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This Is How It’s Done! Turkish Woman Converts To Marry A Cretan!!


EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis): Those of us who know Greek history well, understand that intermarriage was present in the Balkans and Anatolia for as long as anyone remembers.  The Church had solved these issues a long time ago and there is a set of canons that are followed.  Why the “fat cats” of GOA want to throw these canons into the trash can is a very sad story directly to their connection with the faithless, globalist Cabal…


source – greekcitytimes.com

Greek man and Turkish woman marry – The baptism, the baby and the glamorous wedding in Crete (VIDEO)


Borders can separate many things, but certainly not love, and this is exactly what Giorgos and Gamze, a Greek man and a Turkish woman, confirmed last Saturday (17/06). They fell madly in love and united with the sacred bonds of marriage while already holding their 1.5-year-old baby in their arms!

She is 28 years old, and her husband, Giorgos, is 31, originally from Skinia, Viannos. They met in the café where she worked, in the centre of Heraklion, and have been together for six years!

In fact, their love was sealed when the fruit of their love, their daughter, came into the world.

Gamze’s dad arrived in Crete seeking political asylum in 2000 and a year later her mother, her brother and herself came to the island, while two of her siblings were born in Greece.

She completed Greek school and speaks the language fluently. Gamze has studied decoration. The young woman states that the only issues they faced were of a bureaucratic nature.

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She had to be baptised an Orthodox Christian in order for their daughter’s baptism to take place.

“But being baptised was something I wanted anyway and I did it with great joy. I was baptised in Psari of Viannos two years ago where I received the name Myrsini!” she tells Creta Live with obvious enthusiasm.

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  1. St. Kosmas had prophesized that 1/3 of the Turks would be baptized at some point in the future. One down, about ~25 million more baptisms to go…

    If she examines her DNA, it probably won’t differ much from Greek population DNA. Her ancestors converted from Orthodoxy to Islam under duress. Many turks already know the truth about their real ancestry…all those “pay us to learn your DNA” companies have caused shockwaves in the Turkish propaganda machine in recent years (see below):


  2. A wonderful story, Nick, and there are many more examples of Greek/Turkish relationships that have taken place since time immemorial. Your article, however, incorrectly states that “She had to be baptised (sic) an Orthodox Christian in order for their daughter’s baptism to take place.” That’s not entirely true. The Church places no mandates on the parents who want to baptize their child in the Greek Orthodox Faith. Of more importance is the GODPARENT who bears the responsibility for the spiritual upbringing of that child. It is the Godparents who MUST be a member “in good standing” in the Greek Orthodox Church in order to have the privilege of being a Godparent and “speaking for” the baby during the Sacrament. (This is why your ranting and raving about Elpidophoros’s baptizing of those two children of the gay couple is ridiculous. We don’t care so much about the parents as we do about the Godparents. TECHNICALLY, the baptisms were canonical and the Church could not deny those kids their Baptism. Now: about growing up in a gay home with parents living a gay lifestyle and how the Godparents are in somewhat of a difficult position to teach their Godchildren that homosexuality is wrong in the eyes of God, etc. etc. etc…. well, that’s a different story for another day.) Anyway, regarding Giorgos and Myrsine, I believe what you MEANT to say (giving you the benefit of the doubt) was, “She had to be baptized an Orthodox Christian in order for HER WEDDING to take place.” (Caps are mine for emphasis.) In other words, her wedding to Giorgos would technically NOT have been allowed to take place in the Greek Orthodox Church UNLESS she converted to Orthodoxy.

    • ELLHNAS,

      We actually DO care about the “parents” in cases where the child is not old enough to formulate its own decisions. The Church cannot arbitrarily baptize the child of a non-Orthodox couple which is obviously unfit to raise it in an Orthodox manner. Why would you baptize a child Orthodox if you fully know that it won’t ever be raised Orthodox? This is precisely why “good standing” is examined…so that people who merely “claim” to be Orthodox (but are really not in both deed and word) are not able to pollute the Church with their false dogmas.

      Therefore, the Church CAN and SHOULD generally deny under-aged children baptism until they are old enough to understand Orthodoxy, and fully “desire” to be Orthodox. The argument of “…but the Godparent is an awesome Orthodox Christian…” is null and void unless the child is actually raised by the Godparent…(for example, in strange, rare cases, such as in the event the biological parents go to prison for a very long time, or the state has taken the child away, etc…)

      • I hit the button too fast…
        Just to avoid confusion, I meant “…should generally deny under-aged children (belonging to non-Orthodox parents) baptism….”

  3. Thank God so many are converting to the Holy Orthodox Church.
    That’s always our hope .
    As to the depth of commitment to the Orthodox theology , that’s a question each Orthodox must address for themselves .
    Being a cradle Orthodox w/ o real commitment to the faith is something we see in many families . That’s between them and God . We pray that the Lord will bless this union . May this beautiful couple grow in their Orthodox faith . Theosis.
    Thoxa to Theo .

  4. I’ll change the subject here by saying that what those vile marchers said about “coming after our children” in their satanic agenda NYC parade of… (fill-in the blanks) should have set off a major alarm and that all Priests yesterday should have- in front of their parishioners- denounced them – reports are that only a couple in the NY area denounced this group of devil’ marchers–(yesterday) More need to come forth!


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