EDITOR’S NOTE.  Those of you (hopefully very few) still distracted by mainstream media propaganda about the Ukraine War will be enlightened by the straightforward thought of Col.. Douglas McGregor, who has been shining the light of truth on this conflict and many other foreign policy issues for several years.  The rest of you will be warned of the real possibility of the conflict turning into a nuclear war if the same course is followed by the – now-panicked – neocons at the State Department…. 



  1. Nick ..thank you for showing this video ..and if you are an informed American it is not shocking , but only adds to the fact that the Deep State, Crime Syndicats, and traitors to America …are located in the Republcian and democsratic ruling parties and congress ! There is no deep; state , just distraction from the fact that the ruling Denicratic and Republican Parties are simply competing Crime families who use U.S capital to run a “Racketering and Protection Racket ” thru the corrupt FBI, Doj, and law enforcement agencies of U.S and Nato which allows them to violate all Rico Act laws, International laws, Domestic Constitutional laws to racketeer Wars, Drug and Arms trafficking , Human trafficking , fraud, estortion, coersion , embezzle and money laundering , bribes, Blackmail , murder , obstruction of Interastae and International trade, etc etc …all crimjes committed by legistlation and approval of the Ruling Democratci and Republician Parties!

    Amercians have little choice …die fighting the Russians , Chinese and the world , or die fighting a civill war against the Republcina and Democratic Parties ! In the end , the Deomocratic and Republican Party organizations can legally be defunded and dismantled , since they are not Federal Agencies or part of the Government institutions …they are merely a feeder system for corrupt political gangsters who are fully armed to fulfil their obligations to the donator class of the Pollitical parties who fund their agenda’s!

    These partied must be broken up into little pieces …and new independent parties must take over a larger share of the Political establishment to have any change and to hold these Subhumans accountable for their mass murders against humanit!


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