EDITOR’S NOTE: Larry Johnson’s www.sonar21.com is the blog and commentary we are regularly following for insight on the war in Ukraine and numerous other issues… This post is a really good one… It crosses my mind often how many things Biden accomplished for America’s enemies….




Speaking of great work. Gotta give Joe Biden credit where credit is due. He is the most consequential President ever. Look at just some of his wonderful accomplishments (thanks to Kevin Kirk):

1. He is leading NATO into oblivion
2. He has given Russia back its pride (and its industry)
3. He is weakening the US so it will pose less of a threat in future
4. More and more African states are throwing off the shackles of colonialism because of him
5. He has seriously weakened the EU, threatening its very existence
6. He has put the final nail in the coffin of the British Empire
7. More people believe RT and Globaltimes than any Western media thanks to him
8. He has boosted President Putin’s popularity throughout the world
9. He has killed off the US dollar (and US hegemony) over the long term
10. He has crushed the US military (lots have tried, but only he has succeeded)
11. He is encouraging traditional Democrat voters to start looking favourably at Trump
12. He has lifted the lid on the extent of Washington’s corruption
13. He has helped to uncover the irregularities in US elections
14. He has depleted the Strategic Petroleum reserves and US energy independence
15. He has caused the US’s friends to seek new partners (that cooperate instead of bullying)
16. He is responsible for Ukraine ultimately taking its rightful place in the Russky mir
17. He has made the Western leadership look like fearful, incompetent fools
18. He has destroyed people’s faith in the US criminal justice system
19. He has destroyed the US economy
20. He handed back Afghanistan to its rightful government and allowed Chinese investment there
21. He helped to unleash Tucker (Rush 2?)
22. He has encouraged renewed friendship/trade between Russia and North Korea
23. He has confirmed that lying is endemic in Washington and the media will always cover up Democrat lies…




  1. Nick.. outstanding article which identifies the consequences of not just the Democratic Ruling Party ,but the Republcian Party, who have been running a “Racketeering and Protection Racket ” which allows Joe Biden and Past Presiendt to break International , Domestic and UN laws to corner the Exonomic, Political and Military sovereignty of the world at any cost that does not benefit mankind , but raw greed for power and money ..that only an “International Crime Syndicate can get away with ..and only by having comlete control of the Justice System and law enforcement agencies of the world !

    In the end , Nick … do not fall into the trap of making Biden the Scapegoat , like lee Harvey Oswald in the Assasination of JFK! Give credit to the Greek American Newspapers, the Greek American Secret Societies , the entire Media of the West , the U.S Congreess of Republcian adn Democratic Parties are all liable for the destruction of America and the world …and must be broken up into little pieces , if therr is gong to be any changes to this Degenerate Society ..that is a “Mortal threat” to not only Americans, but the entire world!

    However Nick.. I hope your readers ..appreciate what you provide..which is something the populiat does not take the time to do… and becomde informed to call their Congressman and tell him he is a liar in saying that his support of Biden policies are representing the interest of America , when you tell him and his staff ..that they aer criminal, and if we did not have a corrupt Justice System ..he would be in jail for treason , adn underminig the deomocracy and peace and security of the people of America ! And that is absolute Treason!


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