PHOTO: Our main photo of Armenian PM Nikol Pashynian with George Soros tells you most of what you need to know about the humiliating defeat Armenia suffered, a surrender, a few days ago….
By Nick Stamatakis
In a short outline here are the basic facts of the struggle between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the last thirty years:
  • In the 1990s, right after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Armenia managed a military triumph in Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh), but soon it turned inwards to consolidate the Armenian State.
  • Azerbaijan in the next two decades, powered by plentiful income from oil and gas exports, increased its defense spending multi-fold.  Characteristically, in recent years it bought drones from its “brothers” in Turkey and from Israel which has a long-term alliance with the Azeris in order to handle their main enemy, Iran.
  • Russia has a very strong military presence in Armenia, where it maintains two bases, one very close to the capital, Yerevan. Up to a few years ago, the ties of the two Christian nations were very close.
  • The rise of the Deep State and Soros’s puppet, Nikol Pashinyan, to power, changed the equation at a time when Russia needed the Azeri participation in the very important North-South corridor, a project that is intended to by-pass the Bosporus Straights and connect Russia to the ports of Iran in the Persian Gulf.
  • Pashynian gave every indication that he was trying to backstab Russia at the same time as he was re-orienting the country to the West.  After the recent surrender he is all but finished, and the Armenian people ask for his removal. Rightfully so…
  • A few months ago, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu, anticipating the coming problems, had a meeting in Tehran with the Iranian Defense minister. They both sought to speak to Pashinyan and the Armenian defense minister in Yerevan BUT THEY REFUSED TO PICK-UP THE PHONE!!
  • Just days before the recent humiliating defeat, Armenia held military exercises with US troops in Armenia, not far from the Russian bases!!

Do the above facts remind you of the Greek relationships with Turkey, Russia, and the West? Greece is also run by a puppet of the Globalists, Mitsotakis, who, violating the rule of the past 75 years, cut off completely the country’s relationship with Russia. Turkey has an open line with Russia 24/7. What do you think will happen when the crisis comes?  We already know that Turkey has the advanced Russian S-400 missile system and rumor has it that the F-16s have no chance against it.  Let’s hope that the French Rafale jets will have a better chance but it is dubious…

Now project 6-8 years into the future when Turkey will very likely be part of a wider Eurasian alliance and will have access to many more Russian systems (and planes) that have proven so effective in Ukraine.  What do you think the result will be?  Oh yes, we will be saved by Israel – the same Israel that hedges its bets, keeps the doors open to Turkey, even yesterday discussed a Turkish road to Europe for Eastern Mediterranean natural gas, buys huge pieces of land in the occupied north Cyprus and provides Mitsotakis with its predator software to spy on all Greek political leaders!!! Why are we fooling ourselves?

The true lesson to be extracted by the Armenian surrender for Greece’s benefit is that the country needs to have balanced relationships with East and West, it needs to control and expose the corruption of those leaders like Mitsotakis (and others) who are globalist puppets, strengthen its defense industry with the same bright Greek minds who now work in Israel, E.U and the U.S. and be more independent militarily.

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  1. Nick well written , there is nothing to add to your article ..if bring truth to the fact … That World Wrar 111 with Russia , China and the world has been going on since the end of WW2!
    America annexed the world at the end of WW2..when is was crippled and unable to defend their sovereignty ….The Nato alliance and EU were formed by U.S to transition control of those regimes to America and become the slave states to take over not only Russia , but Eastern Europe , Middle east and the Pacific today!

    The issue for mankind and the Christian churches ….is how do you produce a society that uses Christian Churches as testimomy to theire Righteous Wars and interventions which are simply Racist White Supremacist nation believign it was entitled to keep the people of the world to save them !

    As I said Nick …your layes out the prototype of a Crime Syndicate tactics to corner the Market on everything…human beigns just disposable ant workers!

  2. There are some facts that you are missing from your article:
    1. The Armenia of today is the eastern part of Armenia.
    2. Armenia is a weak country, it has been invaded by every direction for hundreds of years and has acted as front line soldiers for the rest of Europe. This is a huge mistake. Armenians should have packed their bags and moved to the Island of England or Ireland or something and let the Greeks be the front line soldiers or the Georgians.
    Or dump christianity and become muslim. Muslims tend to protect muslims.
    3. As for Eastern Armenia (today’s Armenia), it was under the protection of Russians until Russia fell into the hands of the Bolsheviks.
    4. Then came the fun time with the Bolsheviks (Soviet Russia). So, Russia gave lands from Armenia to Azerbaijan to make Azerbaijan happy and gave another part to Georgia.
    5. So, how are armenians going to remember that ^^^^ move?
    6. The soviet union breaks up and the UN decides that those lands belongs to Georgia and Azerbaijan respectively.
    7. Armenians still place the blame of Russia since up to this date, they don’t take responsibility.
    8. Armenians can see how friendly and smiling Putin is when he shakes hands with Aliev. (You are calling Russia a christian nation? Come on. Think a little. There is no such thing. All Christian nations are businesses.)
    9. So, in 1991, the Soviet Union fell apart. The next few prime ministers of Armenia are corrupt. There was a desperate need for change and so Nikol Pashynian came along.
    10. The people kicked out Serge Sarkissian and they placed Nikol Pashynian.
    11. Keep in mind that even before 10, Russia is very friendly with Azerbaijan and Turkey and sells a lot of military hardware to Azerbaijan even when Armenia complains.
    12. Repeated calls for help to Russia gets ignored. More and more Armenians see Russia as a problem while previous to that, they viewed themselves as the closest ally to Russia.

    There is a good reason why no ex soviet state wants to return to the Soviet era. All of them complain of mistreatment. Even russians leave Russia and come to western countries.
    I don’t think that bringing in Nikol would have changed anything. Azerbaijans are a bigger population and have a lot of petrol.

    When palestinians get attacked in Israel, every nation rises up and wants to defend their muslim brothers.
    When armenians get attacked, the news media mentions it once for 1 min on the news and then nothing. The UN doesn’t say anything against Azerbaijan. The USA wants Armenia to become from with Turkey.
    You still believe that there are christian nations?

    Ukraine is getting pounded but the only reason they send weapons to Ukraine is to fight their enemy: the russians. Ukraine is getting used.
    It is better for Ukraine to join Russia and maybe together, they can invade Romania and from there, they can move westward.

    As for Armenia, I think it is finished. Eventually, it will get invaded by the turks. Not a single country will notice it since they are christians.


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