By Nick Stamatakis

A truly momentous meeting happened yesterday at the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi between Russian President Putin and Turkish President Erdogan.  In a few words, here are the major takeaways:

  • The grain deal will not be reinstated until the West decides to keep its side of the deal: Allow exports of Russian fertilizers and reinstate the usage of SWIFT for agricultural payments.
  • Turkey and Russia will increase their economic cooperation.
  • Russia will build a second nuclear power plant in Turkey.  This means total dependence for energy on Russia.
  • The two presidents also discussed bilateral cooperation on various regional issues and conflicts: Libya, Syria, West Africa, and the South Caucasus. According to Putin, such a “meeting to compare notes on the above and other regional issues was quite productive.”

Based on the above, there is enough room for analysts to expect that Turkey will soon be invited to join the BRICS.  Already rumors circulate that Turkey’s FM, Mr.Fidan, known to have very close ties with Tehran, will visit Iran to discuss easing out of the process.




    • Jane … if Turkey joins the Brics ..they will be joining an Economic Block designed to liberate the World from the Fascist Capitalism of the U.S. and EU colonies like Greece , who can only do business with U.S, Israel, and EU/Nato countries , including Technology , military arms which have proven to be inferior in the war in the Ukraine, energy products, Fertilizer, Grains, and Nuclear power technology and most importantly, they must surrender their rights and sovereignty to negotiate their interest to U.S , Israel and their EU parliament!
      The Brics represent now the greatest threat to the Economic and Political Dominances of America and its mob franchises

      This is no difference than why they wage war on Russia , China and the rest of the countries of the world ..not to save America or any country from hordes of Marauding foreign countries looking to take over the democracies of the world …which if you haven’t noticed that is being taken care of right now the ruling Democratic and Republican Party Elitist White Supremacist ruling America!…but to protect their financial monopolies in Europe!

      As described by leading Journalist ..the provoking of the war with Russia …was designed to consolidate hate for Russia to implement the U.S “Iron Curtain of Europe , which they are trying to do in the Pacific” to prevent any relationships with countries considered Economic, Political and military threats to the Corrupt
      EU leader Borrelli made it loud and clear as to what reall matters to U.S …. “U.S /EU Sanctions on Russia are working , despite what everyone says , because most ot the EU is not doing business with Russia” And if they were…they would have thier Nordstream Pipeline blown they did to Germany and Western Europe!

      Despite the fact that Germany is being deindustrialized, and the EU economies are suffering , and most of the populist cannot deal with the High inflation , unaffordable oil and gas , and losing their jobs …Borrelli tells us what really matters to the Crime bosses of U.S controlled EU ….


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