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FBI To Investigate Our Churches For Russian Spies!!


EDITOR’S NOTE: They investigated Trump and his aides (including George Papadopoulos) for three full years, but they failed to produce not one scintilla of evidence that they were part of a Russian spying operation… Yet the FBI, according to the following report from “Newsweek”, “warned Russian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox Christian parishes about possible efforts of Russian spies to use their churches for recruitment.” My friends, get ready to fight these UNAMERICAN snakes, who are driving this beautiful country to hell!… There is another way to see it: They have used Patriarch Bartholomew as a spy tool to divide Orthodoxy AND THEY FAILED.  THEY HAVE LOST THE WAR IN UKRAINE!… They are also using Orthodoxy in Africa with the same results…

The best way to see this: We are dealing with people who do not know how to lose – and therefore, they are very dangerous.   Let’s hope they will soon realize their TOTAL DEFEAT worldwide and the loss of their perks.  And they will go back to their holes like the snakes they are…



Russia’s Trying to Recruit Spies From U.S. Churches: Report

Russian intelligence agents have tried to recruit sources from churches in the United States, leading to an intervention by the FBI, according to a recent story.

The September 14 story in Foreign Affairs detailed how the FBI warned Russian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox Christian parishes about possible efforts of Russian spies to use their churches for recruitment. One suspected Russian agent was allegedly willing to blackmail church members.

Orthodox Christianity is a popular religion in Russia and Ukraine, but especially in Russia. The Russian branch of the church has also publicly supported Russian President Vladimir Putin‘s invasion of Ukraine, which has caused friction with parishes all over the world. Russian Orthodox Church leader Patriarch Kirill has also stirred controversy for his ties to Putin, as well as for a sermon that urged mobilized troops to “go bravely to fulfill your military duty.”

Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan wrote that they reviewed FBI documents that “identify and highlight the activities of a senior member of the Russian Orthodox Church’s foreign relations department whom the FBI suspects of having ties to Russian intelligence.”

Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill
Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) speaks as Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill (left) looks on during the World Russian People’s Council on November 1, 2018, in Moscow, Russia. A new report said Russian spies could be trying to recruit sources from the Orthodox Church in the United States.PHOTO BY MIKHAIL SVETLOV/GETTY IMAGE

“The FBI’s warning suggests that the church may be even more closely linked to the Putin regime than many observers assume, with potentially significant implications for the Kremlin’s overseas influence,” they wrote.

“The documents identify and highlight the activities of a senior member of the Russian Orthodox Church’s foreign relations department whom the FBI suspects of having ties to Russian intelligence.”

Newsweek could not verify the contents of the FBI documents, and the agency did not directly address the warning when contacted for comment.

“While we have no comment on the specifics of your inquiry, the FBI regularly meets and interacts with members of the community,” the FBI told Newsweek in a statement. “We do this to enhance public trust in the FBI, to enlist the cooperation of the public to fight criminal activity, to provide information in support of crime prevention efforts, and to open lines of communication to help make the FBI more responsive to community concerns.”

Per Foreign Affairs, the FBI warning said there were reasons to suspect that a senior official in Russia’s Department for External Church Relations who recently traveled to America was a “Russian Intelligence Officer operating under non-official cover.”

“His objective in the United States, according to the warning, was to recruit the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church and other Orthodox churches,” Soldatov and Borogan wrote.

The official was reportedly stopped and searched by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers when he arrived in the United States in 2021. He was said to have been in possession of documents related to Russia’s foreign intelligence service and its military intelligence agency.

The story noted that the official allegedly had files on church members for the purpose of blackmailing them into working for the Kremlin.

“According to the FBI notification, the Russian national was also carrying ‘files regarding the source/agent recruitment process’ as well as dossiers on church employees, including detailed biographical information about them and members of their families—information that the warning suggests could be used to blackmail employees of the church into participating in spy operations,” the story said.

Soldatov appeared on CNN last week to discuss his reporting on the Kremlin’s links to the Orthodox Church in the United States.

He told host Erin Burnett that not only had Moscow agencies “found a way out to use the church, but that the church is apparently quite happy to be used.”

When asked about the size of Russia’s intelligence network in America’s Orthodox churches, Soldatov said that “it is a big platform because the Russian Orthodox Church is very well present here in the United States and actually getting bigger.”

There are more than 2,000 Orthodox Christian parishes in the United States as of 2020, according to usreligioncensus.org.


  1. I fear there may be a more sinister side to this Russian spy business. Orthodox Church Councils should make sure their Church property is well lit. Be on the lookout for activated crazies that may be looking to do crazy things.

    • Of course it is related… They have lost the war in Ukraine – which isa grave loss for the Patriarchate – and now they use fear to support the corrupt hierarchs in America and elsewhere…This is what they mean by “democracy”…

  2. “…the FBI regularly meets and interacts with members of the community,”
    the FBI told Newsweek …. “We do this to enhance public trust in the FBI.”


  3. Jesus said, “For judgment I came into this world, that those who do not see may see, and those who see may become blind.”

    Breaking News :
    FBI AND DOJ under investigation for corruption and mafia weapon to eliminate opposing political party members to Joe Biden by the House Judiciary committee led by Jim Jordan … now looking for Russia Spy’s recruiting Othodox Christan parishioner and Clergy to do what illegally ? However,

    If you are a believer in God we can help the FBI …..Who else but God would recruit the Othodox Chirstians Clergy and Parishioners to let the world see who is blind to the Satanic Evil Empire of America destroying the World and who else is going to be responsible for making the U.S completely Blind forever!

    Without firing a shot … His Church has already disarmed America and Israel of its greatest lie to wage war …they protect the human rights and Freedom of the worlds! Really , well God Recruited the Ukrainian Orthodox Clergy to do what all Chirstians are supposed to do … sacrifice themselves to bring truth to the masses ..which is growiing every day … America is the most corrupt country in the world and mortal threat to the Security and Peace of all mankind!

    Jewish Zionists Neo Nazi Zelensky of Ukraine, State Department Anthony Blinken, President Joe Biden and DOJ Merrick Garland and George Soros funder of District Attorneys of America … “warned Russian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox Christian parishes that God is trying to recruit them ..and is threat to power and money of U.S led Menendez crime families

    Of course God churches are greatest threat to immoral demonic psychopaths of U.S society… because they subvert his laws everyday and harm his children !

    Fear not … God is working his magic if you haven’t noticed …

    Only God can breach the Great Decievers hold on the twisted minds of 2.4 billion Christians by The Empire of lies and destruction by the U.S.. Congress, C.I.A , State Department and Media of America by reaching black and white uneducated Christians and believers in God with something they are fully educated and indoctrinated with since WW2..which now turns endless righteous wars by the “Crime Syndicates” of America …the Zionist Democratic and Republican Parties into …….”State Sponsors of Terrorism against the whole world to dominate the Economic, Political, Military and Religious Sovereignty of the Nations of the World “….

    “Only Satanic monsters of Nazi Germany , Neo Nazi Jewish Zionist of the Ukraine , Neo Nazi Jewish and Christian Zionist and collaborator would “Torch Synagaues and Churches, arrest their priests and faithful, and cleanse them from their countries because they were “Communist Agents of Russia” having “Negative Influence” on the democracy of Nazi Party of Germany and Zionist Parties of Ukraine” Israel, and America!!

    All Anti Nazi Movies of Hollywood since WW2 and Documentaries of Nuremburg Trials of 1945

    The Gestapo has been exposed … and yes they are learning that God is doing the recruiting…and all Orhtodox Christians of the world are asked to join the final push to defeat Satan again as Christ did 2000 years ago …..

  4. No matter what they will do , one thing is
    not going to change, God is the Master of the Kosmos . If you believe him you will have
    a nice position in life after death.

  5. When government is taken over by atheists, then by default, the institutions of Church and Family become the government’s “arch-enemy”…We have seen this many times throughout history. Very recently, the FBI has targeted parents at school board meetings, and not surprisingly, Christians, labeling them “extremists”, etc…whether it is because of their beliefs on issues such as abortion, their opposition to “normalization” /”legalization” / “imposition” / “forced acceptance” / “teaching in schools” of sexual immorality, “non-standard family structure”, etc. Somehow the government interprets thousands of years of traditional beliefs as a “new threat”, worthy of suppression.

    The solution to this problem, unfortunately is directly related to increasing the number of voters who favor traditional values, making it clear that no politician will be elected who goes against their beliefs. The way society is heading though, this solution looks rather bleak, barring a cataclysmic natural event that would turn people towards God.

      • Do you truly believe that we have democracy in this country? Unbelievable. And yes Zelensky is a Nazi as he is surrounded by Nazis. Look what the Wiesenthal Institute of Israel says about the Ukrainian Bandera Nazis. They are the authority and they call them what they ARE: NAZIS

        • Democracy is by definition, the majority rules, while the minority has rights. Other than two times, when the majority lost to the electoral college nonsense and both times it was republicans who benefited, then, yes, we have democracy. If we dont have democracy, then, give me your definition of what we have

          • We have corporatism: the big corporations (esp. defense, banks and pharmaceutical) are buying influence in Congress to benefit mostly themselves. If it is not to their benefit, rarely any law passes in Congress

  6. It would be naive to think moscow wouldn’t infiltrate churches, looking to influence them. Just look at the last few days in Skopia and Bulgaria; where russian agitators have been escorted out of those countries.

    • Before Russian “agitators” were escorted out of Bulgarian churches Western NGOs funded by Soros and others were trying to create color revolutions in Russia and other former Soviet republics. And protestants were trying to teach Christianity to the Russians. What do you have to say about these facts?

  7. I can make quite a list of ways in which Greece has been let down over the centuries by the powers of western Europe and, more recently, by the United States.

    However, I can make a similarly long list about the ways in which Greece has been let down by Russia over those same years.

    Sadly, however, to encourage prudence and caution for Greece in these tense times is rare on this website.

    • I beg to disagree… I have repeated many times that since 1945 with the Yalta Conference, it was agreed among Churchill, Stalin and FDR that the West will exercise about 80-90% infuence on Greece and USSR/Russia will have the rest. All Greek governments since have applied this rule. With one exception: Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who tied Greece to NATO and US 100%. Greece needs to balance between East and West to serve her own interests – despite the fact that because it is a maritime power, it will always be allied to the West.

      • Allying Greece with Russia in any way, is a losing strategy. Greece belongs with the West. Greece is too small to “balance” the West against Russia. Turkey is doing that, because she’s big and situated clos3r to Russia. Being totally pro-West gives us more weight than Greece’s small size otherwise would have had. And makes Greece essential to the west, while sidelining Turkey

        • I beg to disagree. Greece is small only in the defeated minds of the traitors. Greece is ecumenical in four ways as I so many times have explained (Cultural heritage, Navigation, Diaspora, Orthodoxy). This current crisis has proved how important a factor Greek navigation is. Tens of articles pointed to the significance of Greek Shipowners, who are the only ones truly expressing Greek interests – they are the ones balancing East and West. The traitors of the Mitsotakis governments are puppets of the globalists and they are following orders.
          Turkey has none of the ecumenical factors Greece has, but it has a patriotic leadership that truly care for their country.

          • Cultural heritage, diaspora and Orthodoxy are not strategic assets. The economy, resources, military prowess and technology are what counts in geostrategic matters, such as a war in Europe. Navigation is a non issue, since the shipowners would take any load, as long as its profitable. And I dont blame them for it. The government of Greece does not control the shipowners, among whom many use other flags and employ very few Greek seaman.

          • The best asset of modern Hellenism is that no government controls the shipowners… Greek or American or other. They started, financed and won the Greek revolution and today their choices and policies express in the best way possible the interests of Hellenism..

  8. Hey Tom ..what did you not understand about my Post above ….

    “Only Satanic monsters of Nazi Germany , Neo Nazi Jewish Zionist of the Ukraine , Neo Nazi Jewish and Christian Zionist and collaborator of America would “Torch Synagaues and Churches, arrest their priests and faithful, and cleanse them from their Churches and country because they were “Communist or Marxist Stalinist Agents of Russia” having “Negative Influence” on the democracy of Nazi Party of Germany and Zionist Parties of Ukraine” Israel, and America!!

    All Anti Nazi Movies of Hollywood since WW2 and Documentaries of Nuremburg Trials of 1945 fully testimony to what U.S. and Ukraine are doing around the world now…

    So Tom …as a Greek Orthodox Steward of my Orthodox Chruch in New Jersey …do you think I am a Russian Spy or agitator because I have legally walked into my church and demanded of the Clergy and Church board that they condemn my Congressman, Bartholomew and the Greek Orthodox Church for aiding and abetting the persecution and arrest of Ukrianian Orthodox clergy and imprisonment of these clergy and bishop , and to end any funding or aid to the Most Corrupt Jewish Zionist Neo Nazi fascist regime of the Ukraine sending to date 550,000 Ukrainian Orthodox Christians to their death just to make the Ukraine another U.S Nato colony and base to wage war on Russia!

    So Tom , based on your logic ..I should be escorted out of my Church for having a negative influence not on my Church, but on the ruling White Supremacist Fascist Political parties of the Ukraine , America, Greece and its Nato vassal states

    Tom, you are very confused, let me give you a scoop …Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, and Human rights do not end , when you go to church or any other private institution! only Greek Secret Societies or any of the Secret Societies of America and Federal government escort you out of their organziation if you have the “wrong view”

    In other words , Tommy , whether Russian, Greek , Syrian, Ukraine , American or the Monks of Mt. Athos Orthodox Christian infiltrated the Churches of Europe or America …. to try to influence these churches to morally enforce the laws of God and bring truth to their parishioners about the criminal persecution of Clergy and faithful of the Orthodox Ukraininan Church or the Orthodox faithful of Syria, Serbia ,etc ertc .

    Since when is it a crime to influence private institutions like the Christian Churches of America and Europe by Russian Orhtodox Christians or even Political Christian Right politicians ..like Donald Trump , who entire electoral base is the Evangelcial Christian Churches of America!

    Martin Luther King Jr…was not thrown out oif the Riverside Baptist Church of New Yeok when he delivered his most famous Speech “Silence is Betrayal” when he demanded that the Christian Churches were obligated to speak up against the Criminal wars om Vietnam that was sending poor blacks and whites to a war that was unjust and kililng millions of innocent Asians !

    That right Tommy …you would have had him escorted out of the Churches of Skojh and Bulgaria for having a Negative influence on the ruling governments of U.S led Nato ! That right Tom ..Martin luther King Jr. who was called by the FBI as a “Communist Agitator, was escorted out of the Christian Community and Churches by assassnating him for having a Negative influence on the Corrupt Government of America produced by the Christian influence of Evangelixal and Protestant Churches !

    The Good News …Martin luther king Jr and the Ukrainian Orthodox Christian Clergy have done their jobs for God…they both have escorted lyndon Johnson and his democratic party out of Vietnam and out of office , and now are escorting Biden , Zelenski and U.S crime families out of the Ukraine and out of Office !

    So Tom , you shoudl listen to Nick Stamatakis or Tucker Carslon both Christian infiltrators and influence peddlers of God !

  9. Western NGO’s and Soros are scum. Russia can be criticised for its actions, it doesn’t mean that if you do that, you somehow support NATO or Western criminals.


    i WILL REMIND YOU …THIS FOLLOWING STANDARD POLICE AND MILTARY PROTOCAL USED AGAINST THE budhist of Vietnam , and Muslim Mosque of America during the Iraq wars and Middle East Wars agaisnst the Muslim populaton of America to suppress any Anti U.S . resistance to our genocidal war with Iraq !

    The claims made by Newseek and Allegedly FBI ..are desinged to intimidate , demean , defame the Orthodox Churches to discredit any opposition to their criminal wars around the world and in the Ukraine!

    today I confrontd our Church Board at my Greek Orthodox Church …whho apparently did not know what has happened , and I order them to do what I will do tommorow ..call my Corrupt Congressmane that this tactic was done in Nazi Germany ..and that it merely is an effort to intimidate our Clergy and Parishioners from expressing our God Givern rights and Constitutional rights of Freedom of Speech and human rights, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a Russian Spy comming to our Church or a Ukrainian Spy or for that matter a C.I.A agent …it is not illegal to speak and debate any issue relating to the U.S government and its laws!

    This is simple intimidation to make sure the Clrergy and Parishioners of our Church , who are Orthodox and sympathetic to the fascist policies of the Zelensky regime and state department! They are doing this at school board meeting, Catholic parishion er, Anti – aborion Clinics etc etc

    I plan to send a letter to my congressman demanding the convening of the Kevauher committed probing Organized Crime in our Government ..in 1948…and the firat ones to be subpeoned is the DOJ and FBI…There is more than enough evidence to put them away for ..100 years .

    However , the following tell you why they are targeting not only the Orthodox Church ..but we are the Original and Heart of Christianity but all Christina Churches in Europe and World …the New World order run by America has no place for God …they are the Gods! But unfortunately for them …they are no match for God …and that is why they target God …becasue he has already disarmed them of their lies!

    The Jewish Zionist George Soros Manifesto ..to destroy nationalist states of Russia , Ukraine , America and Eastern Europe whose Orthodox Christian Identity is the core of their foundation ….
    “I was reading a document that was authored by George Soros over 10 years ago in which he talks specifically about this all-out war that would ultimately come against Russia because he said this ‘was the last nationalist state that rests on a foundation of orthodox christian culture with Russian identity at its core. That has to be removed. (Soros) even goes so far as to talk about how useful it would be if it was east Europeans whose lives were expended in this process and not west Europeans who simply won’t take the casualties. This is not a minor matter. This is the kind of thinking that is so destructive and so evil, in my judgement, that that’s what we’re really dealing with in our own countries and I think Putin recognize this

    Colonel Douglas Macgregor- U.S Army – you Tube

    Destroy the foundation of Nationalism in Russia , like they did in Greece!

  11. Merrick Garland ..the Jewish Zionist of the Departmen t of Justice and FBI under investigation for Corruption and being a Mob weapon of the Joe Biden and Democratic Crime Syndicates who look the other way …for all crimes committed by the Democratic rulikng party including support and Funding of Jewish Zionist Nazi leader Zelensky illegal violation of the rellitous freedom and Human rights of the Ethnic Russian orthodox Christions and Churches in the Ukraine , and now leads the charge to oppress the religous rights and huyman rights of Ethnic Russians of America and Orthodox churches !

    The latest accusation that Russian Spies are recruiting Russian Orthodox and Greek Orthodox clergy and parishioners to do what? commit terrorist acts by supporting the Orthodox Christian Church of the Ukraine , or speaking out against U.S support and aid to a another Jewish Zionist to etnically and religiously cleanse Russian Orthodox Christian from Ukaine by Sending to a “Gas Chamber or Battlefield of suicidal death!

    House commitee probe into the mob infested DOJ and FBI …the following questioning reveal how he is already being charge with religious discrimination against Catholic Chiistians…

    Between Blinken , Soros. Garland , Yellen , Nuland, Biden, Shiff , Nadler Shumer, levine , Biden and most of the administrators of the Biden Regime …Welcome to the New World order leaders persecuting Othodox Chrsian, Catholics, Muslim , in Europe , Syria and the Middle East …and they get away with it , because they are in complet control of the Media , but more importantly , the DOJ and FBI! No Internatinoal Crime Syndicate can succeed in braking laws and commiting crimes without cooperation and contol of the law enforcemnt Agencist and Judges !

    Garland objects to question about religious discrimination: One of the most heated exchanges Wednesday occurred when Garland was questioned over whether the Justice Department, under his leadership, was improperly targeting Catholics because of their religious beliefs. Garland took exception to the question.

    “The idea that someone with my family background would discriminate against any religious background is so outrageous, so absurd, that it’s hard for me to even answer your question,” shouted Garland, his voice audibly shaking.

    He uses his Jewish Victim narative to try to dismiss his crimes , just like Zelensky !

    Nick ..you should do atory about the Cabal that is a Fanatical Cult using the U.S governemtnt to dominate the world!


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