EDITOR’S NOTE: Truly noteworthy!! An Orthodox triumph at the US Open, where Serbian Novak Jokovic (a renowned anti-vaxxer as we all know), beat Russian Daniil Medvedev and passed to the realm of the sports greatest athletes, in the company of Michael Jodan and the rest… Both finalists are Orthodox…


Novak Djokovic wins US Open men’s final for record-tying 24th Grand Slam

Novak Djokovic battled past Daniil Medvedev 6-3 7-6(5) 6-3 and into the tennis record books on Sunday, winning the US Open to equal Margaret Court’s record haul of 24 Grand Slams.

Serbia's Novak Djokovic celebrates with the trophy after winning the 2023 US Open.
Serbia’s Novak Djokovic celebrates with the trophy after winning the 2023 US Open. © Mike Segar, Reuters

The 36-year-old Serb becomes the oldest US Open men’s winner in the Open Era and the first to win three Grand Slam events in a season for the fourth time.

The win was also measure of revenge for Djokovic.

The second seed walked out on to a packed Arthur Ashe Stadium on Sunday and stared across the net at Medvedev, the man once again standing between him and history just as he had two years ago.

The last time the two clashed at the US Open was in the 2021 final, when the Russian captured his only major and denied the Serb a rare calendar Grand Slam.

While Djokovic and Medvedev are intriguing figures, neither has been fully embraced by the New York crowds.

Certainly there was little of the electricity that crackled through Arthur Ashe during the women’s final on Saturday, with no clear support for either player from an attentive but subdued audience.

As expected in a contest featuring the sport’s two premier hardcourt players, almost every point was contested with long rallies as both men pounded away at each other from the baseline.

Djokovic came out playing with purpose and applied pressure right away breaking the third seed at the first opportunity on way to a 3-0 lead.

That would be the only break Djokovic would need against a surprisingly flat Medvedev who could not manufacture a single break chance in the first set.

During a marathon one hour and 44 minute, lung-bursting second set Medvedev would find life forcing a tiring Djokovic into long grinding point, after grinding point.

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But the tireless Russian’s hard work would pay no dividends unable to convert any of his few break chances including one at 6-5 that would have given him the set.

Medvedev charged in front 3-1 of the tie-break but again could not land the knockout blow as Djokovic came off the ropes to take it 7-5 and a 2-0 lead.

If there is one thing Djokovic possesses it is a killer instinct and the Serb wasted no time striking breaking Medvedev to go up 3-1 in the third.

A defiant Medvedev answered with his first and only break of the match but it was not enough with Djokovic hitting right back with another break then holding serve the rest of way to clinch the title.



  1. What the reporter failed to mention is that Drokovic was that he was banned from the Australian Open and the U.S open last year because he refused to be Vaccinated by the fraufulent Modena and Pheizer Covid Vaccine, which had already been porven to not only be ineffective but are injuring and killing vaccinated citizens!

    Hilariously, MOdena is one of the sponsors of the U.S open and had to award Drokovic with the “Shot of the Year award at the U.S open , which is seeet revenge and a complete humitliation to ther Pharma Crime families who are still advertising their Vaccines at the U.S open !

    Today , no one in the U.S. or Australian government have been prosecuted for Fraud in marketing and advertising an ineffective and dangerous drug to the public! Which normally would have been prosecuted against any Pharmaceutical company in the past for their false claimes!

    Everyone should be proud of him for standing his groud against the Totalitarian government of America and Nato ….

  2. How is his faith relevant to winning the tennis open? Two other Orthodox, Tsitsipas and the Greek Orthodox female (her name escapes me) lost almost before they were able to compete.

    • I think it’s remarkable that two Orthodox tennis players reached the finals. One of them, Jokovic, belongs to a small group of super-achieving athletes. He also happens to be be an antivaxxer (I suspect partly due to faith issues).

      • So then, how is Djokovic’s win a triumph of Orthodoxy as the title of your article implies? Would a Medvedev win also been a triumph of Orthodoxy? And you have no idea if his faith has anything to do with being anti-vax– all speculation. As usual, a twisting of the truth, speculation, and irresponsible spin journalism.

      • If you’re going to report that an Orthodox won, then, you should also report that many more Orthodox lost. I dont understand why you have to be so partisan.
        I was attracted to helleniscope due to your reporting on other matters in an objective way.
        BTW, I have a question for you. After finding out that Jerry Dimitriou’s salary was up to $490.00 a year, which is a ridiculous amount for someone to get paid, I attempted to find out what the current hierarchs are making. The archdiocese will not disclose the salaries. Which means that they’re embarrassed at their high salaries. Can you look into that?

        • “Bob” or whatever is your real name. Soon you will have to reveal your identity if you don’t want me to block your “planted” comments.
          1) We are the smallest Christian denomination, and we should pass this up? Who are you kidding? Do you want me to report the Orthodox that lost but not those who reached the top? P-lease..
          2) JD was making over 300,000 but he also took the annual income of GOARCH at $2.5 million and raised it to over $20 million annually. Not sure how much the hierarchs make but most of them do not deserve it. Does Karloutsos deserve any of the commissions and the cash he made out of the Church? because he is a disgrace for all of Christianity – not simply Orthodoxy. I have multiple reports from people who have seen his desk in the Hamptons overflowing with cash, 100-dollar bills!!!
          3) As for Elpidophoros, you see his acts daily… He had the gall to call the St. Demetrios school and ask for a 50% discount for his niece, knowing that the school is in crisis!…
          Yes, I am partisan – I am among the few “partisans” for the truth. This is why you – and many others esp. those who disagree with my views and my politics – have no choice but to read Helleniscope… If they do not – and I have heard this by countless priests among many others – they would not know the truth about what’s going on…

  3. Hey Bob, why does the State Department and Media ..single out Putin and Patroarck Krill as a Russian Orthodox Christian waging war on Ukraine, or a Russian Orthodox hockey player of the Philadelphia Flyers who refused to join or participate in a Team Ownership event promoting LGBTQ Pride night?

    In the end , the meida actually made a story of it , and actually scolded the Other Christian Hockey players who cowardly to keep their jobs ..complied to this forced consent to promote Gay values ! The media had no choice but to admit that the reason he refused was because of his loyalty to the Values of the Russian Ortodox Church , hence , you can make the connection as to why the state department and Zelensky have targeted the Russia Orthodoc Christian of Ukraine and Russia!

    Hey bob , why does the best Hockey Goalie in the world Russian Orthodox Sherterkin of the New York Rangers before everry game ? He .crosses himself before the start of every game as many athletes do … obviously it is their faith in Chriat, that many draw on to protect them and give them the mental and physical strength to do their best !

    Doe that help you understand ..how their faith is relevant in competmg and winning the tennis open ro Stanley cup!

    If the Democratic ruling Party of America relied on their faith …we would have a much better world !


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