By Alex Aliferis  


The ‘Sound of Freedom’ is a movie everyone must watch.

The film hit theaters on July 3, 2023. The movie made over $40 million in its opening weekend, overtaking all other movies.

The movie centers around a true story of child sex trafficking and a Homeland Security agent, Tim Ballard.

Tim Ballard is a real person.

Tim Ballard rescued kids from Honduras and sold into child sex slavery in Colombia. He tracked down pedophiles in the USA trying to bring one of the kids into the USA.

The movie will bring you to tears about how evil took advantage of our kids.

Tim Ballard resigned from Homeland Security to form Operation Underground Rescue. He rescues kids trapped in child sex slavery worldwide.

According to the film, child sex trafficking/slavery is the fastest criminal enterprise in the USA. It is becoming the number one criminal enterprise. The USA is the main consumer of child sex slavery. Veterans for Child Rescue says child trafficking is prevalent in every country worldwide, including the USA. It’s estimated to be a 150 BILLION dollar a year industry. It’s the fastest-growing and 2nd largest criminal enterprise on the planet.

Drugs are sold once and consumed. A child is sold for sex. That child makes a profit seven or more times for the trafficker. The film calls it out. This is why the Globalist Elites and Hollywood did not want this movie shown five years ago.

Actor Mel Gibson and others stepped in to advertise and put the movie into theaters nationwide. A grassroots miracle is happening that the Globalist elites can’t stop.

There were signs of sabotage at theaters across America. Reports like fire alarms going off during the movie. There were theaters with no AC in the room where Sound of Freedom was shown. Other reports said that the film was paused or stopped. The Globalist Elites who own parts of the AMC/Regal theaters were trying to use sabotage. Some theaters put out misinformation that credit cards are down.

They failed.

Since 2018, I volunteered for Veterans for Child Rescue. I met Craig Sawyer in Tucson, Arizona, at a huge fundraising dinner when he first formed Veterans for Child Rescue.

Craig Sawyer is a Veteran Navy SEAL & U.S. Marine. He has extensive experience at the Tier-1 level of military special operations and his training and experience as a federal criminal investigator.

Thousands of volunteers like me have been getting the word out to our local communities about child sex trafficking.

Why do the Globalist Elites hate this movie? CNN, Rolling Stone, and others attack this movie as a conspiracy theory.

The elites are trying to cover up Jeffrey Epstein’s pedo-island, where all politicians and elites were filmed having sex with young girls. They are trying to do the same with this film. Globalist Elites have blackmailed our politicians/businessmen/actors with secret filming in hotel rooms/places having sex with minors and prostitutes.

Nothing can stop the truth about child sex trafficking/slavery to the public. A critical mass awakening is happening now that the bankrupt fake news media can’t stop.

You can watch the film, ‘Sound of Freedom’ and urge all your contacts, family, friends, etc., to do the same.

There are organizations that I listed below where you can assist with money or volunteer. I’m sure there are others you may know who need your support.

Everyone must watch the film, ‘Sound of Freedom’.

Here is the Movie Trailer…

Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.

For More Information:  

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Operation Underground Rescue-Tim Ballard’s organization  

Contraland Documentary-Documentary on Child Sex TRafficking  

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  1. I be am not afraid of the globalists. By the way, go to Unlimited Hangout. Read UN Police State , Part 1, by Ian Davis.

    Scroll to section SDG 16.2
    They are paving the way for children to have enriching consensual sex with adults.

    How many time I am posting for people to read this? Umpteen times.

    PS. Thousands of migrant kids walled up in a former Jewish academy behind a Target in Greensboro. NC. Hundreds of workers there. Who cares? I posted that all over numerous times, also. Joe Biden did this.

  2. Rewritten in 2023, “While I slept” is an alternative to the 1946 famous poem, “First they came”

    While I slept … THEY came to destroy my ethnic culture
    And I did not speak out
    Because I bought into THEIR DIVISIVE propaganda and lies

    While I slept … THEY weakened the nations with THEIR addictions
    And I did not speak out
    Because I believed there was nothing I could do

    While I slept … THEY came for people’s human rights and freedoms
    And I did not speak out
    Because I never understood what human rights were and what freedom meant

    While I slept … THEY came for my livelihood and property
    And I did not speak out
    Because I believed I could not stand up against TYRANTS

    While I slept … THEY came for the children,
    My neighbors, my friends and my family
    And there was no one left to speak out for me

    Because I was now all alone
    I did not keep watch over my loved ones

    This applies to all ethnicities and nations around the world!


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