EDITOR’S NOTE.  This is one for the Ages! Tucker proves once again that he is one of the few strong voices that resist the onslaught of the leftist DC establishment and give all of us hope!  This is probably the second time he is visiting Hungary this year and you can tell he has a really good reason to do it.  Hungary’s leadership has shown in all directions that they are – along with Russia – among the few nations in Europe that insist on living with traditional, Christian, values.

Meanwhile, it looks like there is a strong chance of Tucker interviewing Vladimir Putin, as rt.com reports (link here). No need for extra comments on this possibility… It will be a historic interview if it happens…




  1. Thanks Nick..great information…however, what you are really seeing is how the Biden democratic Crime syndicate opperates! Ambassador Pressman is operating in Hungary with his Husband …and is following the State department, DOJ Protocal to use their greatest tool of war to take over the sovereignty of the nations of the world..like Greece which is simply using human rights and freedoms as a pretext to meddle into the internal affaiirs of foreign countries , and justify U.S acts of wars like Economic Sanctions, or military threats!

    This is their ticket , because the America public has been brainwashed to believe their government has the right to do this , and is the only thing the Public accepts as legitimate reason to support wars or exonomic warfare !

    This is where the Racketeering and Protecton Racket steps in ….by international laws, and UN. charter you are not allowed to infring on the Internal affairs of members of the United Nations! So , DOJ AND FBI …turn their eyes away as instructed to allow them to break laws, and fabricate charges against democratically elected governments for perseuction of the religious freedoms and human rights of now “:LGBT or Trandgenders” This is how the International Crime Syndicate of the U.S Democratic and Republican parties operate to control the world !

    All ambassadors aer the messengers of the Notorious Jewish Crime families of the 30’d snf 40’d called Murderers Inc run by Bugsy Segal and Meyer lansky whose job was to convey to busniess owners terms that the owner of the busnines was threatened by people in his neigborhood who wanted to harm him and his business , the messenger would them pffer to protect him from harm , if only he plaeges allegiance to the Mob, and when called upon do favors for the mob! Additionally, the business owner was require3d to turm over part of the operations of the business to the mob ..and provide financial tribute! If the owner declined , they would bomb his business , and then return to the owner and ask again, and the owner would agrre! Welcom to the largest Crime Syndicate in history! The meidia, and Journalist all follow the same scriopts to keep their jobs or lives today!

  2. If Tucker interviews Putin it will probably be the most watched interview in history, I believe Tuckers interview with Trump was the most watched in American history.

    If Putin was smart he would do the interview with Tucker. Putin being able to convey his message to a large English-speaking audience, without the MSM filter, is extremely sorely lacking.
    I think he will find that he has millions upon millions of people in the English-speaking world who would be very sympathetic to his conservative, religious views.


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