By Nick Stamatakis

One more of the younger Greek-Americans follows our ethnicity’s best traditions and has decided to run for NY State Senate.  It’s Gus Lambropoulos, known to all of us for his efforts to improve our community by improving our basic infrastructure, in his case Athens Square.  As we all know, he and his wife Maria Markou, have organized numerous events there, the top one being the annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony… Their most recent improvement: the ice skating ring to be tried for the first time this year… Gus has been also very active recently in opposing the tolls below 59th Street in Manhattan, a measure that is sure to kill businesses, especially restaurants, in the City…

You can visit his website for more information.

Gus will run on a common sense, business-friendly, family-friendly, moderate platform – precisely what is needed in our troubled times… Here is how Gus Lambropoulos describes himself:

My name is Gus Lambropoulos. I am a son of hard-working immigrant parents. I understand what it means to struggle and to make ends meet in an economy that does not meet our needs. We have to work twice as hard.  I am also the father of three children and my wife is also an immigrant who is a practicing immigration attorney.
It is my great pleasure to announce my candidacy for New York State Senator for District 59.  I am a proud New Yorker and Queens native, and I understand the issues facing New Yorkers in our district today, and beyond. 
I love New York, and the community I will serve. Like you, I want the best representation for our District!
Through new legislation, we can stimulate small business growth and lower taxes in our district to be more affordable to all.
Education is the foundation for equipping our youth to become functioning, contributing members in our society. Through improved legislation we can reform the problems facing our educational system.  
Providing all students with available resources for educational opportunities through hard work and healthy competition will enable them to learn the life long values that will prepare them for the future. 
Access to affordable healthcare is a fundamental human right, regardless of your income bracket. Every New Yorker should have access to affordable Healthcare.
In recent times, we have seen a rise in crime and we need to have viable solutions to address the cause and reach a favorable outcome.  
Every New Yorker is faced with uncontrollable inflation which has impacted rent prices to unreasonable rates. The cost of food, clothing, and all basic necessities has doubled, and New Yorkers are facing very tough choices.  
Many New Yorkers should not be threatened with eviction, and no landlord should be faced with a difficult decision having to do that.
Policy reform can give rise to these changes that will serve all New Yorkers fairly.

I Love New York, and I know that “Together We Can Do it Better!”


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