestic terrorism!!  Why don’t they talk to AG Garland? 


Greek Fest at State Fair closed early Saturday after multiple arrests made, the festival’s church says

Drake BentleyBeck Andrew Salgado

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church said in a Facebook post that the Greek Fest chairmen, made the decision to close early “for the safety of both guests and volunteers.”

Fox 6 Milwaukee reported that in a statement on Sunday, the state fair park confirmed that the closure was due to a handful of fights that started on the festival grounds.

“Multiple fights at Greek Fest on Saturday evening resulted in four arrests and many ejections,” the statement read,

Wisconsin State Fair Park Police confirmed the early closure of the park around 9 p.m. The Milwaukee Police Department has not released any information about arrests. Both departments have not released information about the nature of the “chaotic situation” resulting in the arrests either.

The 58th annual Greek Fest, happening at the same time as Summerfest on Milwaukee’s lakefront, runs June 23-25 at State Fair Park, 640 S. 84th St., West Allis. The scheduled closing time for Saturday was 11 p.m.

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

According to the church, the festival will resume Sunday at 11 a.m. with no rides and reduced hours, closing at 6 p.m. Admission to the festival is free.

Greek Fest moved to the State Fair Grounds in 2006 after spending forty years at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church on the city’s west side.


  1. Yes it doesn’t fit the woke narrative for the airhead immature Archbishop Elpidoforos.
    What we Orthodox need is demand to Fanar, his immediate resignation.

  2. I tried to find some photos of this on the web to no avail. There were plenty of articles, though. This is definitely not the world I was born into, and it’s definitely not the world I want to leave behind to my children and grandchildren.

  3. Of course , Bartholomew , and Elpidorphoros are not going to say much … since they already have been implicated in the attack on the Ukrainian Orrthodosx Church by Zelensky and the State department ..to discredit. and defame Orthodoxy and Christians churches as ” Criminal Sabaturers of Russia dressed up like Priest”
    Thanks to State department operatives Bartholomew and Ellpidophoros in not condemning these attrocities and their Anti -Russioan and Anti -Russian Orthodox rhetoric …all Othodox Churches in the world can be perceived as “U.S., EU/Nato sabaturers dressed up like Priest undermining the democracies of the world , an evoke attacks on Christian and Orthodox Churchede in America and any other country of the world !

    Today .. leaders of America have left Orthodox Christians and Christian of America .little choice ..”Die ” imposing Regime change of the Russian Orthodox government and church or “Die” imposing regime change of the government of America ”

    And the first resime change should be the cancelling of Bartholomew , Elpidorphoros and the Archdiocese of North America!

  4. So why do you keep expecting Elpi to say or do something when we all know that in Chicago metropolis we live in the kingdom of Metrochild Nate. The Archbishop has no say about anything in Chicagoland; Nate wont let him in unless there’s some unique event ( like an upcoming ordination). wondering if the altargirls from the Glen will be present or out of sight….

    Why arent you holding the kings of the fiefdoms accountable? It seems like you dont understand how the archdiocese works any more. The archbishop is the bishop of NY and NJ. that’s it. and he chairs synod meetings that i’ve heard the metros dont often come to. It’s a mess. This in not the church that Iakovos worked to create for us. Sophia

    • So your saying that the ‘Metropolitans” are under the Racketeering and Protection Racket of the Ruling Democratic Party crime Syndicate establihed by Former Mayor Daley of Chicago, not the Protection Racket of God !or the Original Church of God , the Greek Orthodox Church !

      The problem is …that Bart and Epi … are also part of the Ruling demcratic Party Crime Syndicate , if you have not noticed in allowing a Jewish Neo Nazi Zionist leaders of the Ukraine to subvert laws of God and Man …to enact “Fascist Policies” undermining the existance of the Orhodox Church of the Ukraine !

      Importantly, EPI AND BART seem to be able to get “International ” attention in supporting a Regme exterminating the “Orthodox Chrstiand of Ukrain and their churches , but has no control over the Chicagoland “Orthodox Churches !

      If you were a ” Dunkin Donuts Franchise” and you did not operated their busines to the specification of the Duckin Donuts National Board of Directors …you are terminated as a “Operating Franchise”

      Unfortunately you are right ..”It is a Mess” , but the casualties are not them ..but thousands of Orthodox Christians of Ukraine dying for the preservation of the ” Racketeerng and Protection Racket” of the U.S government and the Christian Churches of America….


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