By Nick Stamatakis

Helleniscope is passionate about Greek History and Culture and, long before the producers of Indiana Jones decided to make the Antikythera Mechanism (the first computer of human civilization that most researchers attribute to Archimedes – the main theme of the latest and last in the series – movie), we posted exceptional pieces on the Antikythera mechanism here and here… 

So when I saw the movie last night, I was already familiar with the main story, which might have sounded a little too mythical for the wider audience… Yet, I was quite impressed with the second part of the movie, starting with the sponge divers going back to the shipwreck to salvage the second part of the Antikythera “Dial” and their trip to Siracusa in Sicily but back in time in 213-214 BC when Archimedes was defending his city with all his wonderful inventions…

But the highlight for all of us, Greeks and Greek-Americans, is this trip back in time, in Siracusa, Sicily, when Harrison Ford / Indiana Jones speaks Greek to Archimedes!!… It’s not quite Ancient Greek, but it is Greek for sure… Well, some words may be ancient but as we all know the vocabulary is largely preserved.  It seems that Harrison Ford had to invest quite some time to learn the Greek phrases he exchanged with Archimedes…

The best line of the movie unfolds as Harrison Ford says to a Nazi: “Don’t try to be funny, you are a German!!..”

So, go ahead and see the movie… The first half is a little too filled with action but the second half is rewarding for all of us lovers of history…



  1. I thought this was a pretty good movie also. Many critics slammed it for being woke. I did not see anything woke and I was pleasantly surprised about Greece in the film.

    • No Larissa, Calista Flockhart is not Greek at all; only her name is Greek.
      But the late Betty White had Greek descent.


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