EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis) A member of the unbeatable “Helleniscope Research and Investigation Team” sent us this post from Bartholomew’s 2013 visit to Estonia, where he loudly condemned “Gay Life”, including gay marriage… At about that time, as I have said many times before, one could find videos of Bartholomew speaking against homosexuality and characterizing it clearly as a sin.  Not anymore… Acting foolishly, he followed the “Ecumenists”, Globalists’ Cabal, made an even more fateful decision on Ukrainian Autocephaly. And when all is said and done in Ukraine and the rest of the world he will start considering fleeing Istanbul, as either the Turks or the Russians or both will chase him…



September 9, 2013

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, in a statement, said that cohabitation between gays is sinful and will never be accepted by the Church.

While in Estonia, he said that for the Church “the cohabitation between two people of the same sex is unknown reprehensible.” He also added that these are new “inventions” and has to do with a life full of sins.It is the first time that the Ecumenical Patriarch mades such a clear and absolute reference on this issue calling the Estonian Government not to proceed in legalizing the cohabitation between people of the same sex and gay marriage.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew is visiting Tallinn, Estonia, since September 4, 2013, in order to preside over celebrations for the 90th anniversary since the declaration of the Estonian Church as Autonomous by the Mother Church of Constantinople.

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  1. Kyrie Eleison!

    Heretic Bartholomew – what a betrayer to the Faith he represents…
    has Patriarch gone senile or is he hamstrung by unseemly clergy?
    Undue influence from a collection of villains in Istanbul has to be exposed.
    Will there ever be investigation?

  2. Bart has turned the corner to walk down a dark alley. The sexualization of children worldwide is part of UN agenda called SDG16.2. The WHO supports kids having consensual enjoyable sex with adults. Oh yes, it’s true. Why do you think Bart embraced gay? Answer: Because he is a gutless boot licker of the stakeholder perverted elites.. The truth shall set us free!

    Click on the movie trailer below to understand that children are being forced worldwide to have sex with adults. It’s coming, folks. You never thought you would see this day but it’s here!

    The silent majority are limp wet noodles. They do nothing to protect children from being vanquished
    by sexual deviants. Bart is a groomer! He supports the sexualization of children.

    Lest we forget those two wealthy sexual deviants married one another with Elpi residing at their marriage. These two men. held two babies in their arms that were from a woman they paid to carry these babies in her womb so these two flakes can play mommy and daddy. A little baby girl and a baby boy are being groomed due to Elpi and Bart’s demented blessing.


  3. Headlines International Press : Ukraine Forces’ Suicidal Attacks: Staggering Losses and Casualties

    In less than 8 days 15000 Orthodox Christians of the Ukraine have been forced marched into nothing less than a planned genocide of Orthodox ChristiazN by the “Fellowship of Evangelical Christian and Jewish Zionist of the U.S and Ukraine government and churches ! Estimates of overall losses number to the staggering number of 400 ,000!

    Let be reminded …it was Bartholomew who joined Racist Anglocan and Evangelical High priest to condemn not only Putin , but to disgracefully support Zelensky as ” A roll model for the Ukrainian and Europe! It was Bartholomew with Evangelical Jeffrey Pyatt who condemned Patriarh Krill of the Moscow Church for supporting the Russian War effort by “Blessing Russian Soldiers going to war against Ukraine” which the Western Media ate up ..to accuse the Patriarch of being an accesory to the invasion , and even threatened Economic sanctions on the Russia Patriarch and church ! What they did not mention was that ..”All Orthodox Churches in America ,including Greek Orthodox Churches …bless every Sunday the armed forces of America, and even the degenerate Politicians running America and the world into the ground, and it standard practice every Sunday Mass!

    The problem , while Bartholmew rants against Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church , he has layed the foundation and legitimizes for the Jewish Neo Nazi Zelensky to persecute and arrest Clergy , Monks and Nuns of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church , seize theri property and ethncally and religiously cleanse them from Ukraine and call them “Russian Sabatuers dressed up as Priests”

    Importantly , his silence on the invasion of the Ukranian Orthodox church ..has enabled the U.S to aid and abett these atrrocities by continuing to arm and pay Zelensky to kill as many Orthodox Christians as they can ! If there is one thing Christians understand … it is that only “Evil forces” attack Chruches and harm their priests! Hence, as Tucker Carloson said .. ” why is the Tyrant Zelensky getting away with banning an entire Christian religion ? and he got “fired”!

    Imagine that … if Christians had the facts .. there would be no suppport for Zelensky and the “Glamor Boy” fake Hallow would be exposed !

    Yes , Bartholomew should be charged as a “U.S. sabatuer dressed up like a Priest” and be shakled like the Bishop of Ukraine by Edrogan , and let him be hanged out for Dry …the way he has done to the Orthodox Clergy of Ukraine … and we should all remain silent !

  4. Kyrie Eleison .
    The Lord , the truth and the good , will have the last word . Of this we can be sure .
    This is where I place my hope . Let us all commit to praying for truth to be revealed and for evil to be exposed.
    There’s great power in collective prayer .
    It appears at times we don’t utilize our greatest power . The Lord , our God .


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