EDITOR’S NOTE:  Drought, train accident, enormous fires and floods… A look at the video below will leave you speechless… The Greeks have for decades nicknamed the whole Mitsotakis family as “the cursed” or “the jinx”…  Kyriakos Mitsotakis has another nickname: Moses… In the tragedy, there is plenty of sarcasm and comedy.  As in the central meme from an article published in Newsbreak.gr in our main photo where Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the “Moses” asks the question: “Should I bring the grasshoppers now? Or, should we go straight to the meteorite?”..



Οχι, δεν είναι γκαντέμης

Μια σειρά από διαβολικές συμπτώσεις ενδέχεται να δημιουργήσει την εσφαλμένη εντύπωση ότι ο πρωθυπουργός είναι γρουσούζης

Και τι έγινε που λίγο αφότου ανέλαβε την εξουσία ξέσπασε πανδημία και μας κλειδαμπάρωσε δυο χρόνια μέσα, μας λουκέτιασε τα μαγαζιά, στέλναμε SMS στο κράτος για να βγούμε έξω και πέθαναν περισσότεροι από 37.413 άνθρωποι; Με όλους (τους κατσικοπόδαρους ηγέτες) συμβαίνουν αυτά.

Και τι έγινε που ξεσπούν πυρκαγιές και σβήνονται νομοί από τον χάρτη ακόμα και με μηδέν μποφόρ; Και τι έγινε που χτυπούν αδιάκοπα την Ελλάδα σεισμοί, λιμοί και καταποντισμοί; Και τι έγινε που το εξωτερικό χρέος έχει ταβανιάσει και η εγκληματικότητα θυμίζει Καμπούλ και Σικάγο την εποχή της ποτοαπαγόρευσης;

Ας μην είμεθα λαϊκιστές. Ισως του Κούλεως να του έχουν πουλήσει ελαττωματικά βατραχάκια φενγκ σούι (αυτά που βάζει στο γραφείο του) και γι’ αυτό να μη μας φέρνει το… γούρι που περιμέναμε.

Κι ύστερα έχεις κι αυτούς τους απερίγραπτους τύπους, που τον χλευάζουν ως γκαντέμη στο διαδίκτυο, κυκλοφορώντας εικαστικά σαν αυτά που βλέπετε εδώ.


  1. When 47% of the population doesn’t vote in a general election, causing the ~20% who voted for an excommunicated leader to “double” their percentage to 40% by default, and elect him, is there really an expectation for God to respond to the prayer “υπερ ευκρασιας αερων…” (often translated as “for temperate weather”)? Remember the reasons why Ambrosios excommunicated him and Ms. Kerameos?

    When the same 20% of the population uses the same “hand” to both vote for an excommunicated leader and to light a candle and pray for “God’s assistance”, how should God respond to these individuals’ “wishes” based on their own free will? You can’t serve two masters, right? Pick one, but don’t complain about the results if you make the wrong selection… The same applies for when larger chunks of the population over the years have voted for corrupt atheists to lead them…

    At some point, the allusions to the “plagues of Pharaoh” are closer to reality than to a joke, but with the difference being that it’s not “the leader” who brought the plagues, but the people themselves with their complicity and passiveness in the face of long-term corruption & and anti-traditional, anti-Hellenic, and anti-Orthodox governance…

    • There are many indications of voting fraud in Greece. The illegals were allowed to vote in Greece and Velopoulos asked to check the voting machines that recorded the election results but Mitsotakis refused to allow it.

      • Leonidas,

        When you see something with your own eyes, you’ll believe it. The statement you are making is not logical. What voting machines? Votes in Greece are still hand-counted. The government website posting official results posts all the reported counts for each polling station, and anyone who observed the count can easily verify if the numbers on the government website don’t match what they “saw” at the time of counting. Names of voters are still correlated against voter rosters and stricken by pen as government IDs are presented, so getting “illegals” to vote is not a simple achievement.

        Representatives of each party are allowed in each polling station to observe each ballot as it is opened and counted, as well as to observe everyone who walks in and votes. Fraud can only be perpetrated if representatives don’t show up, and if “corrupt individuals” decide to perpetrate fraud at the time of ballot counting. If Velopoulos, and every “Velopoulos” is too stupid to send his own representatives to each polling station to “watch” and “verify” who is voting and what is counted, then he actually deserves to be defrauded. Nevertheless, most polling stations in Greece typically have representatives from several parties, so the scenario you are describing is not easily achievable on a grand scale. In the meantime, you should face of the facts here. When 47% of the electoral base doesn’t even show up to vote, what results are you expecting, exactly?


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