EDITOR’S NOTE (Nick Stamatakis):  What a hopeful sign to have candidates of opposing sides of the aisle who appreciate each other!!  But in our case, it is certainly something deeper than appreciation… It is the shared conviction in both of them, that without getting rid of the “DC Swamp” there will be no America as most have come to know it…



source – thehill.com

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. refused to criticize former President Trump on Wednesday night and said he was flattered by recent comments from Trump praising him as a “common-sense guy.”

Asked by moderator Elizabeth Vargas what Kennedy thinks about Trump, Kennedy said: “I’m not going to attack other people personally.”

He then went a step further, expressing pride that he has received positive affirmations recently from Trump, who is embroiled in legal troubles as the leading Republican presidential contender in the GOP primary. He also referred to the former president in present tense.

“I’m proud that President Trump likes me,” he said.

Trump was the latest figure on the right to defend Kennedy in an appearance this week on “The Howie Carr Show.”

“Just hang in,” Trump advised Kennedy. “He’s been very nice to me, I’ve actually had a very nice relationship with him over the years. He’s a very smart guy, and a good guy.”

“He’s a common sense guy and so am I. So, whether you’re conservative or liberal, common sense is common sense,” he added.

Kennedy avoiding the opportunity to criticize Trump was the latest sign that the presidential contender is walking a fine line between both the Democratic and Republican parties.

He also declined to commit to supporting President Biden if he loses the Democratic primary to the president, who is far ahead in the polls. But he later said he “liked” the president, who he has known for decades.

“We’ve got to stop hating on each other,” he said.

Some Democrats are worried Kennedy could run as an independent in the general election, potentially pulling votes from Biden and helping Trump.

Kennedy’s approach to Trump is markedly different approach than Biden and the majority of Democrats, who have cast the former president as a threat to the constitution and democracy.


  1. RFK Jr. said, “We’ve got to stop hating on each other.” I do not believe we all hate each other. The government fears all of us. In order to control us, the government devised constant plots to pit one group against another.

    • If such a thing can ever happen – provided they will allow Trump or RFK Jr. to run – it would gain the widest majority ever in American history…

  2. Trump , Trump, Trump ..the messiah of the Christian ziooist Evangelical who have supported 31 military interventions thruout the World starting with Korea and moving on to Vietnam, Granada, Cuba, , Yugoslavia, libya , Syria , Iraq, Iran , Yemen , and on and on … which has been estimated to have killed 22 million foreign Citizens to spread the Righteous “Bible Toting Evangelcial Zionist ” rant ..that they can only Save the world , whe in fact there definition of saving the world ..is to kill it !

    Who could forget Trump Rallies ..where his definition of making Ameica first , was to tell his cheering followers ..that he had successfully put together the Largest Military Budget ins World History ..to defend the Evangelcials occupation of 800 bases in 80 countries of the world … and the Evangelcials cheered with glee!

    Who can forget .. Trump beiing elected to improve relations with Russia and most importantly clean out the “Swamp” of Corrupt war criminals and a Justice System that was clearly already weaponized to allow illegal Regime changes and violation by the entire Clinton , Biden , and Obama regime !

    And what does he do … he appoint “Murderers Row ” John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Ellioot Abrams and let off the current mobsters now back in business to bring us to the point of Nuclear devastattion !

    Let’s be clear .. the only reason Trump is being Persecuted and Attacked by Democrats and Republicans is because to them he is a threat to the power and control of the ruling synidcates of the Democratic and Republcian crime families since the end of WW2, who have skimmed off the treasury of the United States for their personal gain and their established clients !

    Trump’s attractiveness is he is a “Billionaire” that portrays himself as the “leader of the Poor and Middle Class ” who is so rich , that he cannot be bought , like the rest of the Corrupt Mobsters in the U.S congress !

    He is the Billionaire “Clean up Hitter” that the Middle Class thinks is untouchable by the George Soros , and Oligarks of oil , Drugs, and military , but he is not !

    Unfortunately , … we have no one else .. take Your Choice .. Bugsy Segal and Meyer Lansky of the Democratic Party or Lucky Lucianos and Joey Costello of the Republican Crime family or Donald Trump !


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