EDITOR’S NOTE: When middle-of-the-road Americans like those gathered at the Trump Rally in South Carolina have finally figured out the real enemy, the Industrial-Military-Congressional Complex and are booing the supremely corrupt representative of the Swamp, the so-called “perfumed ass”, Senator Lindsey Graham, then there is hope… There is no war that Lindsey Graham did not like in his 20 years in the Senate…



  1. Excellent! Time for Lindsey to receive boos. This man hollers for more war. During the 2016 election he publicly demeaned Trump on television political commercials as I remember.

  2. Lindsey Graham is simply a Zionist White Supremacist Racist member of the South Caralina KKK Cabal made up of Joe Wilson , Nicke Naley who right now ..are writng proposals to start Nuclear War with Russia !

    This guy already has an Arrest Warrant by the Russian federation for Publically presenting a Check for 3 billion dollars to Neo Nazi Zionist Zelensky to deliver contract killings of Russia Orthodox Christians ….

    The fact that he has not been arrested for treason in evoking possilbel Nuclear war on America and the world ..is all you need to know about the entire Congress , and Republican and Democratic Parties are nothin less than competing Crime families who don’t care about anybodiy includnig their own families by waging direct war with Nuclear Power Russia ..who is right now prowling the atlantic Ocean with Nuclear Warheads that can launch just 4 Nuclear warheads which is enough to end life in America as we know it…

    The question is .. who is Crazier the Public or teh fanatics in charge of the White House …in remaining impostent to Lindsey Grahams , Joe Wilson , Tom McCaul and The rest of the Republican Cabal of Mass Murdererers…

    • Did you vote for Biden? You use woke terminology, the meaning of which you probably do not understand. Zelensky better fits the label, Nazi.

      BTW, I am not a fan of RINO neocon Lindsey Graham.

      • “I am a Zionist and you don’t have to be Jewish to be a Zionist ”
        Joe Biden , president of the United States, and self appointed leader of the New World Order

        and that includes the War department of George Soros Blinken, Yellen , Shumer, Shiff, transgender Adm Rachel Levine , Merrick Garland , Home land Security Majercas , Victoria Nuland , Nadler, Raskin ,Blumenthal and most of the Democratic and Republcinan ruling Parties of America , and so is Zelensky and Netanyahue Regimes .

        However, Teresa …the woke label of White Supremacist Racist Terrorist
        that Biden has promoted against the Donald Trump Evangelical Christian Followers , is far more Applicable to Lindsey Graham .. since he fits the discription of non other than the Justice Minister of Israel who says it ..”loud and clear” as to what Graham , Biden and the rest ot the Cabal are in Washington who provides a “check” for 3 billion dollars to a Neo Nazi Zionist Zelensky to “Contract” the killing of as many Ukrainian and Russian Speakin Orthodox Christians of Ukraine and Russia to make it another colony for America ….

        Zionism contradicts human rights, and thus is indeed an ultranationalist, colonialist and is a racist movement ”

        Justice Minister of Israel …Shaked Harretz News ..Israel

        There is one label that needs to be changed .. No! Graham is not a Republican Rhino , nor is Romney , Wilson , McCaul …they are “Flat Out Neo Nazi Fascist…and calling them Neo Con is insult to every American or Greek ! And now you know why the Trump Supporters call him a “Traitorr”, who is literally trying to start a Nuclear War!

  3. Finally he became dead duck ….. It is
    always hapenning to the country traitors, like
    Greek Ex prime minister Alexis
    Tsipras .

  4. Trump warned us long ago Lyndsey Graham wasn’t to be trusted just as he warned us about China. Trump is a seer!


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