The Russian ‘revolt’ that wasn’t strengthens Putin’s hand

The Biden administration had a glorious few days last weekend. The ongoing disaster in Ukraine slipped from the headlines to be replaced by the “revolt,” as a New York Times headline put it, of Yevgeny Prigozhin, chief of the mercenary Wagner Group.

The focus slipped from Ukraine’s failing counter-offensive to Prigozhin’s threat to Putin’s control. As one headline in the Times put it, “Revolt Raises Searing Question: Could Putin Lose Power?” Washington Post columnist David Ignatius posed this assessment: “Putin looked into the abyss Saturday—and blinked.”

Secretary of State Antony Blinken—the administration’s go-to wartime flack, who weeks ago spoke proudly of his commitment not to seek a ceasefire in Ukraine—appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation with his own version of reality: “Sixteen months ago, Russian forces were . . . thinking they would erase Ukraine from the map as an independent country,” Blinken said. “Now, over the weekend they’ve had to defend Moscow, Russia’s capital, against mercenaries of Putin’s own making. . . . It was a direct challenge to Putin’s authority. . . . It shows real cracks.”

Blinken, unchallenged by his interviewer, Margaret Brennan, as he knew he would not be—why else would he appear on the show?—went on to suggest that the defection of the crazed Wagner leader would be a boon for Ukraine’s forces, whose slaughter by Russian troops was ongoing as he spoke. “To the extent that it presents a real distraction for Putin, and for Russian authorities, that they have to look at—sort of mind their rear as they’re trying to deal with the counter offensive in Ukraine, I think that creates even greater openings for the Ukrainians to do well on the ground.”

At this point was Blinken speaking for Joe Biden? Are we to understand that this is what the man in charge believes?

We now know that the chronically unstable Prigozhin’s revolt fizzled out within a day, as he fled to Belarus, with a no-prosecution guarantee, and his mercenary army was mingled into the Russian army. There was no march on Moscow, nor was there a significant threat to Putin’s rule.

Pity the Washington columnists and national security correspondents who seem to rely heavily on official backgrounders with White House and State Department officials. Given the published results of such briefings, those officials seem unable to look at the reality of the past few weeks, or the total disaster that has befallen the Ukraine military’s counter-offensive.

So, below is a look at what is really going that was provided to me by a knowledgeable source in the American intelligence community:

“I thought I might clear some of the smoke. First and most importantly, Putin is now in a much stronger position. We realized as early as January of 2023 that a showdown between the generals, backed by Putin, and Prigo, backed by anti-Russian extremists, was inevitable. The age-old conflict between the ‘special’ war fighters and a large, slow, clumsy, unimaginative regular army. The army always wins because they own the peripheral assets that make victory, either offensive or defensive, possible. Most importantly, they control logistics. special forces see themselves as the premier offensive asset. When the overall strategy is offensive, big army tolerates their hubris and public chest thumping because SF are willing to take high risk and pay a high price. Successful offense requires a large expenditure of men and equipment. Successful defense, on the other hand, requires husbanding these assets.

“Wagner members were the spearhead of the original Russian Ukraine offensive. They were the ‘little green men’. When the offensive grew into an all-out attack by the regular army, Wagner continued to assist but reluctantly had to take a back seat in the period of instability and readjustment that followed. Prigo, no shy violet, took the initiative to grow his forces and stabilize his sector.

“The regular army welcomed the help. Prigo and Wagner, as is the wont of special forces, took the limelight and took the credit for stopping the hated Ukrainians. The press gobbled it up. Meanwhile, the big army and Putin slowly changed their strategy from offensive conquest of greater Ukraine to defense of what they already had. Prigo refused to accept the change and continued on the offensive against Bakhmut. Therein lies the rub. Rather than create a public crisis and court-martial the asshole [Prigozhin], Moscow simply withheld the resources and let Prigo use up his manpower and firepower reserves, dooming him to a stand-down. He is, after all, no matter how cunning financially, an ex-hot dog cart owner with no political or military accomplishments.

“What we never heard is three months ago Wagner was cycled out of the Bakhmut front and sent to an abandoned barracks north of Rostov-on-Don [in southern Russia] for demobilization. The heavy equipment was mostly redistributed, and the force was reduced to about 8,000, 2,000 of which left for Rostov escorted by local police.

“Putin fully backed the army who let Prigo make a fool of himself and now disappear into ignominy. All without raising a sweat militarily or causing Putin to face a political standoff with the fundamentalists, who were ardent Prigo admirers. Pretty shrewd.”



  1. Not only is Putin stronger ,but has begun investgation of possilbe collusion of U.S and British intelligence with the Wagner leader and of course based on U.S. resume of coup and regime change thruout the world ..right or wrong.. therr is no doubt that the U.S will be charged with attemptng regime change …and just adds more ammunition to Putin to morally begin Nuclear strikes on Nato countries like Germany and Britain in Europe !

    Consequences of U.S escalating war effort and ownership of war and Ukraine Government make them liable for all past actions including war crimes bombing of Nordstream Pilpeline , Bombing of Keehon Dam , bombing of Nuclear power plants, Bio Labs in Ukraine, and drone missile strikes on Putin !

    An to remind everyone Biden stated ..a year ago ” That guy Putin has got to go” which drew international condemnation , but consistent with Bush, and Obama ..rants that they had to remove the leaders of foreign Counties in Iraq, Iran , Syia, libya , Venezuela etc etc ..

    Apparently, Psycopaths U.S and Nato are looking to invite Nuclear destruction of Nato Greece and Europe and then America!

    No doubt about it ….U.S and Nato have publically stated that they will fund and arm Ukraine ..and send Ukrainian Orthodxo christians to slaughter ,until every Ukrainian is dead …and obviously they will start using U.S and Nato troops .for the next 20 years liek Afganistan and Iraq! Ain’t going to happen …Putin knows there game plann ..and the only reason he has not already Nuked Germany and Nato …is because he is winning the war and has already accomplished his objectives , and his Economy has withstood any real pain! However, in a heartbeat …if he feels threatened by another Regime change move … and his eonomy is sinking and he feels his military is failing …SAy good bye to …the Fifa European Games for good !

    And he now has the complete support of the people of Russia and military! Are Americans going to Support the continued Escalation and embezzlement of their Treasury by Biden and the degenerates of the Republican and Democratic party who give them little choice …”Die ” waging regime change war on Russia or “Die” waging Regime change war on Ukraine and America!


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