By Nick Stamatakis

We just learned that Presbytera Nikki, wife of Fr. Robert Stephanopoulos, and mother of ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos, died peacefully with members of her family at her side.  We express our heartfelt condolences to the family.  I am sure the shock will not be easy to take for all of them… May her memory be eterna!..

Presbytera Nikki was born in Rochester Minn., and was a graduate of the University of Minnesota. She was the long-time director of Orthodox Observer and, as we can understand, she had a full and productive family and Church life. The Church was her family in many ways and she fully applied the principles of the Church in her own family. But Journalism was a close second. She and Fr. Robert have four children and two granddaughters: Mother Agapia, an Orthodox nun; George, (A Rhodes Scholar with a Doctoral degree in Theology) husband of Alexandra and father of Elliot Anastasia and Harper Andrea, is chief Washington correspondent for ABC News and host of This Week, Sunday mornings on ABC TV; Marguarite is Asst. Vice President for Conferences and Events for Deutsche Bank in New York City, and Andrew is a psychotherapist and Director of Client Care for Moonview Sanctuary, Santa Monica, CA.

For the rest, I will let former AB Demetrios talk about Presbytera Nikki (from GOARCH.ORG): 

“Presvytera Nikki has been a faithful and creative worker in the Archdiocese, covering as Director the important field of News and Information. She has offered in an insightful and amiable way, her service in the various tasks of the Church which needed her contribution; and she has been an excellent liaison with significant journalists in the New York area. Upon her retirement, Presvytera Nikki has our wholehearted thanks and our warm prayers for abundant blessing from God.”

Presvytera Nikki Stephanopoulos began working for the Archdiocese in 1983 as a feature editor for the Orthodox Observer, soon after that she became the Director of the Office of News and Information/Public Relations, the position from which she is retiring. She also served as the editor of the LOGHIA magazine and the IOCC Newsletter (1992-94), and as the public relations director of Leadership 100 (1993-95).

Presvytera Stephanopoulos represented the Archdiocese and served in various capacities in many organizations including the National Interfaith Cable Coalition and National Council of Churches where she is a member of the governing board. She has also served in the boards of the Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter, the Garret-Medill Center for Religion and News Media, the Council of Churches of the City of New York and the organization Religion in American Life (RIAL). Prior to her tenure at the Archdiocese and from 1955 to 1982 Presvytera Nikki worked as the assistant director and director of College Crusade for Freedom, the editor of the Athens Daily Post, the editor of The Voice (a Greek-American Newspaper in Cleveland) and was the founding editor of the Illuminator, the newspaper of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

She had an active role as an Orthodox press liaison in the Seventh Assembly of the World Council of Churches (Canberra, Australia, 1991), and as press officer for the Pilgrimage of Ecumenical Patriarch Dimitrios in the United States in 1991, and the Visit of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to the U.S. in 1997. She was the editor for various Archdiocese publications including Iakovos: The Making of an Archbishop (1996), Patriarch Dimitrios in the USA (1991), Tell the Good News…Public Information and Outreach (1991), the 30th, 35th and 37th Clergy-Laity Congress Albums, the Yearbook (2001-08) and various publications of the Archdiocesan Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.



  1. May she rest in peace … and any Greek Orthodox Christian who words for their church will be missed, because the only hope of not just Greek Orthodox Christians but all Christians is to raise their children to be close to the Church ..which provided the foundatin on how we are are supposed to live our lives ! The Greek Orthodox Church was always established for Greeks who migrated from Europe to continue to practice the worshiping God unique to the Original church of Christ! Clsoe to the church has been passed on by my Great Grandparents to my own children ..and has been the roadmap for my entire family! And when you become old do not remember the neat presents you got for Chirstmas or the money you accumulated , you remember the wonderfull memoiries of sharing in not only the worshipping of our lord , but the festival, dances, music, and loving relationships you had ..being close to the Church!

    When you think of Mrs. Stephanopoulos … just remember her resume for the Church , and understand , thanks to her …our Christian families have a chance to live a life , if they choose , that cannot be matched by anythng outside of our church! The point …today their are evil forces wishing to tear down our churches , to destroy any moral assesment of the actions of both Government and its populiat!

    So don’t abandon our Greek Orthodox Churches , because frankly what else do you have to offer your childrens future happiness and contentment …that they will rememberr when they get old !


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