EDITOR’S NOTE.  A few days ago, Barack Obama’s biographer caused an uproar when he said the former president many years ago “had gay phantasies” (link here).  A few days later, Tucker Carlson interviewed Larry Sinclair, a man who said he had sex with Obama many years ago in Chicago when he allegedly had marital problems with Michelle (See the full Tucker Carlson interview with Sinclair here).

Wayne Allyn Root has a different opinion and is correct: The main issue is not if Obama is gay, but that he has been following a plan to destroy America…  The signs are plenty…


Tucker Carlson is Outing Obama as Gay. But Everyone is Missing the Big Story. I’m Obama’s College Classmate. I’ve Been Trying to Warn America for 15 years!

By Wayne Allyn Root
I’m Barak Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. I’m also the author of the #1 bestselling hardcover book in America in 2012, “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide.” I’ve always had Obama’s number. I understand what makes him tick. I understand his goals. First, let’s get the “gay issue” out of the way. I’ve reported on both my radio and TV shows for 15 years that my wealthy, connected friends in Chicago have always said, “Obama frequented gay bathhouses and gay clubs. Everyone in the know, knows Obama is gay.” Now that we’ve heard from Obama’s biographer that Obama wrote about his daily gay fantasies, I think it’s pretty clear my Chicago pals were right. Tucker Carlson is onto something! But gay is not the issue.
The issue here is fraud. If Obama is in fact gay, then he was lying to the American people from day one. He portrayed himself as a happily married family man with a wife and two beautiful young daughters. That’s called fraud. If America had known the truth in 2008, does anyone honestly think Obama would have been elected president? But all of this is small potatoes. This is not the big story. Why does any of this matter now? Because Joe Biden is a brain-dead puppet. This is the third term of Obama. The proof is we are all reliving the nightmare Obama economy. Great for Wall Street and billion-dollar multi-national corporations. But a disaster for the American middle class and Main Street.
Second, Biden is fading fast – and everyone can see it. At the same time Biden’s cognitive health is in freefall, all of his corruption from the past is pouring out of the closet. Biden is finished. He is toast. He will never make it to 2024. Sometime this fall Biden will have a very public “episode” and be hospitalized. Soon thereafter he (or Jill) will announce he is stepping down for “health reasons.” Who will replace him? Either Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom. But whoever it is, Obama will be calling the shots from his nearby Washington DC mansion. That’s why this story matters. I’ve had Obama pegged from the first day. Obama is the ultimate “Manchurian Candidate.”
Gay is unimportant. What matters is he was groomed to be president by the Deep State and communist, fascist, globalist enemies of the United States. What matters is Obama is a radical Marxist tyrant carrying out the destruction of America. Obama was tame in his first two terms. He was “boiling the frog slowly.” But Trump ruined his plan. Now Obama is trying to destroy this country as fast as he can before Trump has a second chance to undo the damage. And at the same time, Obama is coordinating the attacks on Trump to either imprison him, kill him, or disqualify him. My guest on my show, “America’s Top Ten Countdown” on Real America’s Voice TV last week was former Illinois Governor Rod “Blago” Blagojevich. Blago’s Governor’s mansion was raided by an early morning FBI Swat team. Sound familiar? I pointed out to “Blago” that Obama’s fingerprints were all over his frame job… and FBI SWAT raid… and long prison sentence. Obama set him up. Obama took away his freedom. I asked him to comment. Blago reported, “Obama set up the meeting that led to my arrest.” Do you get it now? It’s the exact same M.O. as what’s happening to President Trump. The same FBI raids, persecution, frame job.
The same weaponization of government to destroy Obama’s political adversaries. I’ve always said the key to understanding Obama was his time at Columbia University. First, there is the “Ghost of Columbia” mystery. I was a Pre Law, Political Science major. So was Obama. He had to be in all the same classes as me. But he was never in one class. I never met Obama, never saw him, never heard of him, never met anyone at Columbia who has. Obama got in, so why didn’t anyone ever see him? My educated guess is Obama was in the Soviet Union studying communism. Columbia had a “sister school” in Moscow. That would be the only real answer as to why Obama was rarely if ever seen at Columbia. He was being groomed way back then by the enemies of America. Secondly, at Columbia we learned a plan to destroy America called “Cloward Piven.” I’ll bet Obama spent two years in the Soviet Union at our “sister school” becoming the world’s expert. Look around. Everything happening in America today is Cloward Piven…
The open borders bringing millions of foreigners into our country, changing our demographics forever. The explosion of welfare and bailouts. The Green New Deal. The destruction of our military. The end of the dollar as world reserve currency. The plans for pandemic lockdowns, climate change lockdowns and Central Bank Digital Currency. The censorship, banning of dissent, and weaponization of government against conservatives and Christians. Defund the police. The vicious criminals let out without bail. Critical Race Theory and Transgender brainwashing. Persecution of PTA parents. Conservatives and Christians classified as “domestic terrorists.” The arrest of political opponents. 87,000 new IRS agents.
It’s all about Cloward Piven and communist-level control. Sound familiar? It’s what Obama the “Manchurian Candidate” learned in the Soviet Union from the best. This man was groomed from day one by the communist and globalist enemies of America. He was sent to destroy us. Now he’s working behind the scenes to finish the job. He is the man who ordered the spying on Trump. The framing of Trump. Now he’s the man directing the nonstop government attacks against Trump. Just as he did to Blago. So, Obama being gay is the least of it. America is being destroyed. Obama is at the root of every evil thing happening.


  1. Obama’s friendship with Rev. Wright was biggest red flag exposing how seriously messed up he is; who chooses a religious mentor that’s clearly insane and screams out ugly venom?
    And yes, as I politically campaigned for the Republican against Obama, I heard nonstop reports he frequented Chicago gay bars. We all know he’s the one pulling Joe Biden’s strings!

  2. Exactly Jane.

    I don’t believe that if the Deep State was grooming him, that they would send him to Russia. That makes no sense.

    And I don’t see where the communist part comes in…fascist yes, globalists yes.

  3. Nick , forget about Obama or Biden .. these are all planted stories to distract America and the world from the hardcore tuth … it is the Ruling “Internationla Crime Syndicates of Ameica .. the Ruling Democratic and Republican Parties who are the only common denomiinators who have been running a “Racketeering and Protection Racket ” built on the operating principles of the Notorious Jewish Crime family ..”. Murderers inc” led by Bugsy Segal and Meyer lansky. who partneres on many occassions with “the italian,crime famiies run by Lucky Luciano and Joey Costello and at one point had control of 90% of the local government of the United States ! Thay is why the Kefauier committee was convened in 1948 to investigate the impact of organized crime in America .. and guess who was the number one subpeoned crime family under investigation … the Bugsy Segal and Meyer lansky gang.. famously known as “Murderers Inc” Today , they are call “Zionist inc” if you haven’nt notice the starting lineup of the Ruling dmeocratic Party .. from Biden , to Blinken, to Nuland, to Yellen , to Garland to Shumer to Shiff, to Nadler to Soros, to Stolzberg,to Zelensky to Mistotaks, to Obama to Nentanyahue to Borelli, etc etc ..

    The Durham Report said it alll …. The FBI, DOJ, State department and intelligence department colluded with members of the dmeocratic party and media to promote a campaign of misinformation and censorship to charge the Russian Federation of collusion and meddling in the internal affairs of America and its elections with Donald Trump to interfere and undermine the democracy of America!

    What the Durham Report did not say… was these were acts of Sedition in destabilzing the ability of Donald Trump to fullfill his duties as President of the United States and the free world! What he didn’t say was the act of the DOJ… allowed the conveing of the Russia Gate impeachment that also was an act of sedition in , against obstructing the President of the United States from fulfillling his duties as President of the United States and free world , and more importantly inciting hostilities with the Russian Federation!

    Durham repoet : DOJ , FBI , State department members of the Democratic Party and Meda blatantly defrauded the People of America , committed acts of Sedition and evoked possible war on America by the Russian Federatiion which are acts of Treason … and if you want to know how Organized Crime families run a protection racket .. just listen to lindsey Grahma response … “The FBI and DOJ should apologize for what they have done”! No… degenerate lindsey “Lucky Luciano” Graham ..they should all be prosecuted for Treason, Fraud and acts of Sedition!

    Does Obama own Lindsey Graham? No ! But what he is only … is the Godfather of the “Bloack Mafia” partnering with the “Zionist Crime Syndicate, better known as Murderers inc… running an International Crime Syndicate which includes mafia families in Greece, and most of the EU /Nito parliaments.

  4. Can you stop with your anti-Democrat bashing, which has no truth in it, but only conspiracy theories and concentrate on real news. If you want to be taken seriously. If Obama was gay is not a topic to offer a prominent spot on your newspaper. That’s his business. The theory that he wanted to “destroy America” is a fantasy, a lie a conspiracy theory that even QAnon would envy. Stop it now. You lose any shred of credibility that might have had. Either report real news or close up shop and go home

    • Let me get this straight: You are not bothered by the lies you hear FOR YEARS AND YEARS from ABC-CBS-NBC-CNN-MSNBC-WaPo-NY Times etc and you are bothered by my named opinion, in such a small website as Helleniscope?
      Why don’t you reveal your name and state your views?
      You are not bothered that Obama – like so many other presidents EXCEPT DONALD TRUMP – started as a President basically without a second house and now he has three or four mansions? This fact alone should give you pause and make you think who is behind him. His biographer revealed his homosexuality – and it is not about this but it is about him committing fraud. Do you think he would be elected if he would reveal that he is gay?
      As for the rest I am glad I bothered you and I will continue to bother you. This Greek-American community is conservative and voted for Trump more than 80%. We used to vote for Democrats when they were Americans first. Now they are sold out to the woke devil. So stay in your corner and your loneliness. Not many agree with you.

  5. Let me help you Bob Karp…In 2014 …. the following Poll were conducted by the leading Pollster in the world , which happened to be during the final years for Obama , Biden and Hillary Clinton ..Crime Syndicate, before they lost the shocking election to Donald Trump! It was also the same year He, Biden, and McCain ordered the coup of the democratically elected leader of the Ukraine who was not at war with anybodiy and had good relations with Russia!

    “78% of the population of the United States consider the US governmet corrupt thru and thru ”
    Gallop Polls -2014
    “The Greatest Threat and danger to the Security and Peace of the world.. The United States of America”
    International Gallup Poll of the countries of the world
    Russia was not in the top ten

    The rest is history ..475,000 Ukrainian are dead to date in war porvoked by the Democratic ruling Party, and possibly 350 million Americans and billiions around the world if Biden and the Democratic Ruling Crime Syndicate get their way, and they will. because they are absolutely inviting Putin to start retaliating agaisnt U.S and Nato!

    More important Bobby , if you haven’t noticed and i have never seen this in my lifetime …5 countries at once …Russia, China, North Korea all Nuclear armed, Iran and Syria are thretening to wage war on the United States , who stll have not told the American people that they already started WW3.against the world to defent their monopolies of the world!

    You can now add the Donald Trump Maga populist who is threatening war on America! Good Job ..Barack, Biden , Blinken ,Yellen, Garland running a Racketeering and Protecton Racket to violate Interntional , Constitutional, Domestic and U.N Charter laws….with immunity from the corrupt DOJ…

    You are right, forget about Barack Obama and Joe Biden ..because in the bigger picture … Merrick Garland , the FBI , and Justice System of Judges are ones destroying America in allowing Barack and the Democratic Cabal to break all laws of man and God with immunity to impose his new governmet of the Oppressed ..Black, Gays, Transgenders, women, gangsters, pedofiles etc etc, who are in the Racketeering and Protecton Racket of the ruling cime syndicate of the Democratic party forever loyal to any criminal agenda that is destroying the world and the Normal populist!

    Barack Obama … is fair game for Nick …and shouldn’t be ignored ! Do you think Donald Trump incited the riots on January 6th… not at all …The Gallop Polls of 2014 tell the Truth …Flat out democratic Crime Syndicate “CORRUPTION” record drove the public to storm the Capital …and all of them were in session !

    The electorat sent TRump to Washington to clean out the corrupt government or as we all know the “Swamp”, and the were now back in business!


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