By Nick Stamatakis

The Washington Examiner today published a very critical piece referring to two important dinners after which “business flourished” for Hunter Biden, likely because Jow Biden participated!  Who else was involved? Mike Karloutsos… (You can link here for the article, “Hunter Biden investigation: Business boomed after Joe Biden attended two key dinners”… ), while you can read the paragraphs referring to the Karloutsos’ involvement below.

Father Karloutsos, in the meantime, is desperately trying to generate positive publicity with his usual parrots in the Hamptons and in Greece (where he accompanies Bartholomew on a visit to Ilias prefecture in the Peloponnese.  But it is evident with the naked eye that as the investigation of the Bidens expands, the Karloutsos family will inevitably be implicated.

People suffering from “hubris” (arrogance) believe justice will never touch them. Yet, the time always comes when they are called to pay the heavy price.  For the Karloutsos family, this time is very near.

Helleniscope has exposed their involvement with the Bidens numerous times in the past.  You can link here and here and here and here…  As Congress draws closer to an impeachment investigation for President Biden, the likelihood of new legal implications for Karloutsos grows bigger…  Stay tuned…


PHOTOS ABOVE – The Bidens with Ukrainian Burisma and with their “partners” from Kazakhstan.


….However, the type of international business cooperation Hunter Biden and Archer sought to generate with the first dinner appeared to continue into the following year.

By spring 2015, Hunter Biden was discussing the prospect of another dinner with a new foreign business associate: Michael Karloutsos, the son of Alex Karloutsos, who is one of the most prominent leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church in America.

Hunter Biden and the younger Karloutsos were chasing lucrative business deals in Greece. In March 2015, according to emails, Hunter Biden ditched his Secret Service detail to meet with Karloutsos in Athens as they sought to line up Romanian and Chinese investments in a potential project.

At about that time, Hunter Biden and Karloutsos appeared to discuss plans for the dinner Joe Biden would eventually attend the following month.

Like with the first dinner, the full guest list and the purpose of the April 16, 2015 dinner, also at Cafe Milano, are not yet known.

Archer testified that he recalled just four attendees other than Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and himself, while emails reveal discussions about guest lists that ran as high as 16 people.

Hunter Biden appeared interested in keeping plans for the dinner secret.

Ten days before the gathering, Hunter Biden wrote in an email that he wanted to keep the dinner “as low key quiet as possible.”

“You know the reason I want to keep it in the family,” he wrote to Michael Karloutsos later that day, referring to the dinner.

In those same emails, Hunter Biden told his Greek associate that “the reason for the dinner is ostensibly to discuss food security,” although his subsequent messages appeared to undercut that.

Joe Biden’s team has repeatedly obfuscated on whether and why he attended the dinner.



  1. The GOA congregations have turned from the truth. They prefer fables. They do not want discomfort. That’s why our nation is collapsing and the churches are failing. The preachers no longer stand for biblical doctrine. The preachers give comfortable cushy sermons that do nothing for the souls they look after.


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