EDITOR’S NOTE: If you had any doubt that the whole story of the Covid-19 vaccine has many suspicious, if not diabolical, aspects, here is the proof… In Australia, Pfizer’s spokesperson admitted that the company gave a different vaccine to its employees… I am speechless… 


source: revolver.news

There is so much controversy, coverup, and conspiracy surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine. So much that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what’s fact or fiction. But one hearing that was recently held down under in Australia might be the key to unlocking many of the mysteries about the jab. We’re learning that many elites took a different “jab” than the rest of us. That’s the bombshell that came out of a heated hearing where Aussie senators grilled Pfizer employees who eventually admitted that they took a “special” batch of the vaccine that was not available to the rest of the public.

How diabolical.


Pfizer spokesperson admitted company employees were given a “special batch” of Covid-19 vaccine, materially different to the vaccine distributed to the rest of the population. The shocking revelation came during a Senate hearing in Australia, when the Pfizer spokesperson revealed that the Big Pharma giant imported a special batch of COVID-19 vaccines solely for their employee vaccination program.
Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts led the interrogation of Pfizer Australia’s Country Medical Director, Dr. Krishan Thiru, and Head of Regulatory Sciences, Dr. Brian Hewitt, with his forceful inquiries eventually leading to Dr. Thiru admitting Pfizer employees did not receive the normal vaccine.

The grilling continued:


The piece goes on to explain that the revelation that Pfizer employees received a different Covid vaccine compared to the one distributed to the general public might not be all that surprising, after all. Dr. Ugur Sahin, the CEO of BioNTech, Pfizer’s collaboration partner for the vaccine, openly admitted on camera that he chose not to take the Covid vaccine. Senator Roberts also brought up an interesting point – the pharmaceutical industry profited significantly from vaccinating the Australian population, and this was largely attributed to the government’s stringent pandemic management approach that closely aligned with the World Economic Forum. What vaccine did WEF officials take?


Sen. Roberts demanded to know what role Pfizer played in the government’s decisions to make vaccines mandatory for employment and their participation in potential government bans on alternative treatments such as Ivermectin.
“Pfizer has no involvement, had no involvement in the imposition of vaccine mandates… Pfizer has had no involvement in relation to Ivermectin,” said Dr. Thiru.
However, the inquiry took a contentious turn when Roberts probed into Pfizer’s confidential indemnity agreements with the Australian government, suggesting that the taxpayers who funded the vaccine have the right to see the details of what they bought.
“Does the indemnity you have with the government extend to providing you with indemnity in the situation where an employee is forced by their employer to undergo vaccination and then experiences harm? And if you do have indemnity, I want the proof,” Roberts asked.
Dr. Thiru maintained that the specifics of these agreements remain confidential, per standard practice for contractual arrangements between the government and private organizations.
“Senator, any indemnity agreements between Pfizer and the Australian government are confidential and we are not able to discuss that in this forum,” said Thiru.

You’ve got to admit, Big Pharma hit the jackpot with those confidential agreements and lawsuit shields. Makes you wonder who else might have gotten their hands on a “special batch” right here in America. After all, we’ve all seen the celebs and politicians rolling up their sleeves for the cameras. Was it a show, like some folks have suspected all along?


  1. But…but 545 people run our government at the very top. Why are they ignoring Pfizer corruption? Because all of them are on the take.
    Money is their God. Hell will be their eternal home.

    • Pheizer is the most financiallly fined corporation in the World representing billions of dollars for the Fraudulently marketing and advertizing of drugs in the U.S government !

      Let me remind you ..The .Pheizer covid Vaccines were not distributed by Pheizer to World Market, nor were they responsible for the fraudulent marketing and advertising of what we all know now ..”An Ineffective and dangerous Vaccine”

      Pheizer did with other Drug companies did is provide the “Experimental Drug” as demanded by the Donald Trump/ Joe biden Crime Syndicates to satisfy the electorate that the were saviors of the U.S and world populace in order to secure their control and power over the people and ensure they could get elected in future elections!

      Pheizer did exactly what the Crime Syndicates demanded … and of course , not one Pheizer Executive ever signed off on the Vaccine , and would have nothing to do with any Marketing liabilities !..

      The Racketeering and Protection Racket of the Republcan and Democratic Party run thru the DOJ , FBI and Justice Department .. allowed the U.S government to take over the distribution, Marketing, Sales, Advertising and prodict complaints … and defraud the Public to racketeer an “Experimental Drug” and extort and coerce illegal and without voluntary Consent thru illegal Vaccine Mandates the injection of a Vaccine that has proven to be ineffective and dangerous drug that neither prevents contraction of the Covid Virus , but in fact transmitts it to other Vacinated and Unvaccinated citizens of the world!

      Pheizer had every right to provide another vaccine cocktail to theire employees which may in fact be less dangerous than those contracted by the U.S government CDC,,,

      The immunity provided by the US government for the PHeizer group was simply a bribe to get them to release a fraudulent Drug Product to the Crime Syndicates of the U.S. govenrment , and cooperate in another money maker for the Drug companies !

      While they now charge Donald Trump for fraud and accuse him of crimes that only Organzied Crime Families can be prosecuted for …call the RICO Act …they are completely liable for racketeering Wars, Drugs, Arms , money laundering, embezzlement, Human Trafficking, murder etc etc …

      The U.S democracy has always been a Organized Crime “Kleptocracy” and a new level of Depravity ..has begun ..something no human has ever seen on this earth!


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