EDITOR’S NOTE: If you had doubts that the DC Swamp lives in a bubble, Secy of State Blinken’s statement below would absolve them instantly: Blinken, in a statement of unfathomable hypocrisy, condemns Russia “for convicting opposition leader Aleksey Navalny on “politically motivated charges”… He does that without even a thought crossing his mind that his administration is in the middle of the most extensive operation of US history against a political opponent, President Donald Trump…

Congratulations, Secretary Blinken… If there were a Nobel Prize for hypocrisy, you would be the uncontested winner!…


source – gatewaypundit.com

Blinken Roasted Over Statement Condemning Russia Convicting Opposition Leader Navalny on “Politically Motivated Charges” While Biden Admin Persecutes Trump

Anthony Blinken was roasted online for condemning Russia for convicting opposition leader Aleksey Navalny on “politically motivated charges” while his own government is prosecuting the Biden administration’s leading opponent, President Donald Trump.

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Navalny was given an additional 19-year sentence on Friday for promoting “extremism.” Navalny was already serving a 9-year term for parole violations, fraud, and contempt of court, reported CBS News.

Blinken posted on Friday, “The United States strongly condemns Russia’s conviction of opposition leader Aleksey Navalny on politically motivated charges. The Kremlin cannot silence the truth. Navalny should be released.”


  1. Blinken is not a Hyporcrit …he is a monster Jewish Zionist Mobster …who is programed to continue to promote the greatest lie to legitimize to the public the only reason the public has accepted for endless wars against the world which has killed 22 milllion civilians in 31 undeclared wars and interventions since world war 2… America is the saviour of the world and protector of human rights and sovereingty , when in fact they are just leader of an International Crime Syndicate running a Racketeering and Protection Racket that protect installed Mobsters into position of power in Countries of EU?Nato to serve the Economic , Political , and Military interest of the Republican and Democratic Crime families !

    The scary part ..is that Blinken ..has also stated that “Nuclear War is no worst than climate Change ”

    In other words … he righteously believes “Nuclear war with Russia and China are nothing American should fear, and that it may be the right thing to do ..to protect the human rights of America and the world !

    Imagine! – “Nuclear War is no worse than climate change.” and this is the guy bringing us to WW 111 and Nuclera war ….

    • Who by will God convict?
      “ “On July 22nd the White House announced that CIA Director William Burns would be stepping up to cabinet level in the Joe Biden Administration. That means that beyond being in theory a principal government source for reliable information that can be used to make policy, he would himself become a policy maker, co-equal with Secretary of State Antony Blinken, National Security AdviserJake Sullivan and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.”

      Philip Geraldi posted on The Unz Review

  2. I be wonder who made this decision because “On July 22nd the White House announced that CIA Director William Burns would be stepping up to cabinet level in the Joe Biden Administration. That means that beyond being in theory a principal government source for reliable information that can be used to make policy, he would himself become a policy maker, co-equal with Secretary of State Antony Blinken, National Security AdviserJake Sullivan and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.”

  3. “I support a foreign policy that strengthens the interest of the United States and our allies abroad and promotes safety, cooperation, and stability across the globe. I also appreciate the importance of ensuring robust oversight so American resources are spent transparently and as Congress intended. Russia’s actions in Ukraine have put civilians in harm’s way and threatened Ukraine’s sovereignty, and I am committed to working with our European allies to assist with humanitarian needs, ensure the security of the transatlantic region, and affirm Ukraine’s sovereignty. ”
    Anthony Blinken and State department justification for illegal regime change wars
    and illegal economic, political and military interventions of foreign countries

    Hey Nick it must be so painful to you to tell the truth, that I have to moderate this post about the greatest myth and act of hypocracy by the U.S crime syndicate leaders of Nato expressed since World War 2, which has been used to defraud the populaces of America, Greece, and EU/Nato countries to invade, murder civilians, overthrow democratically elected Governments, loot and plunder the resources oil foreign Nations and violate their sovereignty!

    Breaking News…

    3 civilians dead, scores injured in bombing of residential building in Donbass
    U.S provided Cluster Bombs by Ukrainian, or U.S armed forces in Ukraine
    Civilaian of Syria

    “Murder is a homicide committed intentionally or as a result of the commission of another serious offense. Penalties for murder may include capital punishment or life imprisonment, whereas the penalty for manslaughter is usually a maximum number of years in confinement.”

    While U.S . State Department prevents peace in Ukraine, and force marches 400,000 Ukrainian Orthodox Christians to their death to remove Putin Government from power, they are also preventing peace, force marching Syrian Orthodox Christian and Muslims migrants to their deaths in the Mediterranean in order to remove the Syrian Assad government!

    The ‘Assad Anti-Normalization Act’ of the U.S. Congress, the illegal Nato U.S , Turkish , Islamic state terrorist occupation of 1/3 rd the territory of Syra, including occupation and theft of the Syria Oil and Gas fields, bombing of Syrian Christian population by Israeli air force, is designed to inflict as much pain, suffering and death as possilbe on the civilian populace of Syria to force them to leave Syria or remove their elected leaders! U.S. House Representatives states about the bill that “condemns the normalization of relations with Bashar al-Assad and his Arab neighbors and imposes sanctions on those who support him” – including the Greek Orthodox of Syria.

    In response to Russian-brokered peace initiatives Saudi Arabia, Iraq and all members of the Arab league countries of the Middle East have made peace and are restoring ties with the people of Syria and promised to rebuiding the civilian lives and institutions of Syria ravished by U.S. wars and economic sanctions against them!

    Recently, hundreds of Syrian men, women, and children drowned off the coast of Greece, attempting to escape U.S .economic sanctions and deprivation in Syria, while U.S. media demanded a criminal investigation against Greek Coast guard!

    The U.S. sanctions, illegal occupation of territoreis of Syria, confiscation and theft of Syrian Energy Resoruces on Syria are to blame. There is no war in Syria. The battlefields have long been silent across Syria, but there is no recovery or rebuilding allowed, because the U.S. sanctions prevent any rebuilding or foreign investments in rebuilding projects, and U.S. occupation of Syria’s oil and gas fields is preventing access to energy revenue and fuel for their own basic needs which is estimated to be 170 billion dollars to date!

    Infrastructure, hospitals, homes, schools, factories, and businesses are all left waiting for the sanctions to be lifted to orders parts and supplies from abroad to begin the long process of recovery from the U.S.-NATO war on Syria for regime change, which ended in failure.

    It is the western sanctions, put in place by democracies, that keep the Syrian unemployed and without any welfare safety net, so that people are forced to risk their lives to feed their families back home.

    The criminal foreign Policy of economic sanctions by America now imposed on over one third the population of the world represent ‘Crimes against Peace’ and ‘War Crimes’ – and shame on us in allowing it !

    • Michael, two things:
      1) I have spent decades dealing with the effects of these western policies and as you know I have done a doctorate thesis on Cyprus.
      2) I have exposed the Biden scandals and other corruption – including the Karloutsos crime family ties to the Bidens – earlier than other media more powerful than Helleniscope. The most popular post ever in Helleniscope was about the Biden family “sick” affairs and has 85,000 views… Right before the 2020 elections….

      But this website is not about foreign policy issues exclusively – there are many others more specialized websites. When I discuss foreign policy I prefer to do it from the point of view of the Greek-American community as part of the diaspore, the Church and of course Greece and Cyprus.

      We are pointing to these changing circumstances constantly. But we cannot make this website have just one tune…

      Is it painful for me? Yes it is… I have spend the best part of my life studying and living these disgusting circumstances…

      To repeat the sma


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