EDITOR’S NOTE: Some people never learn!  One would think it was yesterday when the late Senator McCain in 2013 visited the Islamists in Syria, trying to make deals with them in order to overthrow President Basar Al Assad.  Renowned journalist Seymour Hersh brought the story to light and exposed the warmongers (link to see a video here).  The world has seen the photos that proved it…

Recently, the DC establishment, unable to swallow the fact that they have lost not simply Syria but the entire Middle East that has joined the BRICS and signed numerous treaties  with Russia and China, are panicking, trying to destabilize Syria.  But Syria is only a small part of the issue: Syria and Iran have normalized relations with the Saudis, and Egypt is now part of the BRICS and is accepting the Chinese currency for its oil… It’s a matter of time before Russia, Iran, and others force the remaining 2,000 American troops to leave Syria.  President Trump wanted to do so four years ago!…





  1. Just mark it down as another U.S. foreign policy disaster!

    Perhaps we should first stick to repairing/rebuilding Americas’s infrastructure, properly educating our youth, providing mental health services to those in need, working with youth in our inner cities, and other very important stuff like that!

  2. “Murder is a homicide committed intentionally or as a result of the commission of another serious offense. Penalties for murder may include capital punishment or life imprisonment, whereas the penalty for manslaughter is usually a maximum number of years in confinement

    What Nicki is describing is Syria … is another example of the fact , that the persecution of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church by Zelensky and the State Department …have exposed the fact that the U.S and Nato vassal crime syndicate have no legitimacy to wage war in the Ukraine or any other country of the world , because it is clear that they do not defend religious and Human Rights freedoms , but are simply, lies to fool the public to allow them to wage wars of plunder, and looting of the Economic , Political, and military sovereignty of the countries thruout the world!
    Only White Suppremacist racist gangsters believe that everyone is so inferior and stupid , not to recognize that they are cold blooded souless monsters who have been murdering millions of people in our name! No one shouold address your representatives meekly, in exposing what they really are !
    I don’t …I tell my representative that he is a Monster and degenerate Sadist, so he knows that I don’t beleive he is just misquided! Beyond what Nick has provided …the disgracefull foreign policy war tool is economic sanctionas that have been used against Unvaccinated Americans and Foreign Countries which target civilians ..to starve them to death to extort compliance to U.S Tyranny!

    While U.S .State Department prevents peace in Ukraine, and force marches 400,000 Ukrainian Orthodox Christians to their death to remove Putin Government from power, they are also preventing peace, force marching Syrian Orthodox Christian and Muslims migrants to their deaths in the Mediterranean in order to remove the Syrian Assad government! The ‘Assad Anti-Normalization Act’., Ceasar Syrian Protection Racket, and Economic Sanctions Acts of of the U.S./ EU/Nato Parliaments, the illegal Nato U.S , Turkish , Islamic state terrorist occupation of 1/3 rd the territory of Syra, including occupation and theft of the Syria Oil and Gas fields, bombing of Syrian Christian population by Israeli air force, is designed to inflict as much pain, suffering and death as possilbe on the civilian populace of Syria to force them to leave Syria or remove their elected leaders! U.S. House Representatives states about the bill that “condemns the normalization of relations with Bashar al-Assad and his Arab neighbors and imposes sanctions on those who support him” – including the Greek Orthodox of Syria.

    In response to Russian-brokered peace initiatives Saudi Arabia, Iraq and all members of the Arab league countries of the Middle East have made peace and are restoring ties with the people of Syria and promised to rebuiding the civilian lives and institutions of Syria ravished by U.S. wars and economic sanctions against them!

    Recently, hundreds of Syrian men, women, and children drowned off the coast of Greece, attempting to escape U.S .economic sanctions and deprivation in Syria, while U.S. media demanded a criminal investigation against Greek Coast guard!The U.S. sanctions, illegal occupation of territoreis of Syria, confiscation and theft of Syrian Energy Resoruces on Syria are to blame. There is no war in Syria. The battlefields have long been silent across Syria, but there is no recovery or rebuilding allowed, because the U.S. sanctions prevent any rebuilding or foreign investments in rebuilding projects, and U.S. occupation of Syria’s oil and gas fields is preventing access to energy revenue and fuel for their own basic needs which is estimated to be 170 billion dollars to date!

    Infrastructure, hospitals, homes, schools, factories, and businesses are all left waiting for the sanctions to be lifted to orders parts and supplies from abroad to begin the long process of recovery from the U.S.-NATO war on Syria for regime change, which ended in failure.

    It is the western sanctions, put in place by democracies, that keep the Syrian unemployed and without any welfare safety net, so that people are forced to risk their lives to feed their families back home. The criminal foreign Policy of economic sanctions by America now imposed on over one third the population of the world represent ‘Crimes against Peace’ and ‘War Crimes’ – and shame on us in allowing it –


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