By Alex Aliferis  


In the past week, the world witnessed the conquer of Armenia’s Nagorno Karabakh by the Azeri military forces.  

How did it get there? What is the connection between Greek Prime Minister Kyriacos Mitsotakis, and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan? Both guys are George Soros puppets.  

No one should be shocked that Russia did nothing to help Armenia militarily.  

Russia kicked George Soros and his NGOs out of Russia as Putin came to power in 1999 and the years after. Russia will arrest George Soros or his NGO minions if they set foot on Russian soil.  

George Soros NGOs are in both Armenia and Greece. In Greece, the George Soros NGOs are helping the Muslim migrant invasion of Europe via Greece, Italy, Spain, etc.  

Pashinyan, on June 2, 2023, said ‘Armenia Is Not Russia’s Ally in Its War Against Ukraine’.   And just two weeks ago, they held joint military exercises with the US in Armenia, not far away from the two Russian military bases that have been there for decades since the Soviet Union.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriacos Mitsotakis said, “We’re all united in supporting Ukraine to defend itself against an open act of aggression.” He made this statement during a September 2022 Bloomberg interview.

What are their George Soros connections?

Nikol Pashinyan was placed in power during the Velvet Revolution of 2018 in which he collapsed the pro-Russian Armenian government with protests. Who supported him?

Ironically, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev mentioned in an October 2020 interview that Pashinyan is a product of Soros. Aliyez said Soros tried to start the Orange Revolution in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2005. Aliyev crushed the revolution and threw all Soros NGOs out of the nation. He mentioned how Soros flooded money to Armenia.

Kyriacos Mitsotakis showed his true Soros colors when he attacked Victor Orban and the Fidesz Party in the EU Parliament. He kicked out MP Constantinos Bogdanos, who was openly against the Greek Communists in 2021.

Kyriacos Mitsotakis showed his connections to George Soros when he attended a Nov 2009 closed-door meeting with Stylianos Zavvos, Edi Rama, Alexi Tsipras, and George Soros.

In 2009, the Soros-supported Greek Globalist Elites engineered the collapse of pro-Russia Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis with protests.

Pashinyan betrayed Nagorno Karabakh as he allowed US forces to come into Armenia to play games with Russia.

Mitsotakis is trying to betray Cyprus and the Greek Aegean Islands to Turkey for NATO. This man is foolish in supporting Ukraine.

The key is eliminating George Soros puppet politicians and Soros NGOs from Greece and Armenia.

It is time to stop the instigation of WWIII with Russia.  

Alex Aliferis has worked in Washington D.C. on issues linked to Greece, and Cyprus.

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  1. Hey Nick , i am still waiting for the promised action by the Jewish Zionist Government of Israel to do something special at the U.N .. for Cyprus and Greece….

    • Michael Israel will help Cyprus only if it ensures its survival and other interests. Did you know that as we speak Greek Cypriot soldiers are being trained in Israel on Israeli tanks? I promise I will tell you more of you shorten your comments to a few sentences…

      • So , Nick … they will help Cyprus when they ensure theri survivalbilty and other Interesss!

        So U.S Zionist Congress sends them 3.5 billion dollars a year of the Christina Tresury of America, which they don’t need and U.S congress ..owned by them …makes all their enemies , the enemies of America! And what other interests , maintaining illegal occupation of Golan Heights to launch missiles into Syria and join their protectector the U.S in illegally supporting proxy armies made up of Islamic state and Kurdish communist rebels killing Syrian Civilians and annesing 1/3 rd the terriotories of Syrai to overthrow the elected Assasd government of Syria !

        So does it mean …that Cyprus must support all the interests of Israel to get them to then support what manner ..Cyprus, like U.S has!

        Very confusing !

        • The Cyprus Question is among the most complicated geopolitical “puzzles” globally. Why? Because Cyprus has the most coveted geopolitical position on Earth. Why do you think Gr.Britain gave up Gibraltar and Hong Kong and her bases abroad but kept the two “sovereign” bases in Cyprus? Military presence in Cyprus have not only the three “warrantor powers” (Greece, Turkey, Britain) but also: France, U.S and Israel. Russia occasionally is allowed to dock her warships temporarily (not recently). Russia has military bases in Syria – 50 miles from the coast of Cyprus. The Suez Canal, controlling half the navigation flow on Earth is just 100 miles away. Do you need more to realize this is complicated? The major answer is to take advantage of historical changes and major agreements between superpowers. As I said I will write on this soon – because such a moment is approaching.

          • This is not complicated at all … U.S led Nato members Britain. Turkey, , Greece…lost their protection rights in 1974, when they did not fulfill their dutied to preserve the independence oof Cyprus , and allowed the ethnic and religious cleansing of the Greek Cypriots! France , U.S . and Israel are Nato members ! Cyprus is under full occupation by Nato , and their Government is illegitimate as much as Zelnensky Government is ! While U.N resolution demand removal of all foreign countries of Cyprus, U.S empire of degenerats represent the greatest threat to the Security and Peace of Cyprus and the world! The invasion of Cyprus by Nato , and it was an invasion by Nato member Turkey to divide and dismember Cyprus by Nato to prevent any relationship with Russia, as they have done in Europe and Middle East ! Hillarious , U.S and Nato ..have already poroven they will never protect the peopleo of Cyprus, only corrupted Government leaders and traitors , like Zelensky , subserviant to the only interests of U.S. containing any relationshoip with Cyprus and all EU countries from having a relationship with Russia , China, or any other clountry that could enhance the economic , political and military power of Greece and Cyprus!

            Really Nick ..complicated, what is so complicated that colonialist Britain uses there bases in Cyprus to launch attacks on Iraq, and Syria ..alegedly 50 milies from Cyprus! Compliacated…when U.S can tell Cyprus who they can allow to dock at lports in Cyprus , or who they are supposed to wage war against!

            Nick …Greece and Cyprus are under house arrest and their leadership have already porven , they have no Soverreignty left to give up! So whats the threat they wish to fight to preserve rtheir sovereignty ! The only solution is for Cyprus to merge with Greece ..throw out all foreign Military bases in Greece , get out of Nato and EU. Greece and Cypurs combined are Greek powerhouse… and they do not need anybody! Greece is a Gold mine for its people,which has been built on a Culture of independence and Courage and most importantly, and a passion to celebrate life to the fullest, and this is why the world comes to Greece and Cyprus… which there are few places left in the world today can provide!

            AS you said, Nick…it is a geographical Gold mine …and only corrupt political parties of America and Greece have suppressed that greatness in corruptly raping the economies of greece to serve a “Degenerate Cultue of Anglo Saxon racist colonialist!

            Interantional crime syndicates build their empires thru fear… and Putin just layed out what the New Wordl order is all about ….

          • Yes it is complicated. Geopolitics is all about interests. For example, if the new multipolar world order is agreed on the basis of a new partition of the world into spheres of influence AND IF THESE SPHERES OF INFLUENCE MAKE GREECE AND CYPRUS THE NEW BORDERS OF THE WEST EVERYTHING CHANGES. IN THIS CASE, IF AT THE SAME TIME TURKEY ABANDONS OR IS KICKED OUT OF NATO, THERE ARE NEW POSSIBILITIES FOR GREECE AND CYPRUS. AT THE LEAST THEIR BORDERS WITH TURKEY WILL BE FINALLY GUARANTEED GOING FORWARD. There is also a really bad scenario of Russia helping Turkey militarily as the Bolsheviks have done 100+ years ago. Already they gave her the S-400 missiles which can turn the Greek f-16s useless… Hellenism hegded its bets with the actions of the Shipowners who are expressing its true interests and have helped Russia sell its oil the last two difficult years.

  2. Hey Nick spare me the genoicidal murder of Armenian Christians by Turkey and Azerbajerian , when it is Israel sleeping with the enemies of Greece and Cyprus …Turkey

    Apparently , Nick…Israel and U.S..are planning to do to Cyprus and Greece what they did for Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Taiwan to be proxies for the U.S. and Israeli Zionist governments! With friends like Zionist Menendez and Israel..what can go wrong for America , Greece, Cyprus and the world…

    Who supplied the weapons used by Azerbaijan in 2020 and now war over Nagorno-Karabakh?

    SIPRI estimates that over the decade 2011–20 ,the largest exporter of major arms to Azerbaijan were both Israel, and Turkey in 2011–20.

    Israeli Defense Ministry Director General Eyal Zamir visited Azerbaijan two days before Baku launched a military operation in Nagorno-Karabakh, Army Radio reports.
    The visit comes amid stepped-up Israeli arms supplies to Azerbaijan in recent weeks.

    For a quarter of a century, Israel and Azerbaijan have maintained deep strategic cooperation that touches on national security issues of the highest importance to both sides. The defense relationship goes far beyond arms sales and technology transfer, including cooperation on the establishment of Azerbaijan’s indigenous defense industry.

    In the 2020 war, Azerbaijan demonstrated an innovative use of Israeli arms and the integration of Turkish and Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as well as a novel uses of UAVs. The war set the stage the return of open cooperation between Turkey and Israel and renewal of exchange of ambassadors. Moreover, Israel’s cooperation with Azerbaijan has endowed it with “soft power” among ethnic Azerbaijanis in Iran, who form one-third of the Islamic Republic’s population.

    This is an absolute , disgrace!

  3. So Nick, and not to get into a prolonged debate with you , since, I know that you are one of the few jounalist to express geniince opinions as to the truth of what is really going on and in the best intentions fo the People of Greece, Cyprus, and the world! However, you should be aware of the consequences of being under the Old/New World Order of America, Israel and EU?Nato ! While this post was reserved fro your article on Putin ” 6 principles for the New World Order …it is highly appropriate for this issue on this site …And tells you how uncomplicated it really is … Greece and Cypurs part of a Criminal Enterprise called the United States , Israel and EU which only promikses endless wars for decasdes to come ..and put up an Iranon Curtain around Cyprus and Greece , or the Russion Orthodox Christina Russasi new worrld order which opens up the world to Greece and Cyprus…

    So Nick , what sphere of influence do you want Greece ann Cyprus to take ?

    While Russian Orthodox Christian Putin lays out everything that U.S , Israeli and EU coalition opposes to dominate Economic, Political , and Military of the sovereign nations of the world , Zionist Joe Biden and Jewish Zionist Blinken proclaim the Old World Order is dead , and New World Order, again must be led by the United States …and their first order of business ..”is to commit the people of America, Cyprus, Greece and mob bossed of EU to decades of war to the defeat of Russia in the Ukraine and then openly state that China , and probably the Brics is on deck and any country that dares to develop their economies , Influence, technology and military in their National interests will be considered threats to the New world Order’s Economic , Political , and Military and technological monopolies of the world!

    Translation: Libya, Yugoslavia, Syria , Iraq, Iran , Russia, China , Cuba, Vietnam etc etc … have been destroyed in order to prevent them from attaining in their National Interests the best Economic , Political , Military and Technological abilities which could threaten the control over them to exploit and plunder their countries!
    Now you know why Trump is targeted because he was planning to the National Interest of America , not be just another bottom feeder in the Global Government!

    Namely, those powers are led by Russia and China, Blinken said, adding that “Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine is the most immediate, the most acute threat to the international order.” China poses the biggest long-term challenge, he claimed, because it aspires to reshape the international order and is developing the economic, diplomatic, military and technological power to do so.

    “Beijing and Moscow are working together to make the world safe for autocracy through their ‘no limits’ partnership,” Blinken argued. He claimed that Russia and China have framed the existing order as a “Western imposition,” but that system is anchored in universal values and enshrined in international law.

    Ironically, he also accused the two rivals of believing that big countries can “dictate their choices to others,” a charge that is increasingly made against Washington.

    So Zionist U.S and Israeli government are the perpetuators of the New World Order rule the world.

    • Greece is not led by patriotic politicians and I do not only mean Mitsotakis. So the country will follow the West without anyone raising their patriotic voice or demanding anything. Cyprus has a better chance with Christodoulides, but this remains to be seen. And a warning for you Michal: if you want your comments posted limit them to one paragraph or 3 dentences.

      • “It is a Tribute to the American people and [ Greece and Cyprus], that their leaders , represnetative and {media] perceve it necessary to lie to wage wars, however, it is not a tribute to the Public that they can so easily be foolee”
        Daniel Elsberg – Pentagon Analyst, and
        Pentagon Papers .lies, attrocities , war crimes

        No country including America are led by Patriotic Politicians or Jounalist under the control of the U.S. Republican and Democratic Parties…only led by Traitors and mobsters!
        Nick , there is someone like you and Tucker Carlson raising their Patriotic voices and education of the public … and others around the world! And right now … the Elliot Ness of Mankind has designated Putin to clean out the Corruption of America…the leader of the Crime Sprees against the world


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